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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

With her eyes full of tears and downcast Becca didn’t see me smile as she thanked me for punishing her. I was sure this thanking was a ritual that her father had implemented and one I very much approved of. There is something so arousing about being thanked for administering a punishment. Especially when you know that punishment is not deserved in any way. I really loved this little shy girl playing with herself. I approved fully of masturbation and self exploration. She was eighteen and on her own, of course she should play with a needy, wanting pussy. But I knew all too well what a strict father could try and instill in the psyche of young girl learning about her body. My own had tried it on me. But my will was much too strong and I soon had him wrapped around my finger tighter than he even knew. At one point before I left for college I even got him to punishing my mother for my bad behavior while I watched. That was a treat. But Becca thought her behavior was wicked and I certainly could take advantage of those thoughts and possibly get her to go even farther in exploring her body’s reactions to pleasure and pain. All under my control and guidance, so help me her father’s God.

“Your punishment isn’t over.” I said as cold as I could in reply to her thanking me for her punishment.

“But, I thought…”

“I don’t care what you think you little whore. Look at my fingers.” She looked up as I held my fingers still wet with her arousal from when I smack right at her pussy as she lay across my lap, close to her face. “That is proof of your wicked and shameful desire. Even in punishment you found unholy pleasure. Only a true slut would do so, only a whore would leak such sinful juices. I must break you of these ways of wickedness.” Her panties were pulled up fully now in response to my earlier order to cover herself. “Take your panties off.” I said. “I know what further punishment will show you that dirty place between your legs must be left alone.” I was just too wicked myself. As she hesitated I added, “Your father asked for God to guide me. Are you daring to question His will?” I wondered then as she began to remove her underwear whose will she was more afraid of, God’s, her father’s, or now mine?

When her panties were off I held out my hand and she put them into my care. I turned around and went to my desk. Taking a pair of scissors I cut a large hole in the crotch of the white cotton granny panties. Then I took a Sharpie marker and holding the material taught wrote the word SLUT in dark black just above the hole. Turning back to her I saw the fresh tears falling from her eyes. She was so very good. “Put them back on and get in bed for the night.”

As she pulled up the panties the hole I had cut allowed her fur covered pussy lips all wet and swollen to push out.

“Yes, see those panties show exactly what you are, a slut. But we together will overcome this and make you good.” Before she could lie down I pulled her to me. I held her tight, and stroked her back. She began to sob again as her face pressed to my chest. I lowered my hands and pulled her even tighter to me, she nuzzled against me so nicely. I wondered if anyone had ever held her this way. Ever so slightly I shifted my hips and turned just a bit so that my bare thigh was pressed against her exposed pussy. “Yes, little girl, cry now. It is okay.” I let my words be soft and gentle as I pressed my leg harder against her while continuing to stroke her back and hair. “Yes, there you go my girl, now you will be a good girl for me.” I pushed even more against her with my bare thigh and I felt her part her legs slightly and soon her sobs turned to the softest moans. I knew she was hardly aware of what she was doing. The sweet thing was lost in a place of punishment and a desire to be good and be loved. This feeling of control over her that she was giving to me was so very powerful.

Then, to keep her off balance, I turned the table on her again. “Oh, my God!” I exclaimed as I pushed her back onto the bed and pointed to my thigh. “Look at what you have done.” There on my smooth, tanned thigh was a smudge of dark ink and the tell-tale sign of wetness. “You are a slut. Here I try to love you, allow you be good like I am and look… now you have covered me with your disgusting filth.”

“I’m so sorry,” she cried out.

“Those panties were to be the end of your punishment. Just to be a little reminder to be good until morning, but clearly more is needed for one as wicked as you.” I went to my bed and pulled out from under it my box. She was cowering on her bed. I spoke to her with my back still to her. “Push your blanket to the floor… lay on your back… I want your feet touching the end of your bed.” After each order I paused listening for her to do as I said. Her little gasps and sobs were barely audible now as she just complied with one order after another. I turned around and gave one more order. “Put your arms above your head.”

I held in my hands two lengths of rope and the scissors from my desk. “Spread your legs. It is the rubbing of that dirty little slut hole that is causing you to ooze those sinning juices so I will make it so you can’t rub your legs together at all. I was asked by your father to guide you and this is my will.” I wanted her to desire my will above God’s and her father’s, but it would take a bit of work. But we had a long time together really, a whole school year. Who was she going to tell? Her fear of her father’s wrath left that avenue closed, she had no friends, no siblings, a mother that was as weak as she was. She was now mine, as long as I kept her thinking this was guiding her toward good and righteousness and kept her fear of her father strong. And it would be right what I got from her. I would guide her exactly where I wanted, mold her to my will and my way.

I looked down at her. “Do you need me to guide you Becca? Do you want me to turn you into a good girl?”

“Yes please,” was her reply and when I touched her ankle she moved it into my hand as trusting as she was good. I tied both her legs to the posts at the end of her small bed. I took the pillow from under her head and had her lift her hips pushing it under them. This thrust her pussy into the air. I adjusted the pillow some so it angled her pussy just perfectly. I knew she could see her lips swelling from the hole I cut; I knew she could see the word SLUT boldly written there just above that hole. I switched on the little light that sat on her desk at the end of her bed and turned it to point right at her pussy, a spotlight on her wickedness. With her legs spread wide I could see just how wet she was. I could see her inner lips glistening pink. I could see what a tight little pussy she had beneath all that hair. I could see her swollen clit, hers was rather large, like a shiny pearl just peaking out now that she was spread wide open. I left her hands untied. I had told her to put them over her head, but I really was hoping before all this was over she would again be reaching for that little swollen bud that she probably didn’t even know the name of. I went back to my box and got two tubes both with cream inside. I only let her see one.

