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Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Erotic Fairy Tale

One of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, wrote an erotic series of three book with Sleeping Beauty as their main character. Many of you may be intimately familiar with them. If you have never read them and like a good erotic story with BDSM as its theme then I highly recommend them.

So I wrote my own little fairy tale in this same genre. Snow White is my girl in this story. And although the one in control in this story is the dark Prince, I suppose for me it could have just as easily been a strong and very much in control Queen.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of fantasy. So what is your favorite bedtime story?


The Submission of Snow White

The prince forced her hands behind her and held them tight. Her back arched and her dress strained across her large full breasts. The jewels sown upon the bodice; rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, gems given to her by the seven little men from the forest, rubbed against her nipples causing them to harden to visible points. He ordered each of his four submissive damsels to come on their hands and knees and offer her welcoming kisses. Their mouths crushed against her as their naked bodies rubbed enticingly. Snow White returned these exciting kisses readily. She so wanted to please this dark prince who was now her lord and master. He had broken the curse of her death-sleep with one caress of his lips to hers, and by the ancient rules of magical enchantment, she now belonged to him for two years and a day; to do with as he saw fit.

The dark lord ordered his four beautiful and obedient slaves to disrobe Snow White, demanding it be done immediately. The brusque command caused her pale-white skin to flush crimson; no one had ever seen all of her before, but she was anxious to please him and she made no objection. She noticed as well that with the exception of the tight, velvet and jeweled collars and the golden chains dangling from the points of their ample breasts, each of the exquisite young women on their knees before her was naked. Clearly the prince demanded this from those in his service.

Snow White’s silk dress was quickly stripped from her lush curves. Then the master gave a small nod to the four that surrounded her; permission for them to touch her, to explore all of her. Each was eager to gain their master’s temperamental favor and they fell to the commanded task with enthusiasm. From his ornate throne, he watched silently as their soft hands and eager mouths sought all of Snow White’s most secret recesses.

The red head, Veronica, her large pendulous breast hanging heavy beneath her, had the others lay Snow White down onto her back. Fiona and Nina, nearly identical petite blondes, spread Snow White’s legs wide, clasping their hands tightly around her trim ankles. Monique, a curvaceous brunette, took hold of Snow White’s hands, holding them high above her head, stretching her out fully. Held fast, lying upon the royal-red carpet, at the feet of her lord, Snow White felt exposed, defenseless and yet, strangely excited. Looking up she saw a small smile play across the prince’s darkly handsome face and she hoped he was pleased with her obedience.

Monique leaned over and took Snow White’s tightly drawn nipple into her mouth, sucking and biting upon one, and then the other of the aroused, firm points as Snow White writhed beneath her. Veronica positioned herself between Snow White’s spread legs. She licked first at soft skin of Snow Whites inner thigh. She ran her tongue so slowly up and up, higher and higher, then stopped suddenly and moved to the other leg, beginning again with the agonizing torment. Snow White thought she might go mad as a tight throbbing went right to the center of her. She felt a hot ache there between her legs and was desperate for Veronica to soothe the agony. At last Veronica dipped her head down, her full, blood-red lips a stark contrast against Snow Whites black, glossy curls. Snow White thought then, as Veronica’s scarlet lips, pink tongue and flashing white teeth teased and tormented that delicate flesh, that perhaps she would not be able to keep silent as the prince had commanded. Her building desire caused her to pull and strain against Fiona and Nina’s hold. Her hips began to lift and move almost on their own as she felt wetness seeping from that hot cleft between her legs. Veronica continued licking and sucking unmercifully encouraged by Snow White’s undulations and the master’s smile. Veronica slipped her hand underneath Snow White pushing one finger into the tight, puckered hole of her backside, while her thumb pushed into Snow White’s other, wet tunnel. Veronica’s fingers, drenched with hot juices, slipped deeply into both openings. Snow White bite hard upon her lower lip, trying to keep silent as the prince had ordered.

