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Sunday, April 19, 2009

MFM - Silence

wrists locked
behind a back

On knees

the only
thing to hear



Written for MicroFantasy Monday at the Sweltering Celt.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Tootsies

It had been entirely too long since I had a pedicure.
Now all fresh and pretty and ready for sandals.

Opened the Box

He held in his hand the box that contained the cuffs I made for him. There was a note.

"If you open this, it means you are mine. I will make you put them on, and I will decide when they come off."

And he didn't hesitate.

The moment I saw the leather around his wrists and ankles, the buckles holding the black and chocolate brown straps tight against his skin I knew this was real. I knew all that we had shared before had brought this moment to be. I knew this was exactly what I wanted.

He offered me himself, the real him with worries and fears and with a thousand fantasies. He offered me his experience and knowledge that never overshadowed his growing desire to learn with me.

I would have him chained every moment of every day if life permitted. I would take control of every aspect of his life if I could. My desire is that strong for this, for him, for this, for us. Neck to ankle, to waist, to wrist, to cock. I would truss him up and lay him down and give him no choice. There will be a leash, a collar, a belt and chains and rope and all of the binding real and mental. There will be pleasure, there will be pain. He will offer, I will take. I will offer, he will submit.

His fears fall away, like tears, one drops and then another. He tells me the things, no, not just what I want to hear, but those things I need to hear. If you do not know the difference of that I can not open your eyes and heart to the beauty of that sharing.

I can feel his heartbeat from across all the miles and know when I put my hand against his chest and say... put your hands behind your back, close your eyes, open your mouth, or any other order the steady pulse will quicken and feel the same as I feel now.

I am greedy, I am loving, I am evil, I am kind, I am stern, I am gentle, I am mean and take and make him give it all to me. And if he lay alone bound and blindfolded by my hand I wouldn't be able to resist watching over him, he is my weakness. He is mine. He opened the box.