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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sugasm #138

I submitted Punishment in the Woods this week to Sugasm.

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You’re going to come for me.
“I imagined her, bound. Wrists behind her back, whimpering.”

Champagne Orgasms

“I cry out, begging for him to stop, begging him not to”

Tie one on
“He slipped his hands under my blouse and teased my nipples and breasts with his strong hands.”

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The Look

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And marie Moaned

And now a bit of Non-fiction for your reading pleasure...


marie lay on the bed with legs spread wide as I watched her. I had told my sweet little cum slut sub to play until she needed to orgasm. And then she would have to beg me to be allowed to have that orgasm.

First she showed me the toys. A big, thick dildo the perfect shade of man, head round, shaft long and the whole thing ready to fill her tight pussy. And the little bullet vibrator, so innocent looking. Shiny white plastic, long cord and little control box. You could keep such a thing tucked in a purse or pocket and none would be any wiser that the lover you wanted the most was with you. In fact I had only last week made her take that toy to work with her. Poor marie was so worried she would get caught with her sex toy at work. She does like to worry and I do like to use that for my pleasure.

"Show me how you suck cock," I said to her. "Get on your knees, put your lover on the bed, and give that plastic man a good blow job." And my girl didn’t even hesitate. Her only question was which angle I wanted to best watch her be the slut I so adore. Position settled on she wrapped her lips around that cock and took it deep into her mouth. She licked and sucked and showed me that her sexual talents don’t stop at the masturbation we usually share. Up and down she devoured the toy with lips, and tongue and no teeth even for this cold bit of unmanned phallus. “Now, your hands,” I said. “Show me how you would please a man with your hands.” And her, yes Mistress reply pleased me very much. Slick with the wetness of her mouth her hand easily gripped and slipped up and down that toy cock. And I knew any man would be pleased with the ministrations of my slutty girl on their own hard tool.

“Good girl. You obviously know how to please a man. Now please me and fuck yourself until your need is so strong you simply must beg me.” She lay back and with no ceremony, no soft lead up on thighs or teasing of clit, she plunged the fuck toy into my girl’s wet and wanting pussy. The sound of it was exquisite as she plunged it in and out of that dripping cunt. Each stroke I could hear as it hit against her wet folds. With each thrust deep inside she moaned, and moaned, and moaned.

But as much as my pussy slut loves to have herself filled up well, it is the vibrations of that little bit of plastic that sends her soaring. And so when she moved the small egg to her clit the moans grew. Her head thrashed and her legs tensed, her chest rose and fell as her breathing grew rushed pushing towards panting. Wet, hot, horny. Needing, wanting, growing desperate. Such a good and naughty cum slut girl for me.

And then she began to beg. Each word a frantic plea as she teetered there on the edge. “Please let me cum, Mistress!” Over and over she repeated this mantra. But I had told her at the beginning. No answer, meant no, she couldn’t. She was not allowed until I gave her permission, gave her a yes. “Oh, God, Please let me cum!” Again and again came her cry, mixed with the most desperate moans I have ever had the pleasure to share. Her hand never stopped moving that vibrating toy as she pushed it hard against her swollen clit. She knew that what I wanted to hear. It was the fighting of this impending orgasm the holding back as her body’s growing need to fall over that edge that pleased me so very much. “I need to cum, please… please… please… Mistress!!” And marie moaned and sobbed and cried out her despair to be allowed, to have me give her the permission.

And so at last I gave her that one word, “Yes.”

And I watched, and listened and was so very pleased with my cum slut sweet little girl’s exquisite moans. And marie did so beautifully moan over and over as she came and came and came for me. Such a good girl, my girl.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Self Portrait

I have received a couple emails asking what I look like since I began this blog. So here is a self portrait.

Ok... ok... ok... I know this is a bit of a tease, but would you want me to be any other way?

Miss Honey

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Six Word Memoir

I met my friends for my writer's group meeting today. We had a great meeting and such an interesting prompt.

We were challenged to write our memoir in six words. This was inspired by the story of Hemingway being challenged to write a novel in six words. His novel... For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Every one in my group wrote something unique and personal. Many were humorous, some were sad, some profound. I came up with a few... and offer you a couple here.


Busty, lusty, so shy, wide open


Thirteen schools, quiet girl with book.

ok... one more...

Mistress, mother, advice giver, wound healer

Okay, that last one I didn't share with my vanilla friends. Just you my more open friends.

So, share with me here you in six words. I look forward to reading your memoir.


Friday, June 27, 2008

What I did on my Friday...

Work, work and more work. Wow, boss was out of the office all day and I hardly got to play at all because of all the To-Do items on the list. Okay, shhhhh don't tell... but I did sneak in a bit of fun and naughty today.

Early in the day I found a bit of time to watch my girl slip two toys into her two holes... pussy and ass... and put one more toy vibrating away right there on her needy little clit with nothing else on but just a pair of panties pulled up very nice and tight. Then all she had to do was cum, using no hands. Well now, that was too much fun to watch. Took 28 minutes of wiggling, and bouncing and every other gyration that might help keep that vibrator humming away in just the right spot. She wasn't sure it was going to be possible, but I know her and her desperate need to cum. And cum she did.

My boy and I talked to yesterday on the phone. It seems there was no one in his office for quite a while in the afternoon. So like a very, very good boy he begged me to allow him to cum for my pleasure. Hmmmm noticing a pattern here? And he was allowed to, as long as he sat there at his desk to accomplish the request. Oh, he was so sweet when he said, "Please Mistress, may I cum now." Too yummy.

See now, this brings up this subject again... I just don't get this whole debate over real life vs. online life. Both have so many pros... and of course each has its share of negatives as well. But I share in so many meaningful ways with those I care about and who offer their submission to me. I see them, I hear them. Yes, yes, you are right I do not touch them. But they feel me, my control. I am feel them, their caring, their sharing, their offering and their wanting to please. Hell there are many marriages I know of that have less contact on an intimate level then I do with my sweet naughty ones.

Nev and I also shared a session with a new sub tonight. Clothespins, corn on the cob, belts and large, hard plastic spoons, to just get your imagination going... were all employed. Unfortunately due to the thunder in his hometown somewhere in heartland middle American waking someone in the house the session was cut short. But it was so delightfully fun up until that submisses interruptous.

Ok... time for this little Mistress to say good night before I fall asleep here at my keyboard.

What did you do naughty today?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My One True Addiction

Ohhh... I simply love to get my toes pedicured (that may be redundant as only toes can be pedicured... hmmm...). Every three weeks I go in and the girl pampers the hell out of me. Oh, pure heaven, scrubs and hot towels, warm swirling water lulling me into a state of bliss. Warm oil and her tiny strong hands massaging the balls of my feet, my calves... each toe... sighhhh. Better then just about anything. Well, maybe that one thing is better, but I don’t pay for that.

I am truly addicted. I would forgo paying the electric bill before giving up my appointment. It hasn’t ever come to that, but I have my priorities well in line in this regard. I think so any way.

