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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Tingle

When she first saw him she felt the tingle in her fuzzy. Some might call it a pussy or even beaver, or that other word that started with a C that she would never say, but she thought these words were crude and just wouldn’t use them especially that C one. Instead she said fuzzy, because that was really what it was. Well, except for that one uncomfortable month when she tried shaving it. That month she didn’t really have a name for it, she tried, baldy and even shiny but neither of the names made her feel proud of it so she grew her fuzzy back and was glad because shaving down there was an unbelievable embarrassment that made her pale skin blush splotchy pink.

She saw him and felt the tingle and didn’t notice the splotchy pink blush that rose from chest to cheek in the wall to wall mirrors. Well, she didn’t really see “him” in the wall to wall mirrors of the gym, she saw his hair. There she was doing squats, down slow, back arched just a bit, bottom pushed out so it was at its optimum angle, down a little lower with the bar resting on her shoulders until her thighs were parallel with the floor and her knees were just a bit apart and she could see his hair, long and flowing, longer than most men would wear their hair, there in the mirror when she looked up from looking at the wet spot that really bothered her at that spot right in the middle of her pink bicycle shorts right where it covered her fuzzy. Really who would have thought you would sweat there? But that was also where she felt the tingle. It had been some time since she had felt the tingle, there, down in her fuzzy. Not since the time a month ago when she was watching out the little window of her bathroom in her little one bedroom apartment, the window that if she tilted her head just so and peered between the two ginko trees she could just see the closest end of the apartment community pool. And that morning, looking out, she saw the nice, lean calves of the young Hispanic who cleaned the pool the first and third Saturday of every month. And watching his calves strain and grow taught as he reached to sweep the pool bottom she had felt the tingle so strong that she reached her hand down into that fuzzy bit of fuzzy and soon she found her fingers searching to find that little hidden bump that would make that tingle turn into much more than a tingle. That little bump she had never given a name because that just seemed to silly to name that, even though she knew the names other’s gave it, even the official name, but she just couldn’t name it, in her mind or out loud.

Now this morning, in the gym, she felt the tingle again as she watched there in the mirror. She watched him lie on his hard, flat stomach and curl the weights up towards his hard, round buttocks with one foot then another. She watched the muscles in the back of his thighs stretch and flex but mostly she watched the way he threw his long hair over one shoulder so it fell in a cascade towards the black vinyl floor. It was blond, his hair, nearly white, but thick in a way blond hair seldom is. She continued to squat, down and up, up and down watching him all the while in the mirror. She really wanted to go and lay herself down on his back covering the length of him with herself, grinding her pink bicycle shorts against the black spandex of his bicycle shorts. She wanted to bury her hands into his thick mass of blond mane, while she ground against him. But the pulse of a showerhead was all that she could use to relieve the tingle down there in her fuzzy when she eventually grew tingly enough to go into the shower and again search out that little bump with no name at least in her mind.

The next day at the gym she followed him around the gym making her way closer and closer to him, always just two or three work out machines away, always watching him in the mirror. Today his hair was pulled back into a ponytail the long length of it held tight by a thick, black rubber band. She grew bolder and when the opportunity arouse she seized it and took possession of the leg press machine right next to the ab-cruncher machine he was crunching on. With each crunch forward his ponytail would fall over one shoulder or the other and as he uncrunched back he would flip it back, forward and back, back and forward. She watched while pushing her own weights up and down, down and up. How she wanted to grab hold of his hair and pull him to her and bite some hard meaty part of him.

When the young Hispanic came to clean the community pool the next time she was ready and watching, desperate to find any and all release she could. Every day she had watched the man at the gym with the hair she had come to love and every day she followed his progress from one machine to the next. And every day she had grown more and more frustrated as he did not seem to notice her at all. When her eyes caught his in the mirror he would do that little chin lift that men sometimes do to acknowledge your presence but that never requires any real response and that was all. She grew tingly at the sight of him every time now. His hair was nearly all she could think about and as she again found a little tiny bit of tingly release watching the young Hispanic she was glad she could just see his lean, taught calves there from the little window of her bathroom, because she knew if she could see his short, dark hair it would be ruined for her and she would not be able to find that tiny bit of tingly release with that little bump with no real name at least in her mind.

At the gym the next day she couldn’t find him in the mirrors. She grew nearly frantic searching out the gym’s reflection in the mirror in front of the squat machine. Then she realized that was him there, directly across the gym from her, and to her horror, he had cut his hair. His once long, thick mane was now short, spiky and just plain horrible. She turned away, tears in her eyes blurring the reflections in the mirror. When at last she wiped her away her tears with her pink terry cloth towel she saw there in the mirror next to her doing pull-downs on the pull-down machine big, dark, beautiful hands wrapped around the shiny, chrome bar and she felt the tingle.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pish Posh... Only a 5.4

Well now, that was fun.

