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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do You? - Read by Honey

Do You? as read by Honey


symblemine said...

*blink blink* Your voice, Miss Honey, is truly enthralling!

Marie said...

Very Beautiful.

C.M. Bailey said...

My first hearing of your voice, your tone, I must leave enchanted.

Anonymous said...

*the frustration!!!* I'm not going to be able to listen to this until Wednesday! ... unless I can play it on my phone maybe.

Thank you for reading it!


Miss Honey said...

Well PL I did choose this one for this week's As Read by Honey because you requested it so I do hope when you make it back you will enjoy.


Anonymous said...

[managed to sneak a listen in the library]

Thank you so much for reading this! Especially if it was just because I asked. I'll have to hack the flash somehow and get the audio on my phone.

I like the little differences. For example, instead of "Do you want my friendship, it is a gift that flows easily from me" you say "... it is a gift that flows easily for me."

You are strangely enticing and deep.


Anonymous said...

Finally found the time to listen.

I loved reading it, but listening to the inflections of your voice, the cadence, the rhythym, etc., brings so much more. Lots of good stuff there, but the brief phrase "do you want me to hurt you" jumped out at me. I distinctly hear a growl in your voice at that point . . .