So here is this week’s perfect pedicure. I got a bit bold with the color. It is summer after all (which really has nothing at all to do with having green toes) and thought this was too fun.

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She loved to make the boys in the neighborhood do naughty things. She even made one boy put on her too cute little girl panties with the daisies on them. Of course that meant the little boy got to see her naughty parts, but she thought they were rather cute naughty parts so it was okay with her to get him to do what she wanted.

Once upon a time there was a young girl. She found a stash of magazines in the bottom of her dad's closet. Now the pictures were nice, naked men and women doing things she had only ever imagined… and never imagined this well. But it was the stories that really struck her. The descriptions, the terms and words that made her head spin with possibilities.

And then the girl grew. Oh... to try the things that the words described. Oppppsss... you know doing those things can lead to... ummmm... babies. Two of them. Oh... well... it was fun but consequences must be faced. And those two... a little girl, a little boy... they grew and grew. And before too long the girl was soon a woman, she grew up and they grew up until all were no longer little.

And quite suddenly she who was a woman had time again. Oh, glorious time, to play and have fun and to explore all those ideas and thoughts that playing with the little boys when she was a little girl inspired. And to read and read, and write and write. And then, a miracle. Well, it had been a miracle quite a number of years earlier, but now that time was a miracle... well... the woman found the internet. And a place to really explore with others who wanted to give her what she so wanted to take. And she could offer to them what they needed to share.

And share, and give, take, and offer they did, she did. Oh wait, she does, I do. With marie, and boytoy, and acker, and Nev, and donriser, and, and, and all my lovely naughty friends. Because I get pleasure, satisfaction, stimulation from all the naughty things that others get pleasure, satisfaction, stimulation from. The sharing, the giving and taking fills my need so very nicely. I love exploring what turns someone on. I love knowing the details of their fetishes, their desires. I am a voyeur, an exhibitionist, a kinky naughty girl, I am sexual, I am sexy and a strong dominant woman. I am that little girl, young girl, young mother, and now I am Miss Honey, the dominant, finally getting the other kids now all grown up too, to do exactly what I want.

And we will all live naughtily ever after.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Punishment in the Woods

And now a bit of fiction for your reading pleasure...


Mistress Honey ~
It will be a long weekend trip for us. It is Friday, late afternoon, for hours we have driven to get here, with him spread wide in the back rubbing and stroking his cock, ashamed and excited each time a trucker spies him through the window and honks. Finally, we arrive at our destination; my sweet slave and I are now deep into the woods. I set up camp and then take special care of my toy. I blindfold him and stake him spread-eagle on his back to the ground, clamps on his nipples and a vibrator on low in his ass, pulsing just enough to keep him on the edge, pushed deep into him, stretching his ass, filling him up so well. The last thing I do before leaving him alone is to push my wet panties into his mouth, always his favorite gag.

Now, I watch him continuously, I will allow nothing to harm my precious toy. But all he knows is he has been left alone in the woods, exposed, helpless, and aching with such desperate need.

Honeys.toy ~
It is so late at night, hours have gone by, and i am still tied to four stakes. A vibrator in my ass, on low, my body aching for my Honey, the clamps on my nipples hurt perfectly. Oh God, She makes me ache for Her. She has told me i must not cum until She allows it. i struggle with the ropes as She sleeps hopefully nearby. i hope that soon She will come to me and bring me to orgasm once again. She is my keeper, i am Hers. i shudder as i think of the pleasure She has brought me. My cock jerks slightly, but i can't cum. My nipples ache for Her. Once again She has brought me close, so very close. i hear Her move and think this is it, but She settles back down and i am left with what will be. i dream of the times She has allowed me to touch Her, to taste Her, to feel Her. i am Her slut boy, Her toy, Her baby, Her love slave. She is my Honey, my Mistress. i try to drift off to sleep, but my body aches too much for Her, my cock is so aching for Her mouth, my ass desires to be filled by Her in whatever manner She sees fit. i am Honeys.toy

Mistress Honey ~
I check my watch, pushing the little indiglo button, 3:00 a.m. The moon is so bright and I can see my toy from where I lay. He is still tied spread-eagle. I know the vibrator is making him ache, I can see him lifting his hips and struggling with the ropes that bind him. He thinks I am sleeping, but I have been watching him this whole time. I love the pretty little clamps I put on his nipples, and the way they stick up in the air as he arches, trying to find relief. He has been ordered not to cum without permission, but I know he wants it, how desperate he is to orgasm. But he needs more... if it comes too easy I know he won’t be satisfied. It is not the climax he needs as much as the struggle to achieve it.

I rise, purposely making noise. I see him tense, hips thrusting as high as he is able, always offering himself to me. My toy, my slutboy is blindfolded and he is not sure if I might be moving to him. Up and down he lifts those hips thrusting his throbbing cock into the air. With no warning, I pull the vibrator from his ass. He moans as his gaping asshole is left empty and exposed, so open for me. I pinch the tip of his cock. My toy is so hard, even after hours of being stretched out here on the ground alone with only a plastic toy to keep him occupied. I can see the little bit of precum at the tip. I pull the clamps from his nipples and rub those little nubs too. I know this pain is worse than the clamps themselves as the blood returns, causing him such an ache. I take my panties from his mouth and offer a little water. Well, actually, I squat over him and take a sports bottle of water and squirt the liquid up inside of me... letting him have it as it dribbles out, tasting of me now. I have not removed his blindfold and I know he is not sure if I am pissing in his mouth or if it is water. Either way he is eager for it. Yes, always such an eager slut. My pussy is so close to him I know he can smell me. His mouth moves wildly, opening and closing, tongue reaching; my toy is so desperate, exactly as he should be. I pick up the thin branch I choose earlier. I have stripped all the bark from it and it is thin and supple. Pulling the blindfold from my slave’s eye I show him what I hold in my hand.

"Please Mistress, please... i will be good. Anything You want Mistress. Please, if only You might let me cum. Please let Your toy cum," he begs me, looking with fear and obvious excitement at the branch. I bring the switch down across his chest, catching both nipples at once.

"AHHHHHH, please Mistress, more if it pleases You." Again I bring it down, across his nipples. "OHHHHHHH GOD, please Mistress, again, anything for You," he begs me. I change my angle this time... and lay the thin greenwood whip right between his legs, striking right at his cock and balls. "YESSSSSS, ohhhh please Mistress may Your slut cum?"

I take the vibrator and turn it up full, pushing it back inside of his ass. "You may cum slave... but you only have ten strokes to achieve it." I pull up the four stakes that have held him down and have him turn over. I restake his two legs and one hand, leaving the other for him to use while I leave exquisite welts across his ass and thighs. "Count each of them for me and beg for the next, toy."

