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I will expect respect, though I am not to be feared.

So, off you go to - or call 949 999-5900 and do tell them Saffron sent you (it's my middle name). I am extension 611.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Map It

Find out where I've journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!

A few things never considered before, a few things never heard of before, and a few more I won't ever be trying. A few I have tried myself and more than a few I have asked of others.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football!

Ok, few things to know about me.
I love sports.
I love football.
I will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.
I know what an Over/Under is and a point spread is. I know 3rd and long, 2 point conversation and I Formation. I can debate free agency, replay rules and coaching clock management decisions.
I make great guacamole and know when to cheer and moan during a game.
I will be cheering for the Steelers since Fuckin' Norv sucked the life out of my Chargers.
I will be sad when footballs season is over, but August will be here before you know it.

Oh, and the video above was too cute. I love pretty girls too.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

HNT - Cutest Panties

Hubby got this pretty pair of panties for me the other day as a surprise. Entirely impractical with the big bow there, but so very cute they just have to be worn and shown off. So nice I have just the forum to do so.

Happy HNT


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Evening in 3rd Person Metaphor

She was excited to go to the dance. She had gotten a new dress. Not the fanciest frock, but certainly something she felt pretty wearing. Hair up, make up a little more than usual, a bit of jewelry, new dancing shoes and a smile to light a room, at least that is what her handsome date said when she walked down the stairs. He was handsome too, showered and shaved and no baseball hat, new shirt and slacks, her heart beat a little faster as he smiled back up at her.

They were the underclassmen going to the high school dance for the first time, but as luck would have it she had made friends with some senior kids and going as a group was suggested. Well now, that would make things better for nervous nerves and to help her not make silly freshman mistakes.

Dinner out before a school dance is always fun. Laughing and teasing about what to expect. Nervous giggles and shy smiles, sneaking just a little liquid courage, good thing she had her fake I.D. Then it was time to go, a short drive, a beating heart and suddenly they were just there. New senior girlfriend smiled and said, “It will be ok.” And as soon as she walked through the doors she knew it would be.

Oh, some kids were already dancing. Lights were low, music offering a deep steady beat that moved inside her nicely. She wasn’t a wallflower, but neither did she jump on the dance floor. Just mingled, made a couple more new friends that she offered small talk to, watched the intricate steps of others. Some of the crowd flitted from on partner to another. Some were devoted and clearly there as exclusive couples. Some danced wild and crazy to the fast songs, they were exciting to watch, but she knew she didn’t know the steps. Some liked the slow and sensual dances. That was what really attracted her, that was the dance she wanted to try. She noticed the popular kids that everyone liked to watch. The pretty girls with the outgoing boys and they made quite the show of their complicated dance routine for all to admire.

As the evening wound down she smiled a warm smile at her date and asked him if he wanted to dance. She found this confident boy was even shyer than her when it came to this but he gave a very tentative yes. The waited for the right song and tucked away in a darkened corner of the dance floor and danced to a slow sensual song. It was over before she knew it. They went home together, and he kissed her a lovely kiss goodnight.

And she asked him if they might go dancing again.

And he said, "Yes, definitely."

(So, yes, all this to say... I had a great time out at Dragonsgate on Saturday night. In case anyone missed what the dance was... it involved, rope and cuffs and whips and floggers for most, hands and one pretty hard maple ruler for me. Thank you to Master Ron and Sebrina for holding my hand, literally and figuratively. We will be back, and Hubby even offered that he will be amenable to me playing a bit with other partners. Anyone care to dance?)

Monday, January 26, 2009

They Do What?!?

Perhaps there is hope for those of us into the kinky
and worried about crazy laws, for just hear what
our new President and his pretty wife are into.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What do you do?

Saturday night my wonderful spouse, Honey's Hubby, and I will be trying something new and hopefully very, very, very fun and hopefully very, very, very naughty. We will be going to a club in Orange County called Dragonsgate ( I am being open minding and going with the flow. A go-see sort of thing. Another step on this interesting journey. I am open to the adventure and Hubby is being such a sweetie. He can be the most out-going shy guy you would want to know. So yes, I am bit more wild than he, so important that he feel comfortable about anything that might happen. He is my love, my protector, and my best friend. It is no fun without him. Which is true all the time, but Saturday even more so. I am excited.