The growing sensations, the ever-building passion was taking over and she could hardly think anymore. She raised her hips as high off the floor as she could, struggling to keep contact with Veronica’s mouth and silken tongue, even as her wet fingers drove hard and fast into her. Snow White wanted to feel that velvety tongue plunge deep into the holes now plundered by Veronica’s slick fingers. She wanted Veronica’s lips and teeth to ravish her, biting, sucking; assailing all of her. Snow White’s hips bucked wildly, as Veronica grew more frenzied. Her thrusting tongue and devouring mouth were relentless with their intensity. Her fingers were nearly cruel with their force, invaded in and out, over and over. Monique continued to bite at her nipples brutally, and Snow White tried to lift herself up, begging with her whole body for more. For her to take more into her mouth. For more sucking, more glorious pain, more of anything they had to give to her, or to take from her. Then, just as Snow White was near to climax, just when she thought she must scream out loud with her passion; the prince clapped twice loudly. Veronica and Monique each gave one last, stinging bite to Snow White’s wet and swollen flesh, and all four of the girls moved back. Each dropped their foreheads to the ground, their rounded buttocks high in the air, trembling with obvious anticipation.

Snow White lay there in the center of them panting. She was desperate to finish, to fall headlong into that unknown she was so close to. Without even thinking, she closed her eyes and moved her hand between her legs, her fingers desperately searching for that small spot Veronica had teased so skillfully with her teeth and tongue. The sharp pain to her tender inner thigh was immediate and startling, causing her eyes to fly open. Her new master, her princely lord, stood over her a riding crop in his hand. His gleaming black boots were now only inches from her face. Without even thinking she turned and kissed and licked at those boots as she plunged two, then three of her fingers into her slippery hole. The prince slapped the leather tipped ridding crop against his palm with a nasty crack. It was a menacing weapon made especially for his large warrior hands. Its black leather handle was long and thick with rough-cut emeralds embedded along the shaft, the largest at the handle’s end. Its tip was flat and flexible, always ready to give a biting slap. The dark scowl upon her prince and master’s face was frightening. She knew he was displeased, that she was in peril of another smack against her sweat slicked skin, yet her fingers continued their frantic work. She thought, if only she could have just a moment more she could find the release she sought so desperately. She was unable to make herself quit even as she saw the crop swinging down again. He struck her deliberately on the tight, gathered tip of her rock-hard nipple, uttering a single word as the stinging slap was rendered.


She couldn’t, she was almost there, so close. Please, she thought, so very close. Tears streamed from her eyes, not from the pain, but from her frustration.

Down came the stinging leather again, aiming for the other diamond point. This time though, she arched her back straining towards the cruel rod as it came for her. She knew not why she craved the biting feel of it, but the uncompromising pain suddenly felt so very good as she continued to drive her fingers into herself.

The prince smiled harshly, then said, “Veronica, take her hands. None of my pets may seek their own fulfillment without my permission.” Veronica quickly took Snow White’s hands and held them over her head. Then leaning over slightly, Veronica made sure Snow White was watching as she took each of her passion drenched fingers and sucked the slick, pungent wetness from them. Snow White moaned with the agonizing torment of it. The sensation in her fingertips seemed to be linked directly with the excruciating, unquenched throbbing between her legs. Her wretched moans earned her yet another harsh snap from crop. This time he smacked the cruel leather directly at the center of her, between her still spread legs, hitting the very spot she so wanted to stroke. The wet slap caused her to burn with that confusing, pleasurable pain and it only seemed to make her crave more.