"One." I start rather soft. "Please Mistress, your toy wants to please you. Two." The next is low, right where ass meets leg. "OHHHHHH, yes another my Mistress, please. Three." he is reaching between his legs his hand wrapped around his aching cock. "AAAAAHHHH, yes Your toy is such a slut, please give him another Mistress. Four." he has hold of the vibrator now, plunging it deep into his ass. "OHHHHH, so close Mistress Your toy only thinks of Your pleasure Mistress. Five, Six, Seven...... AUGGGGGGGHHHHH, oh Your toy is cummmminnnnnnnggg." he pumps his cock frantically up and down. Eight, Nine....... OHHHHHHHH Mistress.... yesssssss, fuck yessssss." his hand goes still on his cock. "Please Mistress, please finish, please give me the last one... i deserve it so for being allowed to cum."

I bring the whip down one last time, holding nothing back as is whistles through the air striking my precious toy's ass a final time. Screaming, he calls out..... "OHHHHHHHHHHHH, Honnnnneeeeyyyyy!!!!!"

After a moment, I smile at my good little slutboy and move up to kiss his mouth. Then I push the stake for his free hand hard into the earth. Both his arms are spread wide bringing his head low to the ground, he is on his knees, those too spread wide. he is unable to close them, ass in the air, as always, exposed. I lay a pillow under his head and put the panties back into his mouth after giving him another little drink of water. Then I whisper in his ear, "When the sun rises I will be back and again your sweet cock will give me pleasure. Sleep until then My darling slutboy, My toy, My whore, My fuck slave. Or perhaps, you never know, we might have company. Wouldn't that be a nice treat for my toy? But you wont know for sure will you?" he looks a little scared, my toy, just before I slip the blindfold back over his eyes. I would never let anyone else hurt him, but he doesn't know this for certain at this moment. As I walk away I give him one last small slap on his cock, and am quite pleased to see he is once again hard. he wants more and he will get it.

Honeys.toy ~
It is now dawn, i can see just a bit of light through my blindfold. i am still tied, Mistress’s panties in my mouth, a vibrator still on low in my ass. Once again She is making me ache, making me want, making me struggle to find relief. She brought me to a shuttering climax not so very long ago and then left me thinking about would it even be Her who visits me next. i don't think She would allow anyone to fuck me, but She did say someone else might visit. i tasted Her juices as She allowed me to drink. i struggle with the ropes, as the vibrator moves inside me. i smell Her in my imagination. i feel Her presence near me, always playing with Her toy. i want so badly to eat Her, to taste Her, maybe even to spank Her a little, but i know She would never allow that luxury. i want Her to fuck me, my asshole belongs to Her. i was so excited when She took me with the switch. She knows exactly how much i crave the pain. i can't get enough of Her. i start to shudder as a spasm nears, but She will not allow me to cum without Her permission so i try desperately to calm my throbbing cock. i still struggle to get out of my binds, to go to Her, to hug Her, to kiss Her, to crawl between Her legs and feast upon Her perfect cunt. i long to let Her bring me to orgasm as She sees fit. i am Hers. Will She come to me soon? my heart races. Or will She send someone else? i will serve Her as She sees fit, for i am Her whore, slutboy, toy, Her slave.

Mistress Honey ~
The sun is just rising and so do I. I stretch and then go and wash my face and begin to make breakfast. My toy is struggling with all of this noise going on around him, wiggling his naked ass, begging me with his motions to be touched and used. I go and pull the vibrator from him leaving his ass once again gaping wide open. I pull the panties from his mouth, my panties, and again give him a drink the same way I did last night. Squatting over him letting it run out of my pussy after filling myself up with the liquid. It is a little more difficult this morning because he is on his hands and knees, but he lifts his chin for me, tongue out, such greedy little slutboy for anything I have to give him.

"Do you have to piss little toy?" I ask him softly in one ear.

"Yes please Mistress, I can't hold it much longer," he begs.

"Who told you to hold it? Here in the woods you are just a little animal for me to play with, just my toy. Just go there where you are, it is of no matter to me. you will be getting a bath soon anyway." his face goes red at this. I can see him struggling not to wet himself, but he obviously has to go badly and soon a little golden stream falls from his cock soaking the ground beneath him.

"See you are just a plaything and your basic needs are so unimportant. But we want you strong, so you must eat." I place a shallow bowl of oatmeal in front of him and take off his blindfold. his arms are still staked and he looks up at Me obviously confused. "Just your mouth toy, that is all you need to eat." he drops his head and begins to eat, little salty tears falling into his meal. It breaks my heart to see him so unhappy, he is so much more than just my toy, he is my love, but he craves this humiliation as much as he craves my hand on his cock.

"Oh, don't be sad, sweet slave. you please Me so, being such a good little toy, my darling slutboy. I will even give you a little pleasure while you finish your meal." I move around behind him and turn the vibrator in his ass up high. I then begin to fuck my slut hard in his tight ass showing no mercy while he tries to eat as best he can. his little gasps and moans are such a pretty sound. As he licks the bowl clean and I stop suddenly leaving him frustrated and open wide, he has not cum and he wants more, much more. Then I unstake his legs and arms, and allow him to rise and stretch his tired muscles. I then order him back down on all fours. I snap long leash onto his collar, then thread it back between his legs and up over his back. As I tug on the thin braided leash it pulls tight between the crack of his ass, rubbing against his aching cock and teasing his asshole. I begin to walk into the woods, my favorite pet behind me. I know he remembers my threat last night of there being someone else this morning. I know he is near trembling with fear at not knowing where I am taking him now. But I know what my slutboy needs, more than he does, and when we get to where we are going he will get it, get exactly what he needs.

Honeys.toy ~
i heard Her rise at dawn and thought, She will now make me cum again, i long for it. I wondered if She would untie me, feed me and let me go to the bathroom. Oh God, my body, my being, my cock aches for Her. i heard Her moving about, She will come to me soon i thought. Finally She approached me; at least i think it is Her. What if it is someone else? She removed the blindfold and took Her panties out of my mouth. i hoped She would give me more of Her tasty panties to suck on. Then i was allowed a drink from Her cunt juices, that was such a turn on. When She asked me if i needed to piss i told Her yes, that i need to pee so bad, and She ordered me to relieve myself like an animal. i tried not to, but when i couldn’t hold it any longer and finally wet the ground beneath me i was so ashamed. Then She told me to eat using only my mouth in the bowl. my cock kept getting harder and harder. i felt like a slut, Her slutboy. i was totally humiliated for my Mistress. my nipples were hard, my body in need, my mind wondering my fate today. Then She put a leash on me, and ran it through my legs so that it rubbed against my asshole and cock, God it hurt so good. She led me away, my cock brushing the ground, extending to meet whatever might graze against it. Little twigs and leaves teasing it with no mercy, no real relief. Now, i wonder where we are going. i am once again so hot for my fate. i have been a good slave boy. Will She allow me great pleasure, the opportunity to cum again? Who is this stranger She threatens me with? All this goes through my mind as Honey leads Her toy through the woods. Little spasms rock my body, but i mustn’t cum until She allows it. Oh, but i do ache so.