It has been a while since we have had an earthquake of that magnitude here locally. 5.4 is a decent sized trembler. I do live in Southern California and this one broke, rocked, rattled and rolled not but 10 miles from where I am sitting right now.

I am not really the panicing type of gal though, so I just sat here at my desk and watched to see if the water in the goldfish bowl was going to slosh over the edge... it didn't so I stayed put (ok, not the most accurate Richter scale, but what I go by for my panic meter), but I did push my chair back in case I needed to duck under my desk. I did watch as several of my co-workers went running out of the building, not one of them stopped by my office to drag me along. Chivalry may be dead, but I am not!!! YEA!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sugasm #142

This week's Sugasms... I submitted Nude II

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This Week’s Picks

Interludes - part 3

“He winds the rope around his hands, smoothing the kinks, and I stand there, breathing a little faster, conscious of all those eyes upon me.”

Hurts So Good

“I want you to wear the badges of sweet distress for days.”

Shower fantasy

“You don’t want to admit it, but you want me.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself

Sugar Bank
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Why I haven’t blogged about the Mosley case

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My boy acker Begging by Email

My sweet naughty boy acker is on vacation with no computer access for a time. But he does have a phone that sends and recieves emails... so if he wants to play with his little cock he has been told he will have to beg me that way. Here is the first of the begs (which he knew before it was sent that I would be posting), and only two days into vacation. Such a hot and horny boy, good thing I love that about him.

Hi Mistress,
your slut has arrived safe and sound. I hope all is well with you. Please know that you are in my thouhts and heart. My last cum (that I allowed and watched via webcam) has been so great that I feel relaxed about that. I think that a begging letter will be inevitable however... Your slut is so easily aroused... Give marie a kiss and two for you.. Your feet maybe? Xxoo

your boy


My sweet boy,
I am so happy you are all safe and sound and I love that you are thinking of me my dear boy. I gave marie your kiss, she misses you too. I look forward to your first begging email...mmmm... I do like it when you beg for all that you want to do to please me. Do be a very good boy for me. I know you will make me proud always.



thank you so much for your lovely reply to my mail. I jumped when i read it.. And my little cock jumped too for you. Now your boy cannot hold it much longer Miss.. I feel so hot and horny right here. Your slutboy begs his Mistress to be allowed to spill his cum in the toilet by humping his cock between the lid and the seat of the bowl. Of course your boy will be a good one by cleaning the bowl first. Is your slut allowed to do this for you, please? I am all hard and ready here for you. X


Yes... you may. Be very naughty for me darling. I am posting this to my boy's blog so he will remember how he loves to beg me.



Oh thank you so much Mistress. My orgasm was very good today. It was quite difficult to achieve but all so lovely when it hit me. I am very grateful to you for it. Hope everything is good over there. X your boy

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Mind Metaphor

Our exercise at my writing group today was to write a metaphor for your own mind. Some spoke of birds flitting about some mundane, some bright and exotic. Others of the sea rushing in and ebbing out ideas tumbling about like flotsam and jetsam. One of a muddy swap full of dark and dangerous places.

Me... this is what I wrote of my mind.
Like cotton candy.
Fluffy, sweet,
will it be
Perhaps, but it
always melts
much too quickly
on the tongue.

but the
sugar rush.
What is the metaphor for your mind and how it works creatively or otherwise?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why am I posting this…

In your mind am I, as a female dominant, wearing a red leather corset pulling me into a breathless 19 inches, a leather skirt cut just below my hoo hoo (it is mine I can call it what I want), thigh-high shiny black patent leather boots with laces criss-crossing up the back and heals that are 5 inches of devastation, and do I have a single tailed whip in one hand and a exquisite leather flogger in the other? Do you think that my lips are always juicily red, full and pouting, eyes rimmed kohl, hair flowing as if blown by soft and sensual winds, and is my skin milky white perfection? Okay boys, if you have a hard on now, girls if your sweet little pussy is wet… I do hope you will forgive me the next paragraph.

That 19” waist… not happening today, I don't think my bones are that skinny. Flip flops are on my feet, everyday, last time I wore heals was in Vegas going to a party and took them off after an hour. House security made me put them back on, damn them and their silly rules. I don’t own anything made of leather, no flogger, no whip (find my hand works perfectly well). My skin is tanned from being outdoors in the garden or from walking one of my three dogs or one husband and does tend to freckle… no, milky white perfection, alas. I have some red lipstick in the back of the makeup drawer, but I do think that particular shade makes me look slightly ridiculous. And my hair… it is a pretty shade of red. But seldom is it blown mysteriously by unseen winds. Okay... I have one perfection, I am vain about my fingers, they are long and have perfectly shaped nail beds and never have I even considered acrylics as my own are strong and shiny with just a little buffing and also proud of my pretty pedicured toes (forgive the alliteration)… which I have shared here in the past. But really, I am not some fantasy Domme. I am just me, Honey. Oh... I do have nice breasts... lovely cleavage I have been told, but those pesky freckles are quite abundant there.

