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Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanting to Be Wanted

It is a delicate thing. The formula needs to be just right... a dash of desire, a pinch of attraction, a spoonful of perfect personality and that secret ingredient (I can't tell, it's a secret). But when it is right the potion that is wanting and being wanted is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Girls go a little naughty and boys well they will do just about anything to have this that is wanted. Oh, you have to love that. A drug, a spell, an incantation, an addiction that drives all to places they believe they are the first to reach.

The power of being wanted is intoxicating. The moment he sighs your name is wickedly delicious. The moment she says, "Please!" and you know that please is everything you want, everything thing you possibly desire can make you breathless.

Nothing is more beautiful in that moment than the person on the other side of that wanting. Nothing would substitute in that time and place and for those magical minutes everything is right. Every word is perfect because it is a gift to you. Every request is granted because nothing can be wrong when this wanting is so right.

Oh, I desire to be wanted. I want no games, no coy little teases. I want him to say, "You are everything I desire. Let me offer my whole self with you." I want her to say, "I can't find the pleasure unless it is for your pleasure. Please, let me be this for you." Too much? Never! As if you don't ask for everything you will get nothing. And I have learned how to ask, how to demand, how to sing a Siren song that brings the Gods to their knees.

Yet this is no game I play for I know it is real hearts, real bodies and minds and souls that are offered to me. And that is a heady thing. I know that for action there is a reaction and so I move with cautious intent as each offering to me is a gift weighted with a responsibility heavy with all that is that wanting.

And I need them to know without me saying every word that my wanting too is a delicate and fragile thing as in wanting you give up control. And that is something that pricks at the me that is Mistress. But without me offering my own wanting there would be no point and I need it all to have a point. And so we dance, we give, we take, we want and we allow the wanting.

And it is everything, and I am pleased.


Just found this bit of flattery....


Eve and Alex said...

Beautiful prose.


Marie said...

Mistress this is really beautiful and it does show that even you have something to lose or gain in the relations. It is never one sided. Lovely.


max said...

yes, it's about wanting, for sure...and getting...that too. delicious post.

sinfullyanon said...

What a wonderful writer you are.
This post exceeded the standard..

..Just perfect:

Thoughtful & sexy.


wilhelmina said...

I feel exactly like this SO so often.

Cherry on Top said...

I feel the same.
I just wait and wait!