Mistress Honey ~
We move through the woods slowly, my sweet pet behind me on his hands and knees. I tug occasionally on the leash, not because he is lagging behind, but because it rubs on his cock so nicely and I love to hear him gasp. We are nearly to our destination so I stop and put the blindfold back over my toy's eyes. I know this will heighten his anxiety, which always makes it better for him. I know as well he is not forgetting my words of there being someone else today. Just a hundred more yards or so more and we move into a clearing. There in front of us is a small log cabin. I lead my pet to the old water pump in the middle of the yard.

"Lay on your back sweets. It is time we get you cleaned up. And do spread those legs wide. I shouldn't need to tell you that," I scold him. he does as I order and I begin to pump icy cold water onto his hard cock. he gasps and tries to close his legs. Being blindfolded still he did not know what to expect.

"Don't you dare close those legs." I slap at his inner thighs, giving one side a cruel little pinch. "Lift your hips. And take hold of that cock, you will stay hard. And I want you all clean." I pump the handle again and a small stream of frigid water hits him. I see him tense and know the sensation must be intense. A little dribble of water runs from his crotch up between his nipples, they grow hard from the cold and I cannot resist pinching each of them as the last of the water runs onto his amazingly hard cock. he thrust his hips higher as the water stops. My slutboy is so bothered right now he would hump anything I put between his legs and beg for more. he is still holding his cock and I see him begin to move his hand, stroking up over the head.

SMACK... I bring the end of the leather leash down onto his hand and cock, striking him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh," he cries not expecting this. he thought he could get away with this tiny transgression but no, I am watching him. I am always watching him.

"you will not stroke your little slutboy cock without permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress, i am sorry. Please, i am so sorry. Your slut just aches so." he bites his lip and spreads himself even wider open... hoping to please Me. And he does please Me, as I take the end of the leash again and strike his cock very soft this time, not enough to hurt only enough to add to his ache. I do this seven or eight times and he lifts and thrusts for Me, fucking the air with his cock. With the last strike I hit a bit harder and order, "STOP!" he freezes his body, whimpering softly with his need.

"Come along now, time to see your surprise for the day, little one." he moves back on his hands and knees, the cruel leash once again pulled tight. Only this time instead of following meekly he starts and stops, moving very slowly. I know the game he plays. Each time I tug on the leash it bites into ass and rubs against his cock and I see him rocking his hips as he hopes this little bit of friction will allow him release. I let him get away with this because we are only going a short distance, into the cabin that he is still unaware of. I know this rubbing he is doing against the braided leather will only frustrate him more when it stops leaving him harder and more in need than ever. As we enter the small cabin I see him tense. he can feel that he is no longer crawling on the cool damp earth, but rather is now on the rough floorboards of the cabin. I know he can smell the fire that blazes in the large fireplace and maybe he can smell something else, the sweet smell of sex and leather.

I have him stand and I attach his wrists to the restraints hanging down from the rafters, around his ankles cuffs that click into bolts on the floor. My pet is now standing spread-eagle. I put the clips back onto his nipples he gasps in surprise at the sudden pain. The panties I have been wearing on our walk I take off and push into his mouth. I love to see this bit of wet silk in his mouth, and I know he craves the taste of me all the time. My little slutboy would love to sleep with his mouth suckling on My pussy all night, like a baby with its thumb. Perhaps tonight that is how I will tie him; legs bound together, arms tied tight to his sides, a plug in his ass, My pussy over his mouth. Then occasionally I will rub against his lips and tongue, staying wet and finding pleasure for hours on my own personal fuck toy. But right now it is time to show my toy where I have brought him and what is in store for him. I take the blindfold from his eyes, he blinks adjusting to the dim light in the cabin. Then I hear him moan from behind my panties that fill his mouth. he sees the surprise I have for him.

There in the corner is a cage and inside the cage is a young, pretty slave. her jet black hair is pulled back tight in a braid that falls to her ass. she is blindfolded and chained on all fours, a wide leather belt is around her waist and that is chained to the top of the cage. A huge, thick black dildo has been mounted on the floor of her cage very low right below her pussy. she is pulling against her restraints trying to fill her dripping cunt with that plastic lover, but she obviously can only just get the very tip inside of her desperate fuck hole. she is grunting and moaning behind the red ball gag that fills her mouth. Again and again she bears down trying to plunge the thick uncaring cock into her pussy. So desperate she is, she seems to not even be aware we are there in the room with her. My own pet begins to thrust his hips in time with this new slave's undulations. His eyes are wide, his breath coming in ragged little puffs. I know he would love to be the hard cock onto which this new slave was so desperate to fill her cunt. I have been loaned this cabin and this pretty slave for the rest of the weekend. her own Master owed me a favor and left her caged for me only an hour or so ago, waiting until I got here to leave his own slave-toy to my care.

Slipping my hand down around the throbbing hard cock of my pet I whisper in his ear, "Are you ready to do anything I ask baby?" Then I squeeze his cock very hard and he nods franticly, begging me with his eyes and pushing his hips forward, thrusting his cock back and forth in my warm hand. I smile and know this will be a good two days.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Do Like Panties

Main Entry: fe·tish
Variant(s): also fe·tich \fe-tish also fē-\
Function: noun
Etymology: French & Portuguese; French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço, from feitiço artificial, false, from Latin facticius factitious
Date: 1613

1 a: an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly: a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion: prepossession c: an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression
2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers
3: fixation

I love a sub in panties. Okay... this might be pushing towards a fetish for me. Well... not technically since I don't find it necessary for sexual gratification. But really I find a sub in just a pair of pretty panties so very... stimulating.

A man who will put them on for me. That is nice. A man who finds it arousing to put a pair of cute girly panties on for me more than just willingly, that is very, very nice. Pink, white, black... silk, cotton, satin, lace, so many choices and I do like them all. To do something that is so simple yet so instantaneously erotic is powerful for me to share. A man in girly panties is to me a perfect picture of submission. A cock straining again a small scrap of lace, a thong slipping up between lovely ready to be used ass cheeks, I enjoy this. A picture offered, “This is for you Miss Honey, because I know you want to see me this way." Oh... such a beautiful thing. It isn't so much about cross-dressing as submitting to me something that you would never do without me. Or if he likes to wear them then it is sharing that excitement of the naughtiness.

I love a woman ready to show me how sexy she is in nothing but a pair of panties. So exposed, so vulnerable, yet often there is a certain innocence to wearing just a pair of panties that I really find exciting. I love the curves of a woman and a nice pair of panties enhances those curves so perfectly. Thin straps up over hips, small bits of cotton and lace covering the treasure that is a pussy. A pair of full bottomed panties snug against the swell of ass, or a g-string sliding tightly down and under and covering nothing, but keeping everything perfectly sexy. Every cut has its advantages, I love boy cut, g-string, thong, even full cut white cotton everyday are sexy. Fancy, whimsical, plain… I want those I share with to have a variety and share with me all their favorites.