I wear jeans and a t-shirt, or shorts and a t-shirt most days, well except for to work where I wear capris and a t-shirt. And probably wouldn’t consider changing into the leather (assuming I owned any) if I was going to put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. My hope is always that if you came to me you would find my mind as sexy my physical self. That if you are ready to offer yourself, your submission it will be to the me that is real. And the real me... isn't that fantasy from paragraph one.

If you need all the accoutrements that is a fantasy Domme… that leather clad, ruby lipped, cinch waisted woman holding the flogger, well, I could probably dress up and play that part. But that is not my game, and would be for you. I have said in the past, what turns you on, turns me on and I can appreciate the wanting of something to fulfill a fantasy. Sharing a fantasy is a powerful thing. And so, if you need that… I might oblige. But understand it isn’t for me, it is for you. And is not the me that is here everyday. And in general this image, this stereotype isn’t 99% of those I have met that designate themselves as dominant or a Dominant (pick your capitalization and stick with it, Honey).

Why am I posting this? Why am I exposing myself as less then the perceived perfect Dominatrix? Because I hope that the reality of me, if you bother to get to know the real me, that you will find that is better than some kinky Barbie doll of a fantasy Domme. Maybe you won’t… and if not… I will try to cinch my waist another day. But today, you just get me… flip flops and all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nude I

Sugasm #141

This week's Sugasms... I submitted Sam Bound

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This Week’s Picks

Comedy vs. Tragedy
“Are you on your period? What? Did he just say…”

Ian, or, Sometimes Sex is Hilarious
“In short, it isn’t sex blogger sex.”

A Wish
“I wish that you could know the indescribable pleasure of being enfolded in your warm, gentle wetness.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
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Editor’s Choice
Road Rage

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Serve Me?

would love to serve you

That was all he said, I didn't even rate punctuation. But how on earth could he do that, serve me? He didn't know me. He couldn't even serve me a cup of coffee, because he doesn't even know that I don't like coffee. Really... come on, I could be some psycho crazy Mistress who's favorite kink is to cut off his big toe and make him wear it around his neck on a chain. Or maybe I wear them. Maybe I have a whole necklace of submissive's big toes that I wear for special occasions. EWWWW

Okay... I don't. I am not psycho crazy. But maybe he is. And do you think I would want to get to know someone before I accepted any offer to serve. This was all I got... these few words. Doesn't really make me want to do anything but hit the delete button.

Now I know it is hard to reach out to someone blindly. As hard as saying hello in a bar or at a coffee shop, maybe harder. But, my point is this, if you want to communicate with someone, want to maybe consider offering yourself to them in any kind of relationship. Perhaps you might consider getting to know them first and allowing them to get to know you. Don't start out offering to serve me. I wouldn't let you serve me a coffee, let alone your pretty ass, without getting to know you.

Okay... fantasy hello letter here... I am not saying this is what he should have sent me... but come on something more than... would love to serve you

Sample letter to consider...

Dear Miss Honey,

I have read your profile at (Where he contacted me.) I have read every blog entry you have posted on your Honey's Hive Blog. You seem wonderfully articulate, talented, sexy and very naughty. (Flattery never hurts when dealing with any woman, this is a bit much, but hyperbole is often necessary to prove a point.) I know you have subs online and are not seeking any one new in a committed relationship, (See this proves he read what I have put up.) but was hoping you might consider a friendly relationship and maybe someday you might consider allowing me to serve you in some way in relationship to the D/s ways that you seem to love to share with your online submissives.

I am new to this life but am eager to learn more. I love to be told what to do and what to wear. I like to be told to stand in the corner. (Insert personal kink here.... come on entice me a bit, what do you like?) I have my own blog at if you would like to get to know me better before you reply.

Yours respectfully,
John Doe Submissive

Friday, July 18, 2008


A bit of naughty fiction to start your weekend....

“If you hesitate again I’ll tie you. Then you’ll not have a choice. I’ll simply take what I want from you. Do you understand?” he said to me as I knelt before him.

“Yes,” I answered, my eyes down, my teeth biting my lower lip in anticipation.

“Now, suck my cock,” he ordered.