“Before this night is over, my four obedient lovelies will find their release many times, but for this defiance, my dear, you will only get to watch. A powerful lesson to be sure for one who displays as much passion as you.” The prince had taken the thick handle of the riding crop and was pushing it between the wet folds of her. She lifted her hips franticly up and down against the hard leather invader between her legs. “I had thought to train you slowly in the ways of proper submission, but clearly you were made for such things.” He took the crop and harshly thrust the thick, indifferent handle deep inside of her. Snow White bit her lip to keep from crying out. It felt so exceptionally good to have the hard shaft driving into her, filling her, stretching her as her own fingers could not. Veronica leaned over her, obviously eager to see the rigid leather crop pushing into the straining Snow White. The golden chains clamped to Veronica’s nipples brushed against Snow Whites face and without thinking she took one between her teeth. She tugged at it, the flushed nipple extended and Veronica moaned. Snow White wished fervently that it were her nipples that were pinched tight between the tiny gold clamps or that Veronica would take her nipples into her mouth and bite at them like the merciless clamps would. Snow White rocked hard against the rhythm the prince caused with the unyielding riding crop. At the top of each stroke he would pull the hard shaft nearly out and she would strain to keep the contact, whimpering behind tightly sealed lips with her need. The large emeralds in the handle were cold against her hot flesh, as he reentered her with deep, fierce strokes that nearly lifted her up off the floor.

“Very well, there seems to be no stopping this inevitability. You may have your release against this uncaring bit of leather. But know this my little one, the price you will pay later will be its stinging bite against this innocent white skin of yours.” With one finger he stroked the long, red welt he had made on her tender inner thigh. “You do mark up most deliciously and no climax comes for free in my castle.” Then he leaned over and ground a kiss savagely upon her open mouth as he drove the crop harder and faster. Finally, with an agonized cry Snow White came hard upon the rigid leather shaft.

Finished, she lay there dazed, struggling to catch her breath. Returning to his throne the prince threw the riding crop at her, ordering her to clean her juices from the handle he had taken her with. She fell to the task with vigor, wanting to make up for her transgressions, to gain his favor again. She licked the handle and then when told sucked upon it, taking it deep into her mouth and throat. Satisfied with her work he snapped his fingers. A servant who had been waiting silently in the shadows ran up and held out to the dark prince Snow White’s new chains and collar. He snapped again and pointed to the floor in front of him. She scurried to kneel before him, head low to the ground at his feet. She quickly gave several kisses to his gleaming black boots hoping to please. Sitting her up he squeezed the clamps tightly onto her passion-swollen nipples and she gasped at the intense bite. The constant, aching pain was so much greater than she thought it would be, so much better. She wished he had another clamp to put between the still throbbing place between her legs. Would the bite feel as good there? Her chains were silver, each with several bells along the chain, the largest and heaviest at the bottoms. When she went onto all fours as ordered, the dreadful little things swayed beneath her, tinkling as she moved, and pulling painfully hard at her nipples. Her tight, studded, black leather collar had a small metal ring in front where a lead chain was quickly attached. Handing the chain to the waiting servant, he ordered her taken to the bedroom and strapped, standing and spread wide at the end of his immense four poster bed.

Leaning down the prince pulled upon her tinkling chains as he said, “This has been only one of many lessons you will learn before your time is at an end.” He pulled a little harder and she moaned. “You will watch this long night as the four who served you so well at my feet this day, are teased and tortured for my pleasure. The torment of only being allowed to watch will be most excruciating I know well. Though perhaps, if you are a very good girl we shall find something with which to keep you fulfilled.” He snapped again and the servant tugged at her lead. She was turned around and her head pulled low to the ground. He gave her perfectly rounded butt a hard stinging slap with one hand, while pushing the thick handled riding crop into her. “You would do well to hold tight to the leather and jeweled lover I have placed inside you. For when next I see you, should it still be in its proper place, I just might drive you to the edge with it again.” He smiled harshly and clapped twice. The servant snapped the lead chain forcing her to crawl on all fours out of the room. The others, Veronica, Nina, Fiona and Monique scurried to his boots and offered kisses and licks, anxious for their promised sweet pleasured suffering. As he absently stroked and pinched at their silky smooth skin he watched Snow White’s retreating bottom and the shaft he had placed in her. He was pleased with the way it twitched as she moved upon her hands and knees so very obediently behind the servant.

Smiling quite cruelly again he said, “Yes, I just might.”

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donriser said...

Miss Honey - you're so talented. Writing fiction is a huge challenge that not many do well, but you really nailed it. I kind of wanted to be Snow White (until she went to town on getting that release - I am a good girl you know). (Insert blush here!!) Waiting for the next installment.