Oh, and then there is the pulling of them down. Just below that curve of a bottom. Whether it is my hands pulling a pair of panties down or he or she who is sharing with me doing the slipping to just there for me... either way is enticing. Standing there with their back to me, on kneeling with knees spread wide, or on all fours ready… all are exquisitely submissive and so perfectly lovely. Waiting, anticipating, exposed and available for anything I desire to offer. Pain, pleasure... all of it is so deliciously wonderful.

What is your sexiest pair of panties? What do you love to see on your partner... and nothing else?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the Mountains

I am up in the mountains today. My mom lives in a lovely little mountain community and it is such a treat to escape the heat and hectic life of the "flat lands" and get up here where the air is cooler and so much less smog. I do love Southern California, but this is a great place to come.

Nice too that I can use her computer and check up and keep up on my subs and my friends. marie has been busy for me. You can find her blog linked on my Links List. An issue came up about her feelig sexually aroused by a woman. So we have been exploring that a bit more. I find woman so incrediblly sexy and sharing with them is a treat as they can be so emotionally charged. That makes the D/s experience all the more better for me. Take a look at what she has offered there on her blog and if you feel inspired offer a comment of support or your experience. I think sharing with each other is one of the great perks of being online. So many diverse and unique view points.

Another friend of mine online creates graphic art and we were chatting. I asked him to create something that represented me. The image on this post is what he gave to me. I was so honored. Thank you, Dimas!!! :) He said this... "It represted your may sides but at you core is a heart that is unyeilding, the four circles are like bolts or rivets that hold the core you in place." Wow... how nice is that? :)

Well, time to go help in the garden. The lettuce is ready to be picked. Will make a lovely salad to go with the salmon and couscous I am making for dinner tonight.
:) Honey

Friday, June 20, 2008


When I thought of what to say at the top of this site under the Title I took a while. It seemed so simple, but was harder than I thought. Then I came up with...

A place to share, learn, and grow. A bit of daily, a bit of musing, a bit of me.

So today... a bit of me... as my poetry and sharing it makes me feel a bit vulnerable. Not in a bad though, just that I am exposing parts of myself tender and often a bit raw. I hope you enjoy this piece. It was written after a discussion with a close friend and former lover. It is always a bit amazing how just a few words from the right person can make you feel so very alive and so very tender. Tender in the bruised and battered soul way, or the sweet and easy breathless way.

So, I offer to you... a bit of me....



I dreamed of him last night,
of mouth and hands, fingers pushing.
Him on knees, face against the swell of belly
grasping arms around thighs pulling tight.

I dreamed of devouring bites.
He took great mouthfuls of me.
Not the gentle suckles of youth
meant to seduce but rather the
deep sinking of teeth into the
most exposed parts of me.

I dreamed of the giving and taking of my
limbs; offered one by one like sacrifices.
Though to what Gods he prayed I did not know.
Until at last there was nothing left
but a small fragile core.

And then I woke, quite unsure
if that last vulnerable piece of me
he would consume
or simply leave untouched.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Erotic Fairy Tale

One of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, wrote an erotic series of three book with Sleeping Beauty as their main character. Many of you may be intimately familiar with them. If you have never read them and like a good erotic story with BDSM as its theme then I highly recommend them.

So I wrote my own little fairy tale in this same genre. Snow White is my girl in this story. And although the one in control in this story is the dark Prince, I suppose for me it could have just as easily been a strong and very much in control Queen.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of fantasy. So what is your favorite bedtime story?


The Submission of Snow White

The prince forced her hands behind her and held them tight. Her back arched and her dress strained across her large full breasts. The jewels sown upon the bodice; rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, gems given to her by the seven little men from the forest, rubbed against her nipples causing them to harden to visible points. He ordered each of his four submissive damsels to come on their hands and knees and offer her welcoming kisses. Their mouths crushed against her as their naked bodies rubbed enticingly. Snow White returned these exciting kisses readily. She so wanted to please this dark prince who was now her lord and master. He had broken the curse of her death-sleep with one caress of his lips to hers, and by the ancient rules of magical enchantment, she now belonged to him for two years and a day; to do with as he saw fit.

The dark lord ordered his four beautiful and obedient slaves to disrobe Snow White, demanding it be done immediately. The brusque command caused her pale-white skin to flush crimson; no one had ever seen all of her before, but she was anxious to please him and she made no objection. She noticed as well that with the exception of the tight, velvet and jeweled collars and the golden chains dangling from the points of their ample breasts, each of the exquisite young women on their knees before her was naked. Clearly the prince demanded this from those in his service.

Snow White’s silk dress was quickly stripped from her lush curves. Then the master gave a small nod to the four that surrounded her; permission for them to touch her, to explore all of her. Each was eager to gain their master’s temperamental favor and they fell to the commanded task with enthusiasm. From his ornate throne, he watched silently as their soft hands and eager mouths sought all of Snow White’s most secret recesses.

The red head, Veronica, her large pendulous breast hanging heavy beneath her, had the others lay Snow White down onto her back. Fiona and Nina, nearly identical petite blondes, spread Snow White’s legs wide, clasping their hands tightly around her trim ankles. Monique, a curvaceous brunette, took hold of Snow White’s hands, holding them high above her head, stretching her out fully. Held fast, lying upon the royal-red carpet, at the feet of her lord, Snow White felt exposed, defenseless and yet, strangely excited. Looking up she saw a small smile play across the prince’s darkly handsome face and she hoped he was pleased with her obedience.

Monique leaned over and took Snow White’s tightly drawn nipple into her mouth, sucking and biting upon one, and then the other of the aroused, firm points as Snow White writhed beneath her. Veronica positioned herself between Snow White’s spread legs. She licked first at soft skin of Snow Whites inner thigh. She ran her tongue so slowly up and up, higher and higher, then stopped suddenly and moved to the other leg, beginning again with the agonizing torment. Snow White thought she might go mad as a tight throbbing went right to the center of her. She felt a hot ache there between her legs and was desperate for Veronica to soothe the agony. At last Veronica dipped her head down, her full, blood-red lips a stark contrast against Snow Whites black, glossy curls. Snow White thought then, as Veronica’s scarlet lips, pink tongue and flashing white teeth teased and tormented that delicate flesh, that perhaps she would not be able to keep silent as the prince had commanded. Her building desire caused her to pull and strain against Fiona and Nina’s hold. Her hips began to lift and move almost on their own as she felt wetness seeping from that hot cleft between her legs. Veronica continued licking and sucking unmercifully encouraged by Snow White’s undulations and the master’s smile. Veronica slipped her hand underneath Snow White pushing one finger into the tight, puckered hole of her backside, while her thumb pushed into Snow White’s other, wet tunnel. Veronica’s fingers, drenched with hot juices, slipped deeply into both openings. Snow White bite hard upon her lower lip, trying to keep silent as the prince had ordered.