I was both scared and thrilled at the possibility of being restrained, but I did not want to disappoint him so I showed no hesitation. In truth, I fell to the commanded task with enthusiasm. I took all of his long, thick, beautiful cock into my mouth. With my tongue I caressed its tip, with my lips I suckled on its length. I drew him deep into my throat, then slid him almost all the way out again. I did not stop, not even when he began to fuck my mouth, driving his cock deep into my throat. I let him control it, the rhythm taking me over. I could feel him getting close to his orgasm when he suddenly pulled out of my mouth and pushed me onto my back.

“No, not yet,” he said simply. Then he ordered, “On you hands and Knees. Quickly.” I had hesitated again, but only for a second. His words held such a threat when he said, “Do you want me to change my mind?”

I hurried to turn over onto my hands and knees, my head low to the bed, my bare bottom towards him. I was trembling now. I wanted this so badly, to be dominated by him, but the reality of it was frightening. With a hand he reached out and stroked one cheek of my bottom then the other. Soft, nearly gentle caresses that caused me to relax a little and I pushed back against him. That earned me a stinging slap. I tried moving forward to escape the second smack but he caught my hip with one hand and slapped me hard again with his other.

“Don’t you pull away from me,” he growled. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. The welts his fingers had left throbbed as he rubbed his hard cock across them. Then he slipped his cock in between the passion slicked folds of me. “There’s a good girl. You’re very wet, aren’t you?”

He teased me with his cock, never quite pushing all the way inside like I wanted, no needed so much. I tried again to push back hoping to have him fill me and that earned me more stinging smacks. I knew I had to be bright pink by now, yet the burning pain was exceptional in its intensity.

Then I felt his cock pushing at my other hole. I gasped. No one had ever taken me there before. Then came another shock as a very hard, very large vibrator suddenly filled my pussy as he began pushing his cock into my ass. With the vibrator he fucked me fast and rough. Pulling it out all the way, rubbing its thrumming tip against my clit, then plunging it deep inside me again, hard. All the while he continued to push into me with his cock. This total filling of me was driving me insane. I couldn’t think. I didn’t want to think. I had never been taken so, and it was exquisite.

His cock was in me all the way now. Then, pushing the vibrator deep inside he said, “If you let it slip out I will stop and tie you up. Then I will fill you with it turned up to the max, leaving you to writhe in agony for an hour or so, alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I said, my voice unsteady. My pussy tightened around the vibrator. The thought of him pulling his cock out of me now was enough of a threat. I didn’t want to be left alone. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck my ass, to come inside of me. I would be good. I would be very good for him.

He began to move again, slowly at first. The vibrator hummed inside of me. It was bringing me to orgasm but I was scared of coming without permission. Scared of coming before he had. The steady purring of it tormented my pussy. But it was his wonderfully hard cock in my ass that I craved and needed now.

He began to move faster. I had grown used to him inside me. My body had stopped fighting against his invasion. He spanked me hard again as he plunged inside, pumping his cock into me. Pulling nearly out, then slamming himself back in again. With each thrust he caused the vibrator to push deeper into me. I called out his name, as his hands grabbed my hips and he drove his final thrusts unmercifully into me. He came and I came, both with primal screams.

Collapsing on top of me he put his mouth to my ear, offering small soft kisses. The vibrator still pulsated inside of me causing trembling aftershocks that I did not fight. He whispered then into my ear, “There’s my baby.” And I smiled, so very satisfied that I had been well taken.

Anticipation of a Kiss

Anticipation of the breath of him,
closer to close we move together.

Brushing, touching
my cheeks, my eyes, my mouth.

Do we know that everything
is right here, right now?
For only this moment matters.

Anticipation of the breath of him,
brings me here to press my breast
against his beating wildly heart.

I will never be the same.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 Weeks Already...

Pretty purple this time.
Thank you for the emails about my toes... love hearing nice things that turn you on.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hand and knees
across the cold tiles,
moving with bound grace

Nude limbs, nude body
even her soul was
bare to me

Eyes with tears
of pain, of joy,
of all she had


Sugasm #140

This week's Sugasms... I submitted Be nice....

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This Week’s Picks
“Are you a sex blogger or a sexy blogger?”
“It builds a community that I am so proud to be part of.”

The J Word
“And while you’re with her, I’ll be with him.”

Transcending moment
It’s that place between fear and arousal, and they are so very closely related.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
Chill Pleasure

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Am I Strict?

Today I was asked by online message...
"Are you strict? What are you favorite punishments?"

This got me thinking... Am I strict? Well, I don't really know.

This is what I answered...
"Strict is a bit in the eye of the beholder or the bottom of the reciever.

