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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tell Me... #8

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • Who you fantasize about and when?


  • What one question do you hope I will never ask?


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Anonymous said...

1. These days mostly Kyoko. When I need to be calm (just now I am v tense because of work - will write about it soon). I am trying to get myself back to fantasising about women. Think I may have got a bit side-tracked.

2. ha ha ha no way. I mean I'm not afraid of questions, only answers.

3. Sounds fairly sensible, as long as you have a way to cash it out. Also would have to incorporate the Jewish (?) idea that sometimes shit just happens for no good reason (eg to Job).

xo PL

Merlin7 said...

Who you fantasize about and when?

Jane not plain - all the time!!!

What one question do you hope I will never ask?

Send me a photo of yourself completely naked

Do you believe in Karma?

acker said...

1. I fantasise about you Mistress... being with you, serving you real life.
2. All questions involving public play I find absolutely dreadful. I hope I am never asked as a sub to go public.
3. I do believe there is more than just you, me and the earth. Somethings can't be explained. I should learn more about Karma to say something senseble about it though.

Thank you for the questions, Mistress.

H said...

1. Who do I....
I find I fantasise more about the voices of people than the people themselves, I wake up in the night convinced I have been talking to them and that drifts into fantasy again as I roll over and ...well, help myself get back to sleep again... Perhaps because so many I know are voices on the screen.

2. What question...
If I were being forced to answer... the question "What broke you?"

3. Karma
Yes.. in as much as a Universal balancer. I dont believe that a long term path of good gets you anywhere, theres no account to build up, no reward for being a good natured person who does only good unto others. I do believe in Instant Karma - do good now, good things come back.. now... do bad, universe will slap you, sometimes all out of proportion. As perfectlips says - sometimes shit happens, but sometimes its to not believe it came for a reason.
Bad is subjective - we all see bad people getting wonderful lives - perhaps to their moral code, they are not bad.... you are judged against yourself.

Anonymous said...

[Sorry for butting in again. You can edit this into my previous comment if you prefer]

Sorry I cheated for Q2. Found a good one: "What are your failure criteria for your project at PLFF? What will you do if the criteria are met?"

Thank you


Miss Honey said...

PL... I do have to say I am curious about that. But I won't ask, I will just observe that.

Miss Honey said...

Who you fantasize about and when?
I often fantasize about dominating sexually innocent (just missionary sex is all they allow) women. No real specific person in my fantasy, but some morally uptight woman who I meet at PTA (which I don't do anymore), or writing club, or some very vanilla way, but some little thing she says or does shows me she really would rather know Miss Honey than the everyday me that she sees on the surface. To peal back the layers on someones sexuality for the first time and allow them to be the very naughty kinky person they really want to be seems quite delicious.

What one question do you hope I will never ask?
I would not like to be asked... hmmm, other then rude questions which really have no point I don't think there is a question respectfully asked that I would be afraid to answer. Examing life and my roll in it is one of the things I do like. I don't always know the answers myself, so may not always have a good answer, but I am an open and honest person.

Do you believe in Karma?

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

Now I've seen the question written down, it's not so scary. In fact it seems quite timely. I'll answer it at mine over New Year: if I haven't by mid-Jan, you can give me a prod.

"To peal back the layers on someone's sexuality ..."

You have beautifully Freudian typos (unless they're puns, but they're still beautiful and Freudian). I love the image of the person's sexuality ringing clear and free.


Miss Honey said...

LOL... you are right PL... that is what I get for posting on 2 hours sleep. But you are right... it is a rather interesting slip.


Anonymous said...

Who you fantasize about and when?

I have several people that I fantasize about but one recurring one is a friend of a friend. She oozes sexuality - for some reason, whenever we are at a dinner or party, we spend more time talking to each other than we we do with anyone else. The fantasies all involve her dominating me.

What one question do you hope I will never ask?

If I had the opportunity to serve Miss Honey in person, would I?

Do you believe in Karma?

I want to as sometimes that is all I can hope for.