Oh, and this adventure also means new clothes!!! Yea!!! So last night we went shopping and I got two new outfits. A girl has gotta have choices. One a bit wild, corset, black & white coat, can't decide what to wear underneath, maybe nothing but the corset. One a bit... hmmm... librarian would probably be the best description. I think the second will be the choice for Saturday. White blouse, ruffled collar, straight black skirt, stockings and my 5" black patent heels, hair up, ruler in hand, hmmm, maybe I will even wear my glasses. Kind of like the girl in this video at 2:05. So, have to love my 80's music. Goody two shoes indeed, in 5" heels.

So, we will see what the weekend brings. Wish me luck, or a good time, or break a leg, or something. :)



Monday, January 19, 2009

Permission to Orgasm

asyourslave shared with me at The Org a simple task. He had to mark his body in dripped wax with an H (H for Honey). An orgasm was offered at the completion of the task but this darling boy wanted to take things a step further so he offered me this...

I did not cum after the task for 2 reasons. I did not want to lose the
feeling I experienced during the task and I also wanted to wait to hear if I
completed the task to your satisfaction. Again, thank you for this task and
allowing me to wear your mark.

This pleased me and after I offered him my reply and my approval he offered me this...

When I read your message, I immediately started to plan how I will complete
the final part of the task. I tend to masturbate often (too much!) and I want
this time to be special. Therefore I decided for the next 3 days I will not
touch myself in any way (skin to skin) other than touching my face. If I do
accidentally touch myself, at the end of the 3 days, I will complete an edge for
each time I violated the rules before I come.

So, that brings us to this morning and this IM exchange that I thought was quite special in the questions asked of me, and the emotions shared. For those who share in this lifestyle primarily online this seems to be a common struggle, the why of submission to someone remote. So I wanted to share it here with you not only because it is sexy and naughty (which it is) but because I think it shares something real and of value about the experience.

asyourslave: excuse me - may I ask you a question?
Miss Honey: yes... of course you may
asyourslave: I am writing my report and have completed 4 edges (minor touching over the past 3 days all by accident) I would like to cum now with your permission
Miss Honey: oh... well now... what a delicious thing
asyourslave: I seek only to please you
Miss Honey: yes... you may cum... on your knees
asyourslave: would you like for me to eat my cum?
Miss Honey: is it a limit?
asyourslave: I have only done it once before but I saw on your blog you like your slave to do so
Miss Honey: cum on the floor... lick it up... at least one nice long lick... and that will make me quite pleased and show beautiful submission
asyourslave: thank you
Miss Honey: thank you dear, that is always quite sexy
asyourslave: I saw you like your slaves in panties - I purchased some on Saturday and am wearing only them now
Miss Honey: what color and style?
asyourslave: are the panties I purchased
Miss Honey: beautiful, how do you feel in them?
asyourslave: both disturbed and aroused
Miss Honey: tell me?
asyourslave: I struggled this weekend with my role why do I need to be submissive

asyourslave: I didn't touch myself all weekend - when I showered I wore this socks on my hands so I couldn't feel my skin, definitely not normal
Miss Honey: no
asyourslave: I am here chatting with someone (my first chat) wearing nothing but panties yet I am excited and thrilled and scared
asyourslave: why do I enjoy wearing them (I bought 2 other pairs)
asyourslave: I like the way they look on me
asyourslave: I want to please you and I don't know why
asyourslave: the way I feel is so strong right now
asyourslave: Sorry - I think I am rambling
Miss Honey: it may have a lot to do with this... I am loving and caring... I do not judge... I allow you to simply explore these feelings and these actions that make you excited... that is part of why you want to please me...
Miss Honey: it is an exchange… for my acceptance of you... you offer to me
Miss Honey: but I am also safe in a way... there is a physical distance... that allows you to share in a way that is still under your control even when offering that which excites you... you are giving it as a gift
asyourslave: But what do you need/want from us who serve you? It needs to be a reciprocal relationship.
Miss Honey: I get pleasure... I am turned on by what turns you on... I enjoy sharing... I enjoy knowing... I enjoy it when the adrenalin surges thru you... when you tremble on your knees doing what I ask...
Miss Honey: I am offered gifts of submission and that is pleasurable for me
Miss Honey: you offer to me...
Miss Honey: your emotions
Miss Honey: your actions
Miss Honey: every sped up heart beat is delicious to me
Miss Honey: I enjoy sex and sexuality...
Miss Honey: I enjoy pushing you to explore your desires and sharing those desires
asyourslave: I want to share the pictures I have taken (of your mark, the H in red wax, me in the panties I purchased for your) but am scared - I don't want to get caught. May I email them to you for your pleasure? It is safe to say you have my emotions and my actions for the past 72 hours have been because of you. and I am grateful
Miss Honey: That would please me very much... yes, you may email them to me.
asyourslave: Thank you. You have been very kind to me and I appreciate the opportunity to chat. I am sure you are busy and I have some unfinished business to take care of - 1 long lick.
Miss Honey: lol... yes... do enjoy...
Miss Honey: I would like to include this chat on my blog if you are comfortable with that... I think many struggle just as you are and I believe it would be a good thing to share
asyourslave: it would be an honor
Miss Honey: wonderful, have a nice and naughty day... xxoo

