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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stolen Time - Read by Honey

Stolen Time as Read by Honey


Still lurking said...

You've got such a beautiful voice :) It really says so much! Very deep and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice reading! I couldn't hear the words because your voice was so mesmerising, and your rhythms. I'll have to listen again after work (it's 07:30).

Nice background music by the way!


Anonymous said...

Very sexy hearing your voice read that story....

acker said...

Oh Mistress,

This is a truly lovely present for all of us to hear here on your blog. You can only imagine how i was listening to this wonderful story.. over.. and over.. and over.

your acker

Alfie said...

Simply beautiful. What a sensuous voice you have.

Sam said...

Miss Honey,

Thank you. What a lovely voice. It really was a pleasure to listen.

Although I have no idea what that story was about. Your voice kinda just took me and I listened it like it was an instrument.

Have to listen it again. I'm sure that that story is also very good :)


Vixen said...

First off sure made bath time relaxing!!!!

You have been tagged!!!!

read this post and repost for a bit of fun

bdenied said...

So now we can put a voice to the Honey....very nice....nice indeed

Miss Honey said...

Oh... I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the lovely comments. I felt so very open and vulnerable doing this, but I wanted to try something new and offer a bit of myself.

I am going to post one a week for a bit. Just short little bits of me reading my writing and perhaps on occasion something by a naughty friend.

We will see. But again, thank you for the comments... they are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many peoples image of you just shifted sideways?
A lovely voice that can hypnotise and hold the audience without a single command uttered.
How many were drawn in more... how many expected a school mistress coldness?

I was lost in it... thank you.