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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Following Her Lead

She told him to get on his knees and put the leather collar around his neck to symbolize his willingness to do all she said. She didn't need to look to know he had done as she had told. There was no question in it, a simple demand and he would comply. She led, he followed. Each step on this path was her choice, each step he took with her was a gift given and a gift received.

She said to pull down his pants and the panties he had worn all day, light baby pink, and show her his cock. He did so with ragged breath coming faster and she knew his desire was at a peak as his hands trembled to do as she demanded. The others that come before her had tried to lead, had him dance and play and spin in circles round and round until he was dizzy. She could too direct this dance, this reel of give and take, and like a trained pet he would jump through every hoop she put there for him should she wish to play those games. But she wanted more, she wanted it real, tonight she wanted complete surrender. Not games and parlor tricks, but pure lust and wanting for this moment. All of it under her control.

When she tied his hands behind his back he moaned. When she put the blindfold over his eyes he began to shake. When the clamps went on his nipples the moans grew louder, and seemed beyond his control. She knew this, she always knew. When she pushed him back onto the cushions laid there behind him the suddeness of it and the total power she felt made her want to offer her own moans of pleasure.

She stood over him now and took the point of her shoe, the shiny black patent leather four inch heeled shoe he had picked out for just this occasion, and with ever increasing pressure she pressed that shiny point into the base of his cock. He moaned again and she shifted. She moved her foot up so that the sole was against the hard length of him and the sharp point of the stiletto pressed deeper and deeper into the vulnerable softness of his balls. He gasped at this. She smiled at this.

She knew at this moment he hated and craved the blindfold. She knew he wanted to see her as she made him ache. But she also knew he wanted to be lost and just be everything she wanted. She twisted her foot ever so slightly and his breathing came faster now. She eased up a bit and used the side of her foot to rub against the length of him. His swollen cock twitched in response. Then the other side of his cock with the other side of her shoe created a mirrored effect. The precum glistened at the tip of his ridged cock. This too made her smile.

“Please,” was the one word whispered by him. The only word she had allowed this night.

She slipped her silk and lace panties off bringing them out from under her tight pencil straight skirt. They were damp with her own arousal that his gift of submission had done for her. She bent down and held them to his nose and mouth. He breathed in deep, then deeper still. His tongue came out reaching for the bit of silk confection. She let him breath and taste for just the briefest moments, but she knew it was more than enough. Every synapses was firing in his head under her terms. No job, no boss, no right or wrong. No bills, or long commutes or any other mundane detail from that world of worries and responsibilities. None of that mattered any little bit in this moment she knew with certainty. He was lost in this cocoon that she had made. All lust, all desire, all wanting and craving was here and now. He did not have to beg for mercy or for anything more. That one please was all she required.

Panties still in her hand she moved her foot away and wrapped his cock in the silk and lace squeezing tightly. And she stroked, and she stroked... and one last stroke before he gave up all the control she knew he thought he still held on to. He gave it all to her in total surrender there in her hand. And as he did he gave her one more, “Please.” She was so proud he uttered no other words, for punishment in this moment would steal her own pleasure away.

Wet and sticky with all that he had to offer the panties went from cock to mouth. She knew now that passion was spent, this moment was the real test. Not that bound and blindfolded he had many choices, but that he knew to open his mouth and accept this with no hesitation made her beyond aroused.

And she left him like that, and that was when he let the tears fall. Would it be brief moments before she returned, or many long minutes, or maybe even hours? He did not know, he couldn't even begin to care. He was hers. She led, he followed. It was how it was always meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

V. interesting story (apart from the nipple clamps! Ouch! Non merci). You raise issues. That's it, issues!


acker said...

Ohhh Mistress, this story made me so hot. Yes this would be a fantasy of mine. And your boy is so proud that you have chosen his leather collar to represent as a picture with your very hot story.
Thank You Mistress Honey.

Wilhelmina said...

*Wow.* Loved it. I wonder if I'll ever be able to achieve the state of mind in which I could do something like that to someone. I hope so.