Over the Stool - MFM #11

“No, really just having you put on the panties would be too easy.” I said, the look on his face was priceless; he went from pure ecstasy to despair in a single breath as I took the panties from him.

I moved to a small stool in the middle of the room. In my hand now were my red silk panties and my black sheer stockings that he would soon be wearing. “Crawl here.” He did so quickly, no hesitation at all. “I will put them on you myself. I like dressing up my playthings. But first a bit of control will be needed for that pesky hard on you are waving about as if it impresses me. And certainly your little asshole will need to be mine as well. I think this plug will fit you nicely.” I said picking up a large pink toy from a shelf.

“Hmmm, shall I fill your pretty ass first or lock up that pathetic little cock before I dress you?" I pretended to contemplate that choice for a bit as he knelt there before me, he was trembling in obvious anticipation. "Oh, I do think we shall start with that cute tight ass. I want you face down over the stool. Quickly now, we don’t want to be late for the party.”


Written for Microfantasy Monday at the Sweltering Celt. This week's theme, furniture. This is a snippit of a story I am writing with dz. at The Org this week.

I would so love to have a photo to illustrate this story. If you would like to offer me a picture of you over a stool, bottom ready for me, I would simply adore it. You can email the photo to me at

Sam's bottom looks ready for all I could want to offer.

dz. is so nicely available for me here.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cock in Cursive

This is a beautiful gift offered by Fran├žois. I adore the sweet swirl there at the tip, the way the line is thick and thin perfectly. I told him I thought it looked almost like writing in cursive... cock in cursive... I like the way that sounds and love the way it looks. Thank you Fran├žois

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sign of the Times

So tomorrow is Third Thursday and all those living in the Inland Empire here in SoCal are welcome to join the chat, drinks and general hanging out at Omaha Jacks in Rancho (oh, just Google it) 7 p.m. tomorrow.

A few potential new friends never found the group last month so I promised to make a sign for the meeting this month. I made this today and think it will do the job perfectly.

Sweet and innocent. Yes, that is exactly what I am. ;)

Color Coordinated Pedicure

I thought I would color coordinate this pedicure with my pet.

Either that or I have found something new to bind someone with. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

SD 24 - Pitts 35

It was a very strange season. But now it is over.

I do love sports, and I still think we have a good team.

But, it does make me sad that we are done for this season.

I am entirely not a fan of our current coach, Fuckin' Norv Turner. (Did you pick up on that at all during the season?) I think he is a poor decision maker and really doesn't care that much. When I saw him shrug his shoulder, like oh well, at the post game news conference, OMG I was yelling and cursing at the TV.

The Chargers played well late in the season. And Phillip Rivers has become a leader who really took charge and made things happen. This Sunday though we were just unable to overcome a superior defense, had some strangely bad breaks and made some costly errors.

So now, it is wait again until next season.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What the F%#$

Go ahead, tell me in explicit detail exactly what you would use this for.

Though there is a right answer, maybe you will please me with something creative.

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 8

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“Slut!” I said with force as I pulled the blindfold from her eyes. “Five days you have been kneeling over the Exposer. Five days! And you have gotten more slutty not less. Look how you are filled.”

