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Monday, December 29, 2008

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Four weeks ago I would not have believed this possible. But my boy's... the San Diego Chargers... will be going to the play offs.

On Sunday night we played the Denver Broncos. They had lost their last three games to put us in the position for this game to be a go on or go home situation.

And the final score SD 52 - Den 21.

We left no doubt. Rivers was 15-of-20 for 207 yards. Sproles had two touch downs, LT three and Hester had one. We played an all out offensive game and our defense stepped up and played like the team I knew they could be.

So we will be playing Indianapolis at home next weekend. And you know at this point, anything is possible. It has been a bizarre and sometimes miraculous season.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Quick Spanking

My favorite present this year was a wonderful little video camera from Hubby.
We had a bit of fun making this test to see how it would work.
I think he might be faking the owwwsss.

Microfantasy - Strap On

I shut the bathroom door behind me after changing. He sat just where I had left him on the end of the bed, only difference since I had been in the bathroom was that he was now naked.

"I see you are eager to begin." I moved to stand just in front of him.

"Yes," was all he whispered.

"Help me out of this skirt dear." And with a trembling hand he reached for the zipper on my skirt. He lowered it with exquisite slowness. The anticipation rose in me as he did this. His cock rose too as the zipper inched lower and I smiled down at him. As he unbuttoned the top button I gave a little shimmy and the skirt slipped from my hips. He offered a small gasp as the skirt fell and he saw what I had changed into while in the bathroom. Something he loved to fantasize about but never had done for me.

"Miss Honey?" I smiled knowing his question didn't matter. This was going to happen.

I took hold of the beautiful plastic cock I had strapped on my hips earlier. "Yes dear, it is what I want." He looked up at me and I lifted the toy to his lips.

"Yes," was all he whispered.


For the Microfantasy prompt at the Sweltering Celt. This week's theme Strap On.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Choice

“Do you trust me?” I asked him as I began to wind the rope around his arms behind his back. I started at the wrists, bound them together then slowly worked my way up his forearms wrapping the black nylon rope around and around pulling his arms back more and more until he gasped and I knew that was enough.

“Do you trust me?” I repeated the question leaning down whispering it in his ear. He could only mumble. The red satin panties that filled his mouth prevented any real talking. He knelt on the floor at the foot of our bed. I moved in front of him and tilted his head up so he was looking at me. “Do you trust me?” I asked for the third time. He had tears in his eyes, but he nodded his head yes very slowly. I took one of my feet and rubbed it up between his legs, the top of it grazing against him. He was already hard and twitched at this gentle contact and I felt a bit of moisture as I rubbed higher and higher against the shaft and the head of his cock. “Good, we've talked about this, I know what you want. You want to watch me fuck someone else, we both know it. Tonight you'll have no choice. You will not move from this spot where you are kneeling for me until I tell you. Do you understand?” Again he shook his head yes, but he was crying even harder.

I stepped around him to the door of the bedroom, he dropped his head down, acceptance, defeat, it did not matter. Opening the door I nodded to the friend that waited there. She went inside and sat on the edge of the bed in front of my husband. She was naked and spread her legs wide opening herself up to him as she did she tugged the panties from his mouth. I sat down on the chair next to the bed. He looked at her, then up at me, clearly he was confused. He always assumed it was going to be another man. I knew this, and only smiled at him. He started to say something but she simply put one finger to his lips and he was silent again.

“Yes, darling, I told you to trust me. I know what's best. And tonight you'll get her ready for me and then you'll watch us together. Go on now, do as you are told. You have no choice.”

Playing with Photos

Just playing around a bit on a Saturday morning -

Symblemine Being Naughty

To start visit this link for Symblemine's Voice Project on Photobucket -

So you may know that I shared online tasks at The Org. A lovely site where I develop various naughty ideas that touch on a variety of kinks. The members there who desire to share with me will ask very nicely and then do what I have instructed and reply back with the details. While sharing in this way is not for everyone, I certainly enjoy offering the opportunity to those who do want this a place to do this.

Symblemine (one of my delicious Hotties) shared with me my Task - Days of Denial - she made this lovely little recording above that I simply find delightful. So nice to know I made such a sweet girl so.... what was her word... argrrrrrr.

Here are the details of what the task that she did for me. She gave very sexy reports each evening, but if you want to read all those you will need to join The Org.