Let's see... I made my boy hold his cock for 36 hours (not consecutively) before he could cum again for touching without permission. I made my girl stand in the corner with clamps on her nipples for quite a few minutes for going potty without asking first. Is that strict? Just seemed appropriate at the time.

Oh, and I made her cut up all her ugly old too big panties because I just didn't think they were sexy at all. Then she had to make a rope with them and bind herself before she was allowed to orgasm... that was a fun day, but was I being strict? Hmmmmmm.

But I do tend to share with people who want to please me so punishment hasn't been at the forefront of the relationships. I like to be obeyed, but I do tend to share what turns people on so being told NO, or not being obeyed hasn't been a real issue.

If you link from my blog to acker and marie you might see more about what and how I share and decide if I am strict from their perspective, at least in an online environment.


So I am wondering...
What do you think the definition of a strict Mistress or Master is?
What would you want a Mistress or Master to be strict about?
If you are a Master or Mistress (or whatever title pleases you) are you strict? In what way?
What is your fantasy where you are as strict as you want to be or that person who dominates you is as strict as you desire?

Now answer one of these questions... NOW! (using my best and most strict Mistressy voice)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And he Obeyed

Thirty-six hours of holding his cock. That was what my boy had to do for touching when he wasn't allowed -

It was a long time. Well at least he thought it was, I thought it was just perfect amount of time. Okay, I did get a bit generous with my boy. I allowed him to write me a story. Every ten words was worth a minute. And he wrote the sexiest story with a theme of Domination that was very arousing, was very hot. And I offered to him that he could smack his adorable ass, one spanking equaled one minute, with a couple smacks to his cock just to please me.

And so this weekend the time was complete, my boy had done all I had asked. And it was time for his first orgasm in many days. There were instructions... on your knees my boy, chain collar on, naked reading that story you offered to me with your hand on your cock, three smacks and then cum on that story that you put between your knees.... and he shared all of this with me on webcam.

And here are the final results of my boy obeying all he was told to do. He took it all for me and gave me so much back, submission, acceptance, pain, pleasure...

I am so proud of my boy.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sam Bound

Sam Bound
Sam will send me pictures from time to time. Today was a series he took of himself bound. This one I found very erotic. Simple and with a certain peace to its submission. He looked vulnerable and so very sexy in what he offered to me. I asked if I could use it for inspiration for a painting. He kindly offered that I could. Thank you Sam you were a beautiful subject for my afternoon of creativity.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hate Me... Okay.

Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): hat·ed; hat·ing
Date: before 12th century
transitive verb .
1 : to feel extreme enmity toward
2 : to have a strong aversion to : find very distasteful
intransitive verb : to express or feel extreme enmity or active hostility

It was that brief moment when I hated you for causing all that pain with clothespins. Hate is such an intimate emotion.” ~ Performer at the Academy in reply to what I had asked of him.

This comment made me pause and think about the strength of this emotion. This performer has shared a bit with me in the past. Offered me pictures, accepted pain and pleasure at my direction but our relationship at this point is not a committed one, he is not my submissive, but rather someone that comes to me seeking submission. Yet, he felt this emotion, this connection with me in these brief moments that he accepted this pain from me. It was beautiful in its intensity. I took it in and relished that I had caused something so powerful for him.

What I found in this exchange with him that was a epiphany for me was that I was in no way upset that someone felt such a strong negative emotion. Clearly I am growing as well here as when I was younger such a thing, to have someone hate me, would have crushed me. This performer had come to me seeking submission. While I had told him exactly what to do, he had consensually accepted that. Submitting was his choice. So I did not internalize and get wrapped up in the negative aspects of this emotion, but rather took it as a sign that my dominance was a positive thing.

Learning that a large part of being a Dominant is accepting that when someone submits to you they may have these feelings was a turning point for me. I feel that it is important to allow the expression of all emotions, positive and negative. Some may disagree and say that it is of no consequence to a Dominant, that you should remain aloof and above such things. But I don’t believe that for most submitting that is what they want while offering themselves. I am of the strong opinion that constant, open communication makes it better for both of us. But on that same note, I can not let such emotions sway me to give in and be lenient, for fear of such negativity. I must take in and accept it as a part of what the process is.

Now, I also can not allow my own emotions to be abused or allow myself to be harmed mentally. And there is difference between someone expressing how they felt towards me during an act, action, task or a punishment and for someone to say they hate me as a person. I would never want to share with someone who did not care about me as a live human being with all the emotions I bring to the table.

Just as I say I never want to share with a perfect robot of a submissive. I would not want to share with someone who wanted me to be a perfect robot of a Mistress. I accept them for their flaws, their frailties, and all the emotions that come as I hope others will do for me.