The growing sensations, the ever-building passion was taking over and she could hardly think anymore. She raised her hips as high off the floor as she could, struggling to keep contact with Veronica’s mouth and silken tongue, even as her wet fingers drove hard and fast into her. Snow White wanted to feel that velvety tongue plunge deep into the holes now plundered by Veronica’s slick fingers. She wanted Veronica’s lips and teeth to ravish her, biting, sucking; assailing all of her. Snow White’s hips bucked wildly, as Veronica grew more frenzied. Her thrusting tongue and devouring mouth were relentless with their intensity. Her fingers were nearly cruel with their force, invaded in and out, over and over. Monique continued to bite at her nipples brutally, and Snow White tried to lift herself up, begging with her whole body for more. For her to take more into her mouth. For more sucking, more glorious pain, more of anything they had to give to her, or to take from her. Then, just as Snow White was near to climax, just when she thought she must scream out loud with her passion; the prince clapped twice loudly. Veronica and Monique each gave one last, stinging bite to Snow White’s wet and swollen flesh, and all four of the girls moved back. Each dropped their foreheads to the ground, their rounded buttocks high in the air, trembling with obvious anticipation.

Snow White lay there in the center of them panting. She was desperate to finish, to fall headlong into that unknown she was so close to. Without even thinking, she closed her eyes and moved her hand between her legs, her fingers desperately searching for that small spot Veronica had teased so skillfully with her teeth and tongue. The sharp pain to her tender inner thigh was immediate and startling, causing her eyes to fly open. Her new master, her princely lord, stood over her a riding crop in his hand. His gleaming black boots were now only inches from her face. Without even thinking she turned and kissed and licked at those boots as she plunged two, then three of her fingers into her slippery hole. The prince slapped the leather tipped ridding crop against his palm with a nasty crack. It was a menacing weapon made especially for his large warrior hands. Its black leather handle was long and thick with rough-cut emeralds embedded along the shaft, the largest at the handle’s end. Its tip was flat and flexible, always ready to give a biting slap. The dark scowl upon her prince and master’s face was frightening. She knew he was displeased, that she was in peril of another smack against her sweat slicked skin, yet her fingers continued their frantic work. She thought, if only she could have just a moment more she could find the release she sought so desperately. She was unable to make herself quit even as she saw the crop swinging down again. He struck her deliberately on the tight, gathered tip of her rock-hard nipple, uttering a single word as the stinging slap was rendered.


She couldn’t, she was almost there, so close. Please, she thought, so very close. Tears streamed from her eyes, not from the pain, but from her frustration.

Down came the stinging leather again, aiming for the other diamond point. This time though, she arched her back straining towards the cruel rod as it came for her. She knew not why she craved the biting feel of it, but the uncompromising pain suddenly felt so very good as she continued to drive her fingers into herself.

The prince smiled harshly, then said, “Veronica, take her hands. None of my pets may seek their own fulfillment without my permission.” Veronica quickly took Snow White’s hands and held them over her head. Then leaning over slightly, Veronica made sure Snow White was watching as she took each of her passion drenched fingers and sucked the slick, pungent wetness from them. Snow White moaned with the agonizing torment of it. The sensation in her fingertips seemed to be linked directly with the excruciating, unquenched throbbing between her legs. Her wretched moans earned her yet another harsh snap from crop. This time he smacked the cruel leather directly at the center of her, between her still spread legs, hitting the very spot she so wanted to stroke. The wet slap caused her to burn with that confusing, pleasurable pain and it only seemed to make her crave more.

“Before this night is over, my four obedient lovelies will find their release many times, but for this defiance, my dear, you will only get to watch. A powerful lesson to be sure for one who displays as much passion as you.” The prince had taken the thick handle of the riding crop and was pushing it between the wet folds of her. She lifted her hips franticly up and down against the hard leather invader between her legs. “I had thought to train you slowly in the ways of proper submission, but clearly you were made for such things.” He took the crop and harshly thrust the thick, indifferent handle deep inside of her. Snow White bit her lip to keep from crying out. It felt so exceptionally good to have the hard shaft driving into her, filling her, stretching her as her own fingers could not. Veronica leaned over her, obviously eager to see the rigid leather crop pushing into the straining Snow White. The golden chains clamped to Veronica’s nipples brushed against Snow Whites face and without thinking she took one between her teeth. She tugged at it, the flushed nipple extended and Veronica moaned. Snow White wished fervently that it were her nipples that were pinched tight between the tiny gold clamps or that Veronica would take her nipples into her mouth and bite at them like the merciless clamps would. Snow White rocked hard against the rhythm the prince caused with the unyielding riding crop. At the top of each stroke he would pull the hard shaft nearly out and she would strain to keep the contact, whimpering behind tightly sealed lips with her need. The large emeralds in the handle were cold against her hot flesh, as he reentered her with deep, fierce strokes that nearly lifted her up off the floor.

“Very well, there seems to be no stopping this inevitability. You may have your release against this uncaring bit of leather. But know this my little one, the price you will pay later will be its stinging bite against this innocent white skin of yours.” With one finger he stroked the long, red welt he had made on her tender inner thigh. “You do mark up most deliciously and no climax comes for free in my castle.” Then he leaned over and ground a kiss savagely upon her open mouth as he drove the crop harder and faster. Finally, with an agonized cry Snow White came hard upon the rigid leather shaft.

Finished, she lay there dazed, struggling to catch her breath. Returning to his throne the prince threw the riding crop at her, ordering her to clean her juices from the handle he had taken her with. She fell to the task with vigor, wanting to make up for her transgressions, to gain his favor again. She licked the handle and then when told sucked upon it, taking it deep into her mouth and throat. Satisfied with her work he snapped his fingers. A servant who had been waiting silently in the shadows ran up and held out to the dark prince Snow White’s new chains and collar. He snapped again and pointed to the floor in front of him. She scurried to kneel before him, head low to the ground at his feet. She quickly gave several kisses to his gleaming black boots hoping to please. Sitting her up he squeezed the clamps tightly onto her passion-swollen nipples and she gasped at the intense bite. The constant, aching pain was so much greater than she thought it would be, so much better. She wished he had another clamp to put between the still throbbing place between her legs. Would the bite feel as good there? Her chains were silver, each with several bells along the chain, the largest and heaviest at the bottoms. When she went onto all fours as ordered, the dreadful little things swayed beneath her, tinkling as she moved, and pulling painfully hard at her nipples. Her tight, studded, black leather collar had a small metal ring in front where a lead chain was quickly attached. Handing the chain to the waiting servant, he ordered her taken to the bedroom and strapped, standing and spread wide at the end of his immense four poster bed.