Items Needed –
One pair Girly Cotton Underwear (no thong please, these should be new for this task)
Kitchen timer
Five different fruits and/or vegetables
Bullet vibrating toy
Dildo and lube as necessary

Task –
This task will last 5 days. You will report daily at the end of each day.
Boy’s you will wear women’s panties every day. The same pair all five days, all day every day. They are to be cute, so a pastel color with flowers or some girly pattern, not a thong. I like a boy in panties, I think they look so cute hugging a boy’s buns and show his cock and balls so nicely as they strain against the low cut. If you are a girl….well, you are going to have to cut a little, a hole in the crotch of a cute little girl looking pair. I like the idea of something girly and naughty all at the same time. The same pair all five days all day every day.
First thing each morning you will put on only your panties and kneel where you are comfortable, it should be a different place each day. Pull your panties down to just below your bottom and you will masturbate to an edge there on your knees for me. You have 11 minutes or your edge which ever comes first. I think beginning the day, thinking of sex and me is a nice way to start.
Each day at lunch you will find some privacy and take that day’s fruit or vegetable and perform oral sex on it for me. It can be any fresh food item you want but do be creative and different each day. Half a peach that represents a pussy, my pussy, a banana that you deep throat, a tomato with a hole cut in the top that you think of as a tight little asshole. Whatever way and food item you can think of… do get creative. You will think about sex and about offering pleasure to someone who is dominant to you as you do this for 4 minutes. When you have finished you will eat at least half of this phallic substitute.
Each day you will rub up against two different things to get aroused and one other thing to find your edge. That is three times a day you will rub your sex against something for me. I so like this idea. Handle of a broom or vacuum while you clean, on your knees between your mattress and box springs, hole of the paper towel roll filled with jello… I don’t care… I just want you to be naughty and horny and oh yes… denied. I want you thinking about sex… but you can’t quite have it.
One half hour each day you will if you are a girl have your bullet vibrating toy inside your pussy on low or if you are a boy in your panties tight against your cock and balls on low. This should be on enough to get and keep you aroused, but not enough to take you over the edge.
Each evening you will take your dildo and fuck yourself with it. Oh… but do get creative. I want you to think about me and if that toy was strapped to me. So find a new and creative way to fuck each night. Stuff it tight in cushions of the couch and ride, duct tape it to a wall and back on to it. I love to see you get naughty and nasty for me. But, no cumming. Just find an edge, as close as you can get. You may stroke your cock or pussy or use the vibe as well to get there but NO CUMMING. This is me taking you for my pleasure to use you, not for your orgasm.
Each night before bed you will lay naked and spread eagle for me. You will choose a different place each night to lie. Because I like you naked and spread eagle and being somewhere other than your bed is sexy. And while you lay there open, and exposed and ready for me to do just about anything I can think of to you. You will think of what you would want to do for me… or for me to do to you that you would take from me. Fantasize for me. And while you do stroke your body, all over, except for your pussy or cock and balls. You will lay there on the floor thinking, fantasizing, touching your body for 18 minutes. Set your kitchen timer… then don’t worry about the time. Just feel yourself, imagine how you feel to me. What we could do together.
And on the final night, the 5th night you have two options. After your day is complete and you have done everything for me you can lay on the floor, fantasize for those 18 minutes and when the timer goes off you may stroke and play with your pussy or cock until you cum. Or you can just do as every day before this and only stroke your body and fantasize. So yes, there is a price for cumming… for making that choice. If you decide to cum this night, night 5, you will be denied an orgasm again after this one I give to you for 5 additional days. If you don’t cum on this 5th day, if you deny yourself just once more you will wait, 24 hours more and then give me the orgasm you have waited so patiently for. Just one more day and then you will cum again any way you want.

Reporting –
You are to post daily after your time spent there spread wide on your back. You commitment to me is to report every day about that day’s experiences. The what, the where, the how… all the details, thoughts and feelings that I love to know and you want to share. And of course that fantasy you thought of as you lay there spread wide and open for me. Your report at the end of day 5 will obviously tell me which choice you made. Then based on that choice you will post one more time, either in 24 hours or 5 days later after you take the orgasm I give to you. Either way is acceptable and the choice is yours as long as you commit to the consequences.

