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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 8

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“Slut!” I said with force as I pulled the blindfold from her eyes. “Five days you have been kneeling over the Exposer. Five days! And you have gotten more slutty not less. Look how you are filled.”

She trembled there in front of me. I was close to her. Inside of her personal space. Her breath was ragged as she finished her fourth orgasm of the afternoon. She could orgasm at this point from just kneeling over it in less than a minute. She tried to fight it, moaning and crying, but this girl's body was made for pleasure. I so enjoyed watching the way she bucked her hips with each orgasm, and loved how she cried out my name in a way that was beyond arousing. Each afternoon I would watch her from my bed or desk, entirely too distracted to do my homework. I would slip my hand down into my shorts and play while watching her rock and writhe there on the huge candle. It took everything I had not to push her farther these days. But I just wanted her to learn what those orgasms felt like, how they began, what the signs her own body gave her. As she fought each she was also training herself to know them. It was also stretching her tight little pussy, making her crave that hugely full feeling. I planned on keeping her full more and more. I stood in front of her, my crotch just inches from her face. I had taken off my shorts and wore just panties and a baby doll t-shirt. I stood with my hands on my hips. She began to cry then. The toy still buzzed inside of her she was filled and stretched and as sexually charged as a girl could be. I moved in closer pulled her to me, stroked her hair. Her head turned, her wet cheek rubbed against my pussy.

“There, there, my naughty girl. You just can't help it.” I held her tight to me just barely moving my hips in time to my strokes on her hair, each one a bit more firm. Her sobs grew louder as she gave in yet again to the Exposer there between her thighs, another orgasm already. Lovely slut she was. Just as she cried out I wrapped my hand around her hair and pulled back hard, her head back her mouth open, her eyes open she looked up at me entirely helpless. Pain, she would so need to associate pain with the pleasure I would allow. She cried out and I used the control I had with my hand in her hair to push her mouth against me. He scream vibrated against me, oh, it was a sweet moment.

I let her go abruptly then. Stepped away from her and went to the small chart on the wall. Bring me your Exposer if you can bare to remove it from your slut hole, you wicked girl. Only a true slut would desire to be spread open so wide, to be filled so completely. Only a true slut wouldn't fight those sinful tremblings. It is time we increase the tests, and the punishments, you must be taught the ways I want for you.” She bent forward and pulled the huge phallus from her wet cunt. She carefully kept a finger pressed to the spot where it had filled her. I made a show of measuring, sighing and shaking my head as I marked the inches on chart.

I pulled the chart from the wall and tossed it onto the floor. “Count those inches. For every quarter inch you will be punished. How many spanking will you suffer slut?”

She hung her head low to the floor. Her hair hiding her face. “18 inches Miss Natalie. Seventy-two is the number I deserve, please punish me for my wickedness.”

While she was counting I had pulled two toys from my collection in the box under my bed. I sat down on my bed and said to her, “Get the ruler from my desk.”

She never got off her knees. She had to reach around the Exposer where I had set it on my desk and I wondered if she could smell her slut juices that coated it being that close.

“Stop.” I ordered. “Kiss the Exposer to show your appreciation to it for doing its job so well. The put the ruler in your mouth and crawl to me slut.”

She turned to me, nodded and said, “Yes, Miss Natalie.” And then the sweet little thing did exactly as I asked. I tried to hide my pleasure at her obedience, I kept the smile from my lips until she was crawling to me on all fours and couldn't see me for hanging her head in shame. I needed to stay stern right now, there would be time for soothing her later. Keeping her constantly off balance was key. As she reached me I said, “Turn around. Head on the floor. Spread your knees wide.” At each order she did exactly what she was told. “As I offer you this punishment you will need to be aware of your slutty ways. You need to understand fully why you are being punished. It is because your holes are sinful.” I took a vibrating butt plug and turn it on. It was small and with as hot and bothered as she was I didn't worry a bit about it fitting into her tight ass. I used her own copious juices still leaking from her pussy to lube it. When it was wet I slowly pushed it into her ass. She arched her back even more and moaned beautifully. “This is your dirty hole and feeling this filling you up is going to remind you what a dirty girl you are.” I then took the bigger of toys. “And this hole is proved it is nothing but a place full of sin.” I filled her pussy with a very large vibrating toy. “Prove to me you know how full of sin you are by not allowing that to fall from you and allowing the sin to escape onto me.” Even I thought this line of thought was pushing things a bit, but she just nodded and closed her spread apart legs. “Now, come here,” I said sitting back farther on the bed. “It is time for your punishment.” And I patted my bare thigh.


donriser said...

Woohoo!! Chapter 8. I love it. Thanks for continuing the story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Miss Honey. Well worth the wait.


calais said...

Wow this is such a great story!!