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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just One Kiss

I had always flirted with her, but somehow the past three weeks the flirting had risen to a new level. She was enticingly receptive. She seemed to be finding excuses to speak to me, or to come to my office. She had offered enough innuendo today alone for the dimmest of men to take notice, and I was not usually dim when it came to beautiful women and flirting.

She looked great when I first saw her at the office today. It had been early this morning by the coffeepot. She was dressed casual as usual, she hated power suits and high heels. She literally took my breath away. She had on a short linen skirt, a sweater and strappy little sandals. The sweater was a soft little-girl pink and just a bit fuzzy. Truly inviting touch, no begging for it really. The low scoop neckline enhanced the gentle swell of her breasts. She was wearing a terrific bra as well. I had caught a brief, tempting glimpse of the lace confection as she had bent over to get the sugar from the cupboard underneath the counter. The straps of it were a dark green silk, contrasting beautifully with her fair, creamy skin. She had nearly spilled out of the little demi-cups as she had leaned over towards me. God, how I wanted to stroke each of her beautiful breasts, to caress each perfect mound, to feel the warm weight of them in my hands. I wanted to take them, one at a time into my mouth, surrounding each pert little nipple with my tongue, suckling them until they grew hard with passion.

I yearned to taste her, kiss her, feel all of her. She had teased me later that morning. “What do you want?” she had asked, sounding almost innocent. I had laughed, figuring that was the safest thing considering what I actually had on my mind. “Now that isn’t an answer. You’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask for it,” she had said almost lightly.

“Much too dangerous to say the words,” I had replied.

Now we were here, alone. She was working late. I was finishing up some paperwork for an out-of-town job. Then my phone rang, could I come into her office and straighten out a problem with the timecards.

“You never answered my question this morning,” she said suddenly there in her office, taking me by surprise. “What do you want?”

“We can’t, you said so yourself.”

“I know, but tell me anyway. I want to hear the words.” She moved to the front of her desk, hopping up on the edge. I could smell her perfume sweet and luscious. Her scent wrapped around me caressing and teasing me. Her long slim legs were bare. She seldom wore stockings and I longed to stroke the smooth expanse of each. I knew she would be soft as silk.

“Please, you made the rules,” was my half-hearted plea.

“All right, I’ll tell you what I want then.” She wiggled back a bit farther on her desk causing her skirt to ride up higher on her legs. “A kiss, just one little kiss. I want to feel your hands on either side of my head. Your fingers tangled in my hair as you pull me closer. I want to see the anticipation in your eyes the moment before your lips touch mine. To feel all the longing you have for me as you open your mouth upon mine. I want to struggle with the passion as your tongue sweeps inside and you claim me as your own if only for a single moment.” She was leaning forward now. “Couldn’t I... have just one kiss?”

I could feel myself growing hard from just her words. Why shouldn’t I grant her request? It seemed simple enough, just one kiss. I stood then, almost involuntarily, and moved in front of her settling myself between her silky smooth legs. I was so close to her now. I had crossed that invisible boundary that marked personal space. She reached out to me, then held herself in check. Her long tapered fingers lingering just over my face. Then she touched me and I felt suddenly as if I had been burned. With the lightest of strokes she moved her fingertips over my face, tracing the outline of my features. As her fingers paused upon my lips I moved the tip of my tongue out tasting her, inviting more. She gasped with surprise, then smiled with pleasure.

I was undone. I gave in then and did as she had asked. My large, rough hands went to either side of her head. My fingers tangled into the riot of auburn curls that framed her delicate face. I pulled her to me. She licked her sweet, lush lips with obvious anticipation of our mouths meeting. My world was spinning crazily. The power of allowing myself this single kiss was intoxicating. The tightening inside me was making it near impossible to breathe. My heart was pounding hard. I was sure she could hear it. My legs were suddenly weak and I leaned against her and the desk a little more.

“Just one kiss. I promise,” she whispered a moment before I closed my mouth over hers. Was it really a promise? A warning? Or something else even more, that tiny, powerful little phrase, ‘Just one kiss.’