Leaning down the prince pulled upon her tinkling chains as he said, “This has been only one of many lessons you will learn before your time is at an end.” He pulled a little harder and she moaned. “You will watch this long night as the four who served you so well at my feet this day, are teased and tortured for my pleasure. The torment of only being allowed to watch will be most excruciating I know well. Though perhaps, if you are a very good girl we shall find something with which to keep you fulfilled.” He snapped again and the servant tugged at her lead. She was turned around and her head pulled low to the ground. He gave her perfectly rounded butt a hard stinging slap with one hand, while pushing the thick handled riding crop into her. “You would do well to hold tight to the leather and jeweled lover I have placed inside you. For when next I see you, should it still be in its proper place, I just might drive you to the edge with it again.” He smiled harshly and clapped twice. The servant snapped the lead chain forcing her to crawl on all fours out of the room. The others, Veronica, Nina, Fiona and Monique scurried to his boots and offered kisses and licks, anxious for their promised sweet pleasured suffering. As he absently stroked and pinched at their silky smooth skin he watched Snow White’s retreating bottom and the shaft he had placed in her. He was pleased with the way it twitched as she moved upon her hands and knees so very obediently behind the servant.

Smiling quite cruelly again he said, “Yes, I just might.”

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Kissed a Girl

So I had an interesting real life experience last night.

For those who don't know, or haven't figured out yet. I am a Dominant online. I share with both boys and girls (yes, yes... women and men... but I like the term boys and girls one under 21 please), finding both very, very sexy. Real life I am married to a great guy and we have what I would classify as a hot and spicy vanilla marriage. He and I are not D/s but rather we play and share when in that way when we are in the mood to play and have fun. Would I like more than that? Sure, but he doesn't so we have found a balance that works. He knows all about me as Miss Honey. I could never and would never want to hide this part of me from him. He finds what I do with friends and submissives online hot and sexy and likes to hear of all the fun I have.

All that said, I have not had a real life bi-sexual experience. Not that I wouldn't like to, but I have never actively sought it out nor has anything spontaneous ever happened. Until last night.

Okay... on to the telling. Really it wasn't that big of deal. At least in terms with what I have people do for me everyday in this online world. But, it was fun and exciting. We, hubby and I, went out to a local sports bar to watch the Laker's (NBA Basketball Finals) get their asses kicked all over the parquet. And we were having a fun time. The place was loud and people were having a good time... heck it was still the first quarter so us Southern Californians still held hope and cheered the score.

And she was flirting. This girl at the table who was a friend of a friend. Flirting with just about anyone. Apparently her husband was out of town on business and she was determined to make the most of her night of freedom. Long curly hair, pretty light freckled skin, nice smile... and she was flirting with me. Well now... this was interesting. So I flirted back. My husband was there and winked at me a couple dozen times through all this. He knows I like girls and like most red-blooded hetero-sexual males... isn't opposed to watching two girls, even if one is his wife. And then... the flirting turned to touching. Just occasional grazes, hands and fingers on my arm for just a bit longer than necessary. Oh... this is getting even more interesting. Then she leaned in close and purred into my ear, "You are hot." as she gave the tiniest lick to my ear. Yeah, that is nice. Now, I can take a hint. And I did. I turned to her, smiled, and said, "I like it like this." And I took her face gently between my two hands and leaned into her and gave a soft kiss, my tongue grazing the crease of her lips. And she gave a sweet sigh.

And that is it. I know, I know. You want more. I should have taken her home, made love. But really, that kiss was absolutely perfect. Just enough to get my blood all nice and boiling. She is married, her husband is out of town, and she had probably had a bit too much to drink… heck, I had my share as well. And so, I didn't do anything more, but I did have the most luscious of kisses. Because I kissed a girl, gave her no choice… took it… and enjoyed it very, very much. And that small, sweet sigh told me she did too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Submission

What is beautiful in submission? Why is a submissive beautiful to me?

So many are worried their bodies are not perfect. I say... show me you... I want to see you. And the answer comes back. But I won't look good, I am embarrassed by my ________... and there is always something to fill in that blank. I can only shake my head and say to you, that if you offer yourself to me, if you give me what I ask for then I will see all the beauty that is you in your submission to me. It isn't about your body, it is about your heart, your soul. What you offer and what I receive. I desire this. I want this. I desire you. I want you.

And sometimes that means you dress for me in a way you find exciting. If you heart beats faster slipping on those pink silk panties. Show me that intoxication that you feel. Do the stockings sliding up one leg and then the other make you feel sexy? Then I will see this sexiness in what you offer to me. Share that with me and the beauty will be there as you offer me your desires. Do not think that for a moment that I subscribe to what society tells us is beautiful. Know me better than that.

Is it the ropes binding you that cause every nerve to tingle? Show me. I care not one bit about a rounded tummy or thigh bigger than a supermodel's. In fact I delight in that tummy, those soft thighs... or you pale skin, or large breasts... long legs... small hands, tiny pink nipples... all that is you is beautiful. And seeing a wrist bound at my direction held high above your head or pulled achingly behind a back is the loveliest of sights for me. As is a myriad of other poses and ways to display the beauty that is you that you and I will come to desire.

A toy filling a willing body that is spread wide for my inspection. That is gorgeous. That is the offering that fills me with delight. The clothespins pinching delicate, soft skin... that is what I see, what I want, what is lovely. Trust me to find you desirable. For the beauty is in that moment of giving... that amazing showing that you are offering me everything.

My heart races at this, my arousal is peeked by what you give to me. I see all that you want me too. Fat, thin, pretty, ugly... these are useless terms when we share in this way. For it is a cock, a pussy, an ass, a breast... these are parts of you as much as your brain, your heart, your lungs... they all are you and all of you is beautiful. Each piece of you, the whole of you I want it all and ever so much more. When you use your body... all of it to give to me, that is the beautiful thing. Your mouth sucking, your teeth biting, your hands touching, hard cock, wet pussy... your parts make up your whole being... why would I care what size you are? Again I say each piece of you is beautiful and the whole of you offered to me is what I desire. What I find beautiful is always your submission.

And the you I am speaking to... is you, any one of you whose heart is racing now. The you that feels my words and knows that I am right, that you are beautiful exactly as you are because I would see you and know you and all that you desire to offer.

What is beautiful about you? What do you have to offer?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just an Average Monday

Oh, good lord, what a busy day at work today. I felt like a whirling dervish as I spun from one thing to the next. Sighhh... but it is all taken care of now. I work in an office... every day, Monday through Friday, seven in the morning until four in the afternoon. I have my own lovely big office and so I have a modicum of privacy and get to sneak in to the websites I love to visit and chat a bit with various friends online. In the real every day world I am an accountant. I have worked at the same company for fifteen years and enjoy my job, most days. Hmmm... think I have any issues involving change?

And speaking of... change, quite scary and upsetting at times. It was for a good friend of mine this weekend, last night actually. She was told that her relationship with her online dominant was going to change due to his real life changes. We have chatted and shared a bit over the last few weeks and so when this sudden change happened she came to me. After much discussion and me telling exactly what I would expect I have accepted her into my life as my submissive. Any new relationship brings with it excitement as well as uncertainty. But I feel very good with this decision and happy that she has become mine. marie will be a good girl for me. And I do love a good and naughty girl.