What are your experiences with this sort of strong negative emotion? Do you care if you are hated during a D/s exchange? Were you the one doing the hating and did you express it?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And now for something totally not naughty...

Lucy, Raggy, Freddy

I didn't mean to have three dogs, but they needed homes, the other option was unacceptable for what they wanted to do to them at the pound.

Just thought I would share a bit of me, my every day life. Which is walking, feeding, cleaning up after these three. Actually the title of this post is totally inaccurate. These three are very naughty. But I do love them all very much.

Lucy is a scaredy dog. Cowers at every thing, but loves me to pet her when she comes to me. Freddy is the fattest little waddling dog and just the bossiest bitch. And Raggy is as dumb as a goldfish and the sweetest boy.

Sugasm #139

This week's Sugasms... I submitted And marie Moaned.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What They Did For Me Today

acker waited four day's for his orgasm. But I wasn't entirely mean. He could play with that sweet cock of his all he wanted. Oh wait, that probably only added to his frustrations. Well, hmmm, perhaps I am just the tiniest bit mean. But really, all he had to do was exactly what I asked of him and he could cum for me. Curious... do read his blog post and offer a bit of your support to this very good boy -

marie was a naughty thing for me today. Such a hot and horny slut who was so very desperate for an orgasm and a nice bit of pain. I loved listening to each and every smack of that wooden spatula as it struck against her wet pussy. I loved telling my slut to give herself just five more after I finally allowed her to cum. Such a greedy thing she is for an orgasm... take a look for yourself and let her know what you think about what a naughty girl she is -

I was so pleased with both my darlings today... so horny, so slutty, so very naughty for my pleasure. I was proud of all the offered, all they endured and all they shared with me, for me.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ok... this made me laugh...

Got this by email... ok... this is just to funny...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Be nice... until it is time to not be nice...

Firstly this post is about being contacted in an unsolicited way by a submissive who might desire to offer him/herself for any number of possibilities. While I am not taking anyone new into my life full time I do understand the wants and desires of some subs goes unfulfilled in their everyday lives and so when they find me online the urge to reach out may seem overwhelming. So, I will answer a question, talk if it is needed, and share what I can in what ways I can when I can with anyone who makes respectful contact.

While I believe 100% that there is a level of respect that should be maintained between Domme and sub, I think the Golden Rule applies in 99.9% of my daily interactions, vanilla or BDSM. When I feel someone strays outside of what they would want done to them respect wise then I take exception to that. Now I know that makes it a bit of a judgment call on my part but reading people is part of what this is about I think. I, as a dominant, have to try and read people every time I interact. See by their words and actions what they desire, what they are thinking, what they want to offer, how far I can push them. This isn't limited to sceneing, but really that very first communication is where it starts.

It is my belief that if people do not ask what for what they want in an open and honest way they may never get it. So I demand open, honest and full communication with those I share with, especially online. I am not talking about topping from the bottom here, but expressing feelings, thoughts and desires as they arise. If we as dominants don't allow that open and honest communication, I just don't feel that it is fair to the person who is submitting. While a tone showing that I will not tolerate certain behavior is appropriate, my acknowledgment that this is still a person with desire, feelings, emotions and hopefully manners is I believe necessary. And perhaps I may find... that a person who I first judged as pushy or topping... with my offering up of my feelings, wants and desires, and my disappointment at how I was first approached, I may find ultimately is worth my time and effort, maybe not as my sub, but as a friend, or as someone who seeks my advice when they are struggling.

All this said... I need to secondly address a situation where a male dominant might talk to me inappropriately. As I take a huge exception to anyone who falsely believes I really want to submit to them simply because I am female (I do not, have not and will not want that). Or talks to me in a way that is disrespectful... vanilla or BDSM! So should someone say something I feel is inappropriate to me in this way I would try to help them see the error of what they have said to me. In a sexually charged atmosphere sometimes people say things that are inappropriate, and so I always try and give the benefit of the doubt and communicate how what they have said is so and see if they back off, back down or hopefully apologize and continue a discussion with me that is appropriate to the situation we are in at the time. Will they understand my feelings and what I am saying...sometimes it is possible, sometimes not. But I have to feel good about me, and part of that for myself is sharing, and talking and understanding someone until they understand me. If I find that doesn't work... and the guy (or girl) just wants to persist in this attempt, futile as it is, to dominate or abuse me verbally then I walk away, hit the ignore button, hit the delete button... whatever may be appropriate.

Of course, all this said, I have been on occasion reminded that perhaps I am being too nice. But it is they way that works for me and I find the peace and balance of what I do and share with others. So far so good anyway.