She trembled there in front of me. I was close to her. Inside of her personal space. Her breath was ragged as she finished her fourth orgasm of the afternoon. She could orgasm at this point from just kneeling over it in less than a minute. She tried to fight it, moaning and crying, but this girl's body was made for pleasure. I so enjoyed watching the way she bucked her hips with each orgasm, and loved how she cried out my name in a way that was beyond arousing. Each afternoon I would watch her from my bed or desk, entirely too distracted to do my homework. I would slip my hand down into my shorts and play while watching her rock and writhe there on the huge candle. It took everything I had not to push her farther these days. But I just wanted her to learn what those orgasms felt like, how they began, what the signs her own body gave her. As she fought each she was also training herself to know them. It was also stretching her tight little pussy, making her crave that hugely full feeling. I planned on keeping her full more and more. I stood in front of her, my crotch just inches from her face. I had taken off my shorts and wore just panties and a baby doll t-shirt. I stood with my hands on my hips. She began to cry then. The toy still buzzed inside of her she was filled and stretched and as sexually charged as a girl could be. I moved in closer pulled her to me, stroked her hair. Her head turned, her wet cheek rubbed against my pussy.

“There, there, my naughty girl. You just can't help it.” I held her tight to me just barely moving my hips in time to my strokes on her hair, each one a bit more firm. Her sobs grew louder as she gave in yet again to the Exposer there between her thighs, another orgasm already. Lovely slut she was. Just as she cried out I wrapped my hand around her hair and pulled back hard, her head back her mouth open, her eyes open she looked up at me entirely helpless. Pain, she would so need to associate pain with the pleasure I would allow. She cried out and I used the control I had with my hand in her hair to push her mouth against me. He scream vibrated against me, oh, it was a sweet moment.

I let her go abruptly then. Stepped away from her and went to the small chart on the wall. Bring me your Exposer if you can bare to remove it from your slut hole, you wicked girl. Only a true slut would desire to be spread open so wide, to be filled so completely. Only a true slut wouldn't fight those sinful tremblings. It is time we increase the tests, and the punishments, you must be taught the ways I want for you.” She bent forward and pulled the huge phallus from her wet cunt. She carefully kept a finger pressed to the spot where it had filled her. I made a show of measuring, sighing and shaking my head as I marked the inches on chart.

I pulled the chart from the wall and tossed it onto the floor. “Count those inches. For every quarter inch you will be punished. How many spanking will you suffer slut?”

She hung her head low to the floor. Her hair hiding her face. “18 inches Miss Natalie. Seventy-two is the number I deserve, please punish me for my wickedness.”

While she was counting I had pulled two toys from my collection in the box under my bed. I sat down on my bed and said to her, “Get the ruler from my desk.”

She never got off her knees. She had to reach around the Exposer where I had set it on my desk and I wondered if she could smell her slut juices that coated it being that close.

“Stop.” I ordered. “Kiss the Exposer to show your appreciation to it for doing its job so well. The put the ruler in your mouth and crawl to me slut.”

She turned to me, nodded and said, “Yes, Miss Natalie.” And then the sweet little thing did exactly as I asked. I tried to hide my pleasure at her obedience, I kept the smile from my lips until she was crawling to me on all fours and couldn't see me for hanging her head in shame. I needed to stay stern right now, there would be time for soothing her later. Keeping her constantly off balance was key. As she reached me I said, “Turn around. Head on the floor. Spread your knees wide.” At each order she did exactly what she was told. “As I offer you this punishment you will need to be aware of your slutty ways. You need to understand fully why you are being punished. It is because your holes are sinful.” I took a vibrating butt plug and turn it on. It was small and with as hot and bothered as she was I didn't worry a bit about it fitting into her tight ass. I used her own copious juices still leaking from her pussy to lube it. When it was wet I slowly pushed it into her ass. She arched her back even more and moaned beautifully. “This is your dirty hole and feeling this filling you up is going to remind you what a dirty girl you are.” I then took the bigger of toys. “And this hole is proved it is nothing but a place full of sin.” I filled her pussy with a very large vibrating toy. “Prove to me you know how full of sin you are by not allowing that to fall from you and allowing the sin to escape onto me.” Even I thought this line of thought was pushing things a bit, but she just nodded and closed her spread apart legs. “Now, come here,” I said sitting back farther on the bed. “It is time for your punishment.” And I patted my bare thigh.