And my boy is back from vacation. I missed him... boytoy left me alone for 10 days traipsing across the great outdoors. Well not quite all 10 days, I was so thrilled when he managed to get a wireless signal at one campground and find me on IM. Just finding the bit of private time I am sure was a challenge. It is this kind of effort that just pleases me to no end. We just chatted, but he cared enough to make that effort. Such a good boy.

So, now I have two submissive committed to me and adore them both. I love sharing online. The give and take, the offering and the accepting. Would real life be better? I don't know. A possible essay of substantial proportions may be necessary to explore that subject. What do you think about this question?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It is such a lazy Sunday. I have housework that could be done. Alas all my submissive friends are online, I really need to find some man or woman who wants to serve me by vacuuming and dong the dishes real life and all those other chores I am avoiding today. I could get up, take a shower, get dressed and.... hmmmm... can't think of anything I would rather do than this.

I have been chatting with online friends most of the morning. Nev and I were supposed to meet a submissive from the Academy for an online webcam session. But, we were stood up. Maybe due to technical issues, but I was really looking forward to sharing with this new submissive who wanted to offer himself to us.

I called my father and wished him a happy Father's Day. He really is a great dad.

Speaking of technical issues... grrrr... the Academy is still down. I understand the owners are doing maintenance, but it really shows how addicted I am to the interaction I get there.

Addict -
transitive verb
Latin addictus, past participle of addicere to favor, from ad- + dicere to say — more at diction

1 : to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively
2 : Miss Honey's need to find and play with submissives online.

Wants & Desires

When approached about having a committed online relationship I had to think about what I wanted and desired. The items below were what I offered, minus a few things specific who I share with now.

I think this is worth sharing with those who are thinking beginning such a relationship. And for those who want to know about what I want and desire.


I want to learn and grow together, both in a D/s sense and as people. Through the exchange of ideas, actions and communication about all aspects of what we will share as I offer and you offer... as I take and you give and as I give to you and you take from me.

I will respect your real life and expect and demand for you to make that a priority, both in respect to your family and your job. I expect you to communicate fully any issues as they come up immediately if something I have asked, or we are sharing is creating a conflict with either family or job that can not be overcome, the small issues and the large.

I demand honesty.

I require and want full and complete answers at all times. In an online environment more information is always better than less.

I desire you when reporting to share the actions of what you have done for me, with me, but also thoughts and feelings… again… more is always better. I want you not to censor yourself just on the assumption I don’t want to know something. If you feel it, think it… whatever… share with me.

I want an active and appropriate attempt on your part to make contact with me when you are able. If I am on IM you will provide me the courtesy of making contact, even if it is just a brief and courteous hello. I don't want to chase you. And on that same train of thought, if I am not on and you are thinking of me, or have a thought to share or something you have done I like emails and such to show me what you are thinking and when. There is no minimum or maximum I am expecting, but for this to be a worthy thing for me I need contact.

I want you to tell me if you want something. I don’t consider this topping. I like to know what you desire, what you want. Obviously there is a difference between expressing your desires and begging… and while I may or may not give it to you, allow you to, right that moment all things you think of… I want you to express in someway all you do desire, fantasize about or think would be interesting to try. Whether that means a weekly/daily list of naughty ideas or some other way I want this from you… on an ongoing basis. It turns me on to have you turned on and sharing those ideas is necessary.

I require you to fulfill your commitments to me timely and should there be some real life issue that prevents that for you, I expect you to fully communicate that issue and find a resolution as is practical.

I want you to start a blog as a place to put your thoughts and feelings, your actions and "tasks" that are given. A daily (or as is appropriate) journal of what we share I will expect photos as are appropriate to chronicle activities and others that may be desirable to me of you posted there. I expect you to take on this without my direct instruction, but rather, you’re sharing the knowledge and experience with the understanding that I will be reading daily and you want to please me.

While I do not mind a style of communicating that is fun and light, I do desire your respect and a level of submission that allows us both to maintain the relationship in the appropriate way as submissive and dominant. There may be times when I demand more should some situation require it. That said… if you feel some time you need me to be more “Mistressy” communicate that. I tend to like people and just talking/chatting (as you have I am sure noticed) and just as you have to get into a sub place of mind, I sometimes have to get into a Dom place of mind.

I desire your trust, which I understand is not an automatic, but I believe with us both being open and honest with each other and if a commitment is made you will trust me as I will trust you.

I want you to understand that there is no time limit of this. Every day is a new day, and like with any relationship if one of us is unhappy then we will talk and work out that issue or part company as friends.

I may want in the future more… via webcam sharing, maybe a phone call on occasion… but this will be worked out as we explore and grow. But for it to be good and real for me… I will want to share with you in more ways than just email and IM. I make no commitment or promises at this time with regards to a real life meeting, but we will discuss it just as we would anything new and adventurous for us.

I desire that while you are committed to me you will understand that I do not want you playing in a D/s way with others online or real life without my knowledge and permission. That said, I will give that permission easily and do want you to explore and share with others and then let me know how any time went. I like you naughty and kinky… I want you to be so as often as in as many ways as you can. I may even order you to share with others in this online environment and will expect you to represent me well. I want you to also understand clearly upfront that I will continue play with others and share online as I have always done. If I do take any other sub on in a more committed way while with you I would communicate and discuss that with you and would only do so if I was confident it would not effect our relationship in a negative way both in terms of time and my ability to provide you and myself with what we need.

Communication is the key... and in all ways I demand that of you the most.

More More More

I am offered submission by some who crave it. I take from them what they want to offer to me. I take from them what I tell them to do after learning what it is that turns them on.

But everyday I seem to want more. And defining what that more is, well that has always been the challenge.

I share, I learn and I grow, I enjoy it all. I still want more. I think for a moment. This will be enough. This will fill me up. And then... it doesn't. This isn't meant to diminish what I am offered by those who give me their submission, but rather to say, that I have yet to find the balance within myself that says this is all I need.

I find left alone too long I grow dissatisfied and restless. And I wonder where this need comes from?

I want interaction. I want contact. I want to connect on some personal level that is real for them and for me. I want to know... everything. No detail seems trivial to me, but rather it is another piece in the puzzle of those I share with.

I am greedy for time. I seldom beg for it, but rather my unhappiness I am sure shows when I am not given all I want. I am greedy for attention. Oh, that hurts to say, because we are taught not to be. Stay quiet and only take what you are given. But I want more. Not the attention of the masses... no... I want singular attention... to me and my wants and desires, by the individual who says what I want to hear. But will their actions show me, fill me, give me these things? But in that is such responsibility, for then I have to express clearly and in detail what my wants and desires are.

And so I go looking for more. More of what is still the question?