There are of course hundreds of potential hypothetical situations you could ask me about and what I might do. But I think I can sum it up my general common sense approach to this issue with a quote from the cheesiest movie ever made... I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice. (Anyone know the movie?)

And what do you think?


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pretty Tooties

Look how pretty.

My friend Vixen has never had a pedicure before and she says I inspired her with my toes here on My One True Addiction post. She says she is now just as addicted as I am.

It only takes one time to get hooked, I will bring you all to the dark side with me eventually. Anyone else have pretty tooties to share... do email me your picture. Would love to see.


Why Do It?

One of the topics of discussion at today was this question below that I thought was so simple, yet offers so much room for self exploration. I wrote this response this morning and wanted to share it here as I would love to know your answer as well. So please... tell me...

What is the attraction of BDSM for you? Why is it that you do what you do? What drives you to try it and keep doing it? What do you get out of it?
My answers...

Why paint a watercolor picture?
Because I am good at it and it brings me pleasure to create and to express myself and those I share with pleasure and the ability to share in my creativity.

Why read a good book?
Because I am interested in what I can learn, what I can be entertained by, what will fill me up with pleasure.

Why strap little boards to my feet and go hurdling down a mountain?
Because it is thrilling, exhilarating. I makes me feel alive and in control and out of control all at the same time. It makes me stop worrying about the everyday issues and just makes my heart beat faster.

Why climb a mountain?
Because it is there, because it is a challenge that attracts me and makes me feel good about who I am and what I can offer to the world.

The answers to all these personal and me specific questions can be substituted for the answers to the questions above. I am not trying to be flip or trite here, merely sharing that dominating in a BDSM way is a part of me and what I desire. As are many things I enjoy in my life.

I could probably expand this list 10 fold. Being a dominant is part of who I am.

So I will ask you again... Why do you?


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Painful Questions & Answers

A friend, Dimas, asked to interview me for an assignment he had. And while I don't know everything there is to know (does anyone?... well if they say they do... run... very fast in the opposite direction). I do try and answer any question posed to me regarding this life we share as openly, honestly and with as much common sense as the question demands. Just as a reminder I share online in most of my D/s interactions so my answers to his question are colored with that pen.

I appreciate that someone seeks out my opinion, and remember that is all it is... my opinion. If you have something to offer or add to this discussion. Please, feel free to comment with your two and one half cents.


1 What first prompted you to enter into Bdsm?

Miss Honey: Playing as a child I was always trying to get the other kids to do naughty things. I love sex and sexuality. I love power of being wanted. When I began reading erotica it was the stories of domination and submission that always aroused me. When I found the internet had even more stories available … wow… to indulge in all those fantasies and explore such kinky ideas was so nice. I belonged to several different chat sites for a while and enjoyed the interaction there, then the Academy and now I have my online subs and friends to explore this all with. Next step, I am always open to new ideas and new ways to explore.

Dimas089: ok so it was something from your childhood that helped your grow into the sweet Domme you are today?

Miss Honey: lol... I think I had kinky naughty tastes from an early age. I think my hyper-empathy that I found stressful as a child in a dysfunctional family found expression in getting people to express and do what they desired deep down. I feel like people have always opened up to me... and if that opening involved a sexual bent that was arousing to me... I never minded exploring that what turns someone else on turns me on.

2 Why did you make the choice to be Dominate?

Miss Honey: Hmmmm… choice… implies I had another option. Which I never felt I did. I tried exploring submission for a very short time. I had a screen name of DaisyChained which I thought was too cute. But every time some Dom approached me online and tried to order me about… oh… just wanted to tell him to get fucked or pound sand or take a hike… or some other metaphor. So I quickly and emphatically came to the realization that to share in this lifestyle I am a Dominant.

Dimas089: Okay, so it was an ingrained thing in you just what you are. But do you think that if you had willingly given yourself to a Dom and not just some random guy that ordered you to do something but where there was trust between you two do you think you might have ended up as a switch like I did?

Miss Honey: No!…. that said... the occasional smack on the ass in my real life doesn't bother me but it isn't submission... it is just fun and sharing the physical intimacy of a couple.

3 As a Mistress How does pain figure into your approach to your tasks or orders?

Miss Honey: What turns someone else on turns me on. Have I said that before? But it works. Sometimes what turns them on is to simply give me control… of anything I want. Sometime I want them to suffer a bit for me. To endure and to offer that to me is submission. Sometimes it is the pain that arouses someone. And there are so many levels to that. A soft caressing spanking that barely stings, a full blown caning and everything in-between. I would share in any of this if it was what the person I was with desired to share with me. In creating open tasks I have tried to explore many levels and kinks so that there is a variety of ways to interact with me. Do I think every task I create is for every person, good lord no. It is like ice cream. Some like chocolate, some rainbow sherbet, some something even more exotic… I will never judge a person’s ice cream choice or their desires in this lifestyle as long as it is consensual and legal.