We were a perfect fit. She returned my kiss with a passion so strong I thought I might go mad. I had never before thought my life so boring that a single kiss would send me tumbling into such an abyss of desire. Could I, would I, ever be the same again?

She wrapped her arms around me, and ran her hands slowly, deliberately down the length of my back. Time stood nearly still as my heart missed several beats. If I stopped now and moved away from her this one kiss would be over. So I didn’t. Just one kiss, just one, I repeated the mantra inside my head. Again I wondered, was this a promise to myself, or was it still a warning? I was not sure.

I pushed the clutter from her desk with a sweep of one arm; papers, folders and office supplies all crashed to the floor, as I laid her back onto the cleared space. I allowed myself to touch her and she made no protest. Was this against our own self-imposed rules? Her tight sweater was so very soft against my callused palm as I stroked her exquisite body. I felt as if I was back in high school. Was that part of the allure? This taking of what was forbidden? Just one kiss, just one, the mantra was quickly fading, losing to the chaos of sensations that were flooding my mind.

“Please, a little more,” came her plea. I raised my head and looked down at her. Her beautiful lips were full and wet, swollen from our passion. Her hair was spread out; a wild tangled halo about her head. Not only with her words, but with her eyes, no; more with her whole body, she begged for more. Then I knew, it was too late. I couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop. There was no other place, no other time than right here, right now. My world continued to spin crazily around this single moment. My mind was clouded to everything else. No responsibilities, no others, nothing but this.

The buttons on her sweater unfastened all too easily. Her bra was covered with delicate little lace flowers. I kissed the swell of her, above the cup. She was sweet as honey. Her skin drove me wild, smooth, fragrant... perfection. Unfastening the hook in front I took one nipple at a time, gently nibbling and suckling on each, until they stood up rock hard from my attentions.

She reached down and slowly lowered the zipper on my slacks. She stroked and teased the ultra-sensitive skin exposed there. She tugged my shirt up over my head, then raked her fingernails down my chest leaving small trails of stinging pleasure. I went down on my knees then, tugging her to the edge of the desk, causing her skirt to ride up even higher, rewarding me with a flash of black silk panties. The contrast of that midnight black against her slim white thighs and hips was too much. I pushed her skirt up higher, up around her waist and gently blew against the hot crease there at the junction of her thighs. She moaned and reached for me as I used my teeth to tug away the thin strip of fabric that covered her treasures. Soon I had her divested of that wispy bit of silk. Her glossy little curls tickled my face as I teased her unmercifully. She had thrown her arm across her eyes, as her moans and cries grew louder. I slipped one finger between the soft petals of her and pushed smoothly inside, while taking that most precious little button into my mouth; licking, nibbling, sucking, devouring her. Her hips rose up off of the hard wood as she screamed out her pleasure.

I stood again and placed myself against her. My cock was so rigid, swollen, so very ready to slip into the hot wetness of her. She wrapped her long slim legs firmly about my waist as I entered her.

“Please, please, please!” Came her plea again and again.

I lifted her up, fitting her whole body against mine. She kept her legs wrapped tight around me as we began a rhythm as old as time. When it came, it came for both of us, wave upon wave of white-hot pleasure. She cried out my name, as I called hers, then she tore her nails across my back leaving multiple trails of crimson desire burning across its expanse.

When finally it was over I lay her back on the desk not allowing myself to pull out of her. I covered her passion slicked body with mine. We stayed that way for some time as our desire-clouded world slowed its insane spinning. Finally I raised up. Looking down at her a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. She returned the small smile then reached for my head, as I had hers earlier. With both hands she pulled my mouth down to hers.

“Just one kiss,” she said softly before giving me the sweetest, most tender of kisses.

We stood finally, many minutes later. I pulled up my pants, she pulled down her skirt, I pulled on my shirt, and she rebuttoned her sweater. Then she asked, “Well, where do we go from here?”

Reaching out to caress her one last time I said, “I’ll stop at the grocery store and pick up what we need for dinner. You go to the babysitter’s and get the boys.”

“Oh, very well,” she pouted sweetly.

With a shake of my head I then added, “And next time you want to play this sort of game, I am not waiting three weeks.” I kissed her again then and laughed, “Just one kiss... sure.”

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