Brownies & Other 3rd Thursday Stuff

So Mala brought his digital mobile recording studio to this month's Third Thursday. We had a bit of fun testing it out. The above recording was the reading of the label on the brownies Crowe brought to share. I said next time I would bring something a bit more.... interesting... to record. But this was fun.

Mala as Third Thursday's official Club Secretary took a few notes of the various discussions that took place so I will quote his meeting minutes here (so glad he brings a notebook).

  • I need to locate an ASCII art conversion program for Miss Honey so that she can test it out to see if exceptionally naughty photos, when converted to ASCII art, prove to be titillating while also managing to actually increase the level of frustration in the viewer. Suggestions of such programs are welcome, but I'm guessing it'll come down to the traditional Google search.

  • 'Half Nekkid Thursday' should be supplemented by 'Full Naked Friday'.

  • There was discussion about changing the 'Third Thursday' concept to 'Fourth Friday' in order to increase attendance, and to maintain alliteration. If you think this might increase your chances of making it out for the evening, please speak up.

  • The song "Santa Baby" should never, ever be sung by a man. The only exception would be raging drag queens in an appropriate setting.

  • Whispering "I want to kiss you like that when you cum" in some one's ear is a damned good line. Even if delivered by a professional stripper looking to get a better tip, it still carries a pretty impressive impact.

The January meeting will be on the 15th at Omaha Jacks in Rancho for any Inland Empirians who want add to the conversations or any other additions, naughty or nice, that seem relevant at the time. I think I will make a small sign to put on the table "3rd Thursday" so we don't miss anyone... sorry Larry.

Tell Me... #10

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • Why do you blog? .

  • What would you get surgically fixed/enhanced/changed if you had a Plastic Surgery gift certificate?

  • Describe anything sexy/sexual/naughty/kinky that turns you on.

If you would like to Tell Me anything else the previous Tell Me's.... are over there linked on the side bar answer all you like ------>>>

Thursday, December 18, 2008

HNT - Warm Tootsies

Okay, it has been a bad holiday season and no real tree is up at the house yet.

So this cyber version will have to do.

So here is me, warming my bare nekkid tootsies by the cyber fire.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Just His Boots - Microfantasy Monday

He sat silently next to me. The gag of my wet panties tied with my left stocking filled his mouth. I drove slowly down the dark two lane road. The party had been fun and I was charged up sexually and knew my darling was as well.

“Take off your clothes.” I said gently, but there was no doubt it was an order and that made him jerk a bit.

He took off his boots first. He was proud of those boots, a deep rich black snake skin. He always acted a bit more… macho… when ever he put them on. Even tonight watching the show put on by the Andersons there by the patio door he had rubbed himself against me. I had felt his hard cock pushing against my hip as we stood and watched Claire getting a whipping that left many at the party gasping. It only took a few more moments after the boots came off for him to be naked sitting there with the interior light of the car shining on his pale skin.

“Put the boots back on.” I spoke even softer. I could see him lean toward me to catch my words. The boots went back onto his feet. I slowed. Took a look around outside. Yes, there it was the big sycamore. Yes, exactly as I had planned, just two miles from home. I eased onto the shoulder, put the car in park turned to him and said simply…

“Get out.”


Written for Microfantasy Monday #6 at Sweltering Celt - Theme this week... boots.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Incomplete Thoughts

The knots I tied were not secure
I cried as each fell free
I thought perhaps to bind
my heart but such things
are never really possible.

The knots I tied were not secure
I only wanted to give everything

He sat in the chair. Nothing but red silk ribbons holding limbs down. He was stronger than these bits of silk and if he pulled they wouldn't hold him for a moment. But he was as bound in this moment as he had ever been with leather or rope. She felt in control but it was just an...

I dreamed I was on fire and no one saw me, no one felt the heat, no one...

He had told her truths but she struggled to understand what it all meant to...

I had a dream last night... you were sitting I was standing I kept trying to tie your hands and the binding just slipped lose like watered silk. Then I tried rope, but it simply broke as if made of only paper. I only struggle with this all because I don't know how to be. My sexuality makes me feel bold and confident. Without it I feel...

Tell Me... #9

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • What about you is most attractive to others?
  • Your views on discipline in a D/s relationship.
  • About some weird/odd talent/skill you have?