“This is sports cream I put it on my muscles after track practice. It gets hot and stings a little,” I said removing the cap to the one in my hand, the other tube I had placed on the bed between her spread legs were I was sure she couldn’t see it. I waved the sports cream under her nose. It was strong smelling and an unmistakable odor. I took the scissors and slowly cut from bottom to top of her white cotton tank top and opened it wide exposing her soft, round breasts. She had puffy little nipples and right at that moment just the tips were hard. I squeezed out a healthy amount of the cream directly onto each nipple. “I really don’t want to touch your slutty body, but this has to be done if my will is to be obeyed. You do want to obey me don’t you? You do want me to make you a good girl don’t you Becca?”

“Yes, please. Please make me good again.”

I rubbed the cream slowly in expanding circles from the hard little points of nipples out and out until her breasts were each covered with a film of the quickly heating unguent. Then for good measure I put another dollop on the tip again and added a second layer to her nipple and areola. I could feel even in my fingertips as the cream began to get hotter and hotter.

“You see Becca, you are a bad girl, and these breasts with their hard slutty wanting nipples show all your excitement. Punishing them is just one step to making you a good girl.” I pinched each of her nipples cruelly, twisting slowly first one way and then the other. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. It was the same look she had when I had caught her playing with her pussy to start all this. My roommate was a slut, a pain slut. She was getting pleasure from this I was sure. I pulled them up and let the nipples escape painfully from between my tightly squeezed fingertips. “Becca, look at me.” I moved lower on the bed and to look at me she had to look past her very hard, very erect nipples and past the SLUT written on her panties and past her thrust in the air pussy. “Tell me how do your breasts feel slut?”

“They ache, they ache so much, they burn. Please.” Did she even realize she had answered to the name slut? Was the please she uttered begging for more pain or relief?

“Now, I will put the cream here on this nasty, dirty place. If you are truly a good girl who is just lost from the path of purity it will burn as if from the fires of hell just as your breasts do now, but in the morning you will be cleansed of these sins by enduring this pain.” I looked at her face as I spoke. I could see the fear there. I picked up the other tube from between her legs without her seeing, laying the sports cream down and wiping my fingers on the sheets. This other tube was a wonderful product. An arousal cream that produced the most delightful tingle as it increased the blood flow and simulated the nerve endings in the most pleasurable ways. I squeezed a bit onto my fingertips and while still looking at her I began to massage it into and around her pussy. “By morning the burning will be over and you will be a good girl.” I made little circles around and around her clit with the cream, reapplying more and more. It was only moments before she was again closing her eyes and biting her lip. And only moments more when she was pushing her hips at my hand. But I quickly finished slathering the arousal cream on her then I had one more trick for this little slut who I now knew craved pain as much as pleasure. Back to my desk for two clamps from my binders, and my tape.

“I see you straining to close your legs, to rub your naughty parts still. Aren’t you slut?” She wasn’t but she answered positively anyway. That was a good sign.

“Yes, please yes I am. I’m so dirty. I’m so wicked. Let me burn for you. I need this, please, I need you, Natalie.” As she said this I put one and then the other clamp on her pussy lips.

“Yes, you need me to make you a good girl.” I took a long strip of tape and pulled one clamp to her spread wide thigh and taped it there securely. “Yes, you need me to cleanse you of your sinning ways.” I taped the other clamp to her other thigh. “Yes, you need me to make you pure and worthy again.” I put more of the arousal cream on my hand and coated again her wet folds and as a last gesture squeezed hard her swollen clit.

“Oh, God,” was all she said.

“God wants me to help you, your father said so. If you want to be good, to be pure, your nasty, naughty parts will burn now.” I moved to her head. “I want you to be good for me. I want you to give me the control your father wanted me to have so that I can guide you. slut do you hear me?” I put my hands on either side of her head. “You will call me Miss or Miss Natalie now, as I am your guide on this path of good and it will be a sign of your respect and your acknowledgment that I am good and pure and you are a bad and naughty girl. You will do so as long as you remain the slut we both know you are right now.”

“Yes, Miss Natalie,” she said as I kissed her closed eyes.

“I care so much, and want you to be good,” I said as I kissed her cheeks that were wet with her tears. “I want you to burn for me now so that I can love you.” I kissed her mouth gently and delighted in the moan that she offered as I did. This little girl craved so much, pain, pleasure, love, all of it I would give to her, but on my terms.

Then I left her suddenly. Left her tied there spread wide, with breasts that ached with burning sports cream, and a pussy thrust in the air lewdly displayed with what I would make of her, my SLUT, and her swollen wet lips clamped and pulled cruelly apart. And that wickedly pleasurable cream that she thought would burn to cleanse her sins, but that I knew would soon make her ache in a much more devious way. What would go on in her poor little mixed up head when the burning she thought she needed, thought she deserved, was really a pleasure? Oh, the perceived sins would just grow and grow and she would seek or have forced upon her Miss Natalie’s guidance to cleanse her, again and again. I went back to my bed, pushed back the curtain as I lay down and watched her, watched and waited for the inevitable.

To be continued...


Marie said...

Mistress, this chapter really made your slut horny as hell. I got the privildege of previewing it. I loved it Mistress.

And I love it is for once about two women!


Odysseus said...

This story is excellent. Very creative and very hot.

For years I've been fascinated by the interplay between religious fervor and sexual bliss and the interesting way that they often seem to compete for the exact same space on the human psyche. I'm planning a novel that incorporates that as a major theme.