What a Week

Work has been overwhelming this week. I am exhausted. Year end and entirely too many beans to count. And a boss that I would really like to take over my knee and use my new ruler on. Sighhhh. It isn't that I dislike my job, just sometimes it is beyond tedious. This week has been one of those weeks. When it just seems like the to-do list is increasing exponentially.

There has been some fun this week. Some chats with various naughty friends online, on cam, on voice. Acker was particularly sexy for me on his knees in red panties stroking his pretty cock. Hubby has been a lovely dear and made me happy (very happy) on numerous occasions. He is sleeping in right now here next to me. As he got home from work very late last night. But perhaps a little morning wake up sex will put him in a good mood for the day. :)

And of course last Saturday was exciting and fun as My Chargers got a stunning 23-17 win in overtime versus Indy. Sproles was amazing as he was called on after an injured LT had to sit on the bench and watch as Darren ran, caught, zigged and zagged for an unbelievable game. The punter Scifres did his job beyond belief as well keeping Indy deep back each time he kicked. When Sproles ran into the end zone during overtime I was jumping and yelling. Gotta love sports, break your heart or lift you up... it is always fun.

Today my boys play in COLDDDDDD Pittsburgh and Big Ben could prove a difficult mountain to move. I hate to wish ill for anyone. But if that concussion he got two weeks ago is still spinning little stars and birdies around his head I won't be too sad. 1:45 California time I will be in front of a TV dipping chips in guacamole and cheering loud for my team. It has been an unbelievable season so far, anything is possible. Win or lose my team made me proud here at the end overcoming poor coaching, injuries and showing tremendous heart.

Third Thursday is just around the corner. this week, the 15th here in the Inland Empire. This month we are trying a new place to see if all the table hopping can be avoided. If you are from the SoCal and want to stop by for conversations, friendship, sharing the naughty and a drink, please join us at Omaha Jacks in Rancho Cucamonga, 11837 Foothill Boulevard (corner of Foothill & Rochester) 7pm until whenever. On this week's agenda for me will be to go shoe shopping and get a new pedicure before Thursday. :) And I do plan on bringing my Mistress Honey ruler... just in case anyone is interested in a smack or two (or three).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

He laid over my legs at my request. I lifted the ruler and brought it down against the curve of his ass. The sharp snap of wood against his soft flesh was a beautiful sound. His cock grew hard almost immediately, pushing against my thigh.

I alternated gentle caresses of one hand with the stinging smacks of the ruler in the other. After ten he began to moan.

He curled tight against me, head turned into my hip that he kissed and then gave a small nipping bite to, I smacked hard for that. He moved his hips now in time with my blows and his cock rubbed more and more against my thigh.

He moved then suddenly, pushed at my thighs opening me up to him, opening me up to his mouth. There were no gentle teases, rather his mouth took me fully. Tongue pushed hard into me and he followed that with fingers. I struck against his soft flesh again and again as I moaned my own pleasure from what his mouth was doing to me. He turned his body round and spread my legs wider. He teased at the opening of me with his cock, rubbing the head against my clit. I reached down as far as I could and gave a swing of the ruler against his upper thigh, the smack was loud and in sync with his pushing into me.

Thrust upon thrust was hard and deep. He lifted one of my legs up onto his shoulder, turned his head and bit at my ankle and then my instep as I dropped the ruler and dug my nails into him. When he let my leg down I wrapped both of them tight around his waist pulling him deeper inside. He nuzzled at my neck and he gave more little bites there at nape and lobe. Words were lost in the guttural growls of passion.

"I am going to cum now," he offered and was all I understood, lifting my hips up off the bed, and I grabbed the ruler from beside me and swung it again and again as he pushed inside, once, twice, and again.

Until he was still, until I was still, just our gasping breath filling the room.

He fell against me then, still pushed inside, and offered kisses on my neck where bites had stung earlier. And I reached and felt the heat where I had left marks against his pale skin.

Pain, pleasure, yes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009