Dimas089: Okay, so for you to give pain it is more because they want it or they have given you that control and you wish it mo matter what the level? It’s not a sadist streak personal I have that sadist streak in me lol

Miss Honey: I don't really desire to hurt people for the sake of hurting them. I like to share pain as an offering and a submissive enduring.

4 Do you ever regret to give pain even if the person desires it?

Miss Honey: I would feel horrible if a person was ever truly hurt, in some permanent or scarring way. Oh… that would be terrible. But I can’t imagine that happening with me as I would never let things get that far. Safe and Sane apply to me as well as the sub I am sharing with. Now a little bruise, sore for a few days… those are reminders of what we shared or who has the control. That I don’t mind a bit if the pain was consensual.

Dimas089: Okay, I think that answers the question fully Mistress. And I wasn't thinking of the actually hurt I’m always referring to the pain in play, when I person get the pain form being hurt that’s not what I mean that to me is being hurt and no playing.

Miss Honey: Then no, I don't regret pain given if the person desires it.

5 How do you help your submissive get through pain?

Miss Honey: Open, honest communication is what I demand always. I make myself available via, PM, Email and chat. I am online all the time. If I was sharing with someone in the immediate there is a constant give and take, an exchange of words and emotions. That said, I do believe it is the person who I am sharing with’s responsibility to express all they are feeling both physically and emotionally. In this online environment it is necessary in the extreme to communicate. If I was giving pain to someone real life then you have so many more body cues and ways to communicate than just verbal so things would be adjusted. If I have pain as an element in a task… well… again… I am available online in many ways for a sub to seek me out should they need support. And I always try to say… ARE YOU OK… I think these are such important words to ask. And often forgotten in the heat of the moment. I think a dominant should ask this several time during any play. While it may break the moment… it is sometimes necessary to make the submissive responsible for their own selves.

Dimas089: Okay, but than that also opens up that it’s the Dominates reasonability to make sure they are prepared are there anyway you help your own subs to prepare for the pain?

Miss Honey: Not sure I understand the question.

Dimas089: Okay, well take marie. Say you tell her to spank herself until she is red assed and slightly welted...........say she wanted this and wanted you to help her through it.........hypothetical situation. How would you prepare her before you have her do it to help her get thro that pain.

Miss Honey: Stroking mentally... telling how much it pleases me for her to take this for me... how proud I am that she wants to offer this to me. Of course marie responds well to this kind of thing... she wants to be a good girl and so desires to please... so I have to take care not to push her to a point where she is being harmed... and that is where the ongoing communication comes in.

Dimas089: I understand your approach now. It is an interesting one and communication is decently key in it.

Miss Honey: Yes, for me it is. Now I realize that at the Academy an open task that involves pain that is a bit trickier.

Yes it is.

Miss Honey: But I don't really ask for anything there that is monumentally difficult to accomplish... pain wise.

Dimas089: But as you said there are ways to contact you.

Miss Honey: Yes, exactly.

6 How do you deal with pain?

Miss Honey: I am a sissy when it comes to being hurt. Paper cut and I will whine for a day. PMS oh good lord get me three pills. Sometimes during good hard, rough sex though… well I might let you bite there… pinch here… smack there… but I have to be in the mood, and again that isn’t about submission but about fun and erotic sensations.
Miss Honey: that was what you meant by the question right?

Dimas089: Yes, I thought you might have a technique or two that you use for it.

Miss Honey: Yes... avoid it.

Dimas089: As for the sex that is the endorphins running thro your body that make it a highly pleasurable experience.

Miss Honey: Yes... it is different then and even then... I don't really want to be hurt... just a tiny ache

Dimas089: Yes it is and that’s what the subs try to get during play if I understand it right in my research.

Miss Honey: Some yes... some it is more about submission... not about any kind of physical pleasure.

Dimas089: Very true

7 Do you think it’s better if the Dominant experiences the same type of pain as the sub? By this I mean the Dominant has had some experience in this type of pain in their past and knows what the sub is going through.

Miss Honey: Do I think it is better… sure… it can only help to understand what you are offering. That said… everyone comes to the dance with different tolerances and different desires. So while I can not imagine allowing a whip to any part of my body, a paddle on any delicate girl parts… some crave it and want it. Should I deny that simply because I believe it to be beyond endurable? Exploration in small steps should someone be trying something new I think is better. For if I say no… that will hurt you too much… I am passing false judgment on what they may really desire. So begin easy… and build up and never stop communicating. Hmmm… common thread here. Communication is always key.