If you would like to Tell Me anything else the previous Tell Me's.... are over there linked on the side bar answer all you like ------>>>

Friday, December 12, 2008

Betty Page

The lovely, curvy and wonderfully erotic Betty Page passed away last night. She was 85. For details E-online.

Sugasm #154

About Sugasm - The Sugasm is an easy way for sex-bloggers to promote their work. Each week participants review their blog and submit their favorite post. We distribute a list of links to all the posts and give our bloggers a chance to vote for their favorites. We publish the results and each blogger re-posts the list to their blog. To see all the Sugasm submissions visit -

I submitted - Brush Strokes
(which as a side note was featured at Erotic Garden this week.)

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #155? Submit a link to your best post of the week by emailing me directly at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

“My heart raced as I watched him stare at me, wondering if he knew I was awake. ”

Hot and Handy Part 2: Handjobs for the Ladies in Our Lives
“Getting her wet has two big benefits when it comes to getting her off.”

Sales Report
“I’m the only woman in the room.”

Sugasm Editor
Sex Work And Compassion: Death In A Client’s Family

Editor’s Choice

More Sugasm
Join the Sugasm

See also: Fleshbot’s Sex Blog Roundup each Tuesday and Friday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HNT - Fingers

A little early morning bloggy surfing.

I am thinking maybe the not sleeping may be taking its toll.
But at least I have fun things to read while being up wayyyy too early.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Baby

Just a little over two weeks until the opening of presents and eating of too much food. Ahhhh... but I thought while you are stressing and seaching online over which pair of leather gloves will look lovely on my hands, or 5" heels Miss Honey needs, you might enjoy this a bit of video joy is the reason for the season.

Can you really say, "Bah!! Humbug!" after watching this bit of naughty holiday fun?

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Party - MicroFantasy Monday

The party was in full swing in the backyard. The Chinese lanterns lit it perfectly, strung between the patio and the back fence. The drinks had flowed and the appetizers were all a hit. People mingled and chatted, laughed and flirted. Her husband would be proud of what a success the night was and all the work she had done to make it so. There was just one more thing to really make this the party of the year.

The guests began to gather on the patio around the large sliding glass door as her husband suggested. He stepped inside and shut the glass door behind him. Walking to the far side of the door he began to pull the cord that would normally close the vertical blinds. But rather than the blinds moving across the expanse of glass she sidestepped into place in the middle of the door. Her hands were bound with thin rope and tied spread wide to the attachments above her head, on her feet six inch heels. She wore nothing else. He stepped up behind her, pushed her closer to the glass, it was cold against her breasts, her stomach, her hips. The guests moved closer to the glass on the other side as one. They saw her body, they saw her face, they saw the tears already beginning to flow from her pretty eyes, and they saw him behind her and they saw the cruel black whip in his hand as he raised it.


In response to the prompt at The Sweltering Celt for Microfantasy Monday , the theme this week...
Sliding. Glass. Doors.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rubber Ducky You're the One

Ok... there are just some things are just too cute and too naughty. Here is one too fun example. Though not sure what the batteries are for. If you are interested in figuring that out for me you can find it at -

Things For a Naughty boy to Do

So I just spent some time offering acker seven posts. That is one thing I do like about Blogger, you can post things for the future and they will publish at the date and time you set.

Sharing online in a D/s relationship can be an interesting and often difficult thing. It is done a bit in fits and starts as life and living permits. But the joys of the internet can not be denied in facilitating such a relationship. There are blogs, text chats, voice chats, voice chats with webcam, email, pictures and videos... lots of naughty possibilities. But alas no touching and hurting there with my hands his body. Time zones must be overcome, as he is 8 hours away from me. But the submission is as real as anything. He feels me in our unique way and I adore him for all he does offer. We share an experience that is meaningful for both of us. He is such a very good boy and I am honored to be on this journey of exploration into his desires and my wishes together.

So I set him with small items that will push him and please me for the next seven days. Each will post at 12:01 a.m. California time if you care to follow his adventures this week on his blog.

Today for me he will...

"Find me three naughty pictures that show what you would like me to do to you if we could be together. Add their links to this post.

Spank your pretty body with something wooden 40 times in no more than 4 different spots.

Write me a letter with your delightfully wicked pen hurting you telling me why you offer your submission to me. Take a picture of it and if it isn't visible in the picture type what it says.

When these are done and it is time for bed, you may kneel on your bed, orgasm onto your sheets and then you may lay there in that lovely mess I allowed and go to sleep."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tell Me... #8

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • Who you fantasize about and when?


  • What one question do you hope I will never ask?


If you would like to Tell Me anything else the previous Tell Me's.... are over there linked on the side bar answer all you like ------>>>

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just One Kiss

Well... as it says, sort of... I hope you enjoy the story of the story as much as the story.
Thank you all for taking the time to ask for one of these.
This one won, but I decided to do it a bit different this week.
:) Honey

After a Bath - HNT

Just a wee picture of my arse. ;)

A bit of playing with the other fun kids Half Nekkid on Thursdays.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brush Strokes ~ The Other Side

François has become a wonderful friend. I shared with you last month his amazingly beautiful and erotic art - Simply Erotic Lines. After a few email exchanges with François I was inspired to write a piece with an "artistic" feel and so I offered up this short story - Brush Strokes. And now look at the lovely gift I have been given back. I absolutely love this retelling of my original story from the artists point of view and am thrilled that I can offer it to you here.


Brush Strokes
The Other Side
by François Dubeau

After instructing her to strip naked, I slipped the black heels on her feet. Then, I placed her hands: one on her hip, the other cupping her breast. Her nipples were hard, as they always were when I posed her. That was why I now worked only with her: she didn’t merely pose, she became the painting. I knew I could twist and turn her body whichever way I wanted, she would never complain. Today, however, she wasn’t posing for the painter. No, the painting was pretty much finished. Today, she was posing for the voyeur.

I could always bend her to my will; usually, I wasn’t really aware of it, engrossed only in my creative work, the model being not as much a woman as a collection of shapes, lines and colors, shadows and light. But today was different. Today, I would savor the woman. I ran my fingers all along her spine, thinking that for all the artistry of my painting, she would forever be the better work of art. Today, I was aware of her body, feeling it curve and twitch under my fingers like a loaded paint brush on canvas, as I reached the small of her back, moving slowly down towards the split in her body. There, my fingers felt soft moisture, like freshly mixed paint on a warm palette. Yes, she indeed was the painting, now more than ever. I felt her shudder, and moved my fingers slowly down her inner thigh. “This leg out a bit more, dear”, I said, as I spread her legs ever so slightly farther apart, maybe a bit more than what was really needed.

I walked back, and noticed she was working hard to keep still. It was not an easy pose to hold, and it touched me to see her strain for my art, for me. Sacrificing herself for my art. Her back to me, twisted so she faced back, her gaze suddenly glazed over: she couldn’t see me anymore, she had become canvas and paint. She had entered an inner place where nothing could touch her and she seemed to levitate, like a surreal sculpture, barely breathing, weightless. Of the two of us, she clearly was the superior artist.

I walked over to my easel, all along keeping my eyes on her beautifully arched back. My waiting canvas was like a mirror to her beautiful body; she had reclaimed the pose perfectly. Just a few details remained to be filled into the picture, but I would take my time. I loaded my brush with just a dab of raw sienna and set to work. Every stroke of my brush made her body twitch and bend. I gently brushed her long, elegant neck, watching her twist her head in answer. The bolder my brush, the less she could keep her body still. Her contained erotic tension pushed me into bolder and bolder colors, sienna giving way to carmine, cobalt and ochre.

With every stroke of my brush, I could see her body sway ever so slightly. I felt like a master over her willing self, but was I? She was the one dictating how my brush would move. Wasn’t she the mistress and I her willing slave? My brush would forever be condemned to do her bidding. What started as an exercise in my power over her had been completely turned around as a small light touch-up of paint had become a complete redo of the painting. She had turned the tables again. She was just too powerful. Just standing there, not moving, she bathed the room in the light of her sultry sensuality, turning every surface a glowing shade of orange one can only find in a Modigliani nude.

My painting, once a nice but somewhat academic and meek rendition of a naked woman, had become an orgy of color, an almost abstract nude, lustful to the nth degree. It was a tribute to her energy. And to what it did to me.

As abruptly as it came, the storm was over. Like someone flicking a switch -- Off! -- the moment was over: “don’t touch it anymore, it’s finished!” I dropped my brush in it’s jar, and walked over to her. I felt exhausted and filled with energy at the same time; it’s always a strange feeling once a painting is done. Elated yet drained. Softly, I put my hand on the small of her back. Touching her made me feel complete. I felt the warm glow one feels after fulfilling sex: la petite mort. I moved down her leg and kneeled to her side to remove the tortureful heels from her feet. I caressed her feet, gently soothing the soreness away. I kissed the back of her knee, pausing there for what seemed like an eternal grace. Still, she held the pose, her arms trembling from fatigue. I eased her arms to her side and straightened her back. Taking her face in my hands, I slowly turned her head to a relaxed position, and rubbed her body all over until I felt her tension release. Her weightlessness suddenly vanished and she crumbled into my arms, turning into a rag-doll. I held her close, warming her trembling body, and kissed a lone tear streaking down her cheek.

“Do you want to see it yet, my muse?” I asked.

“I already have” was her reply, and I knew it was true. Lovingly true.

My Body Art

At Alfie Loves Emma today there was a fun post about body art. So I thought... I don't ever remember sharing my tattoo with you.

So here you go.

I designed several (ok, about 20) different ideas and variations and asked everyone who I thought might have an opinion. I might have irritated a couple of friends, but they forgive me I think.

Hubby has always called me his "Ladybug" as a pet name and so I have a fondness in my heart for them. The vine is in the infinity symbol shape as our rings are engraved Forever and Eternity. I wanted to represent that.

I have considered getting a wee honeybee on my hip or shoulder, but have yet to find or create a design that I have liked. So for now this is the small bit of body art that I have.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Microfantasy Monday - Stop

An open invitation at The Sweltering Celt for Microfantasy Mondays.

She says on her blog... Every weekend, I’ll post a theme for Microfantasy Monday. It could range from vanilla to a double scoop of rocky road with extra nuts, but it will be a theme. Whether or not you choose to follow the theme is up to you.

DO describe in however much detail you want a single “snapshot”, if you will, of a sexual scene.
DO let your inner (still) camera zoom in or out as much as you want.
DO post here in the comments once you’ve posted.
DO try to comment on others’ MMs.
DON’T describe the whole scene - leave something for the imagination!

Having said that, enjoy yourself - this was originally a way for me to overcome writer’s block and start thinking sexy again. There are no requirements, there are no lofty expectations. Just a few sentences is all I ask!

This week: implements of torture.

So... I went for using a toy for pleasure and in the end I think the stop is quite torturous. This is actually a bit of a cross post with an ongoing story at The Org with Angel.


She was exquisite as I began to take her with the vibrator, she held her arms behind her back as she had been taught. This left her vulnerable to all I wanted to do to her. The toy that I used to fill her wet cunt was pleasantly large and looked lovely sliding in and out of her. She was a slut for this bit of plastic. Only a few strokes and she was already at the edge of orgasm. Her moans grew louder, and then she began with the little pleases.

“Please Miss Honey, please.” I took her arm then and pulled at it gently, led her hand there to the front, replaced my hand on the toy with her own. She was so lost I was fairly certain she wasn’t even aware when she took hold of and began to thrust the toy in and out of her spread open sex. And she did so with near brutal force. Her hips were pushed forward lewdly, her head was thrown back, her mouth open.

I took her other arm and guided her hand to her breast. She was so lost. Pure sex this one. “Please, please, please.” She pulled viciously at her own nipple as soon as it came between her fingers, twisting and pulling at it, her fingernails pinching cruelly. I loved this moment, when a she was nothing but sex and need and want.

“Please, please… oh, fuck, please.”

And then I moved very close, leaned in until my mouth was next to her ear and said a word that I knew would be like a slap to her. “Stop.”

And the sweetest sound in the world was her desperate moan.

Another Loss, a Nice Day Anyway

Another loss. But the tailgating was fun. Another loss. But the hot dog and peanuts were good. Another loss. But the weather in San Diego was gorgeous. Another loss. But there were some great plays and cheering for your team is always fun. Another loss. But the cheerleaders were cute. Another loss. But Hubby kissed me a lot. Another loss. But we met some very nice people who cheered and groaned with us. Another loss. But... but... but... oh, sorry... Fuckin' Norv, god damn son of a bitch couldn't coach is way out of a wet paper bag.

And so we are 4-8 and any hope for a spot in the playoffs is dashed.

But... we had a lovely time, Hubby and I, and my toes looked cute.