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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“Becca, oh my good Lord! What are you doing?” I exclaimed with my best imitation of shock. “You are touching your most private, dirty parts! How wicked you are, just as your father said.”

“Oh, no. Please Natalie, I just couldn't help my self,” she whispered. “Please don't tell my father.”

“You’re really a nasty little girl. I can't believe I have been rooming with someone so vile.” Oh, if only she knew of the extensive toy box under my bed. No simple fingers for me and my greedy pussy. “I really will have to tell the Floor Captain I mean I can't room with someone so... so... slutty.” She shrunk back in her bed as if I had struck her.

“Please no, please don't. They'll contact my father. He’ll find out I've been bad again. I do try so very hard, but it just feels,” she paused then, her lips trembling, her eyes filling with tears. I do so love tears. “Please, I’m so very bad. Father has mother punish me while he preaches and cleanses my soul. But, I thought here...” Again she stopped talking and the tears began to spill down her cheeks. I didn’t really care what she thought, but I knew what I was thinking. Punishment. It had been a while since I had punished someone. And little pale Becca certainly looked like she needed it. That and so much more. I wondered what would tip her over the edge? How far I could get this budding woman to go in my dark games with the conditioning her overzealous father had obviously given her?

“Tell me… tell me Becca. What does your father have your mother do to punish you? I mean obviously it hasn’t worked. I was raised a good and proper girl and really shouldn't have to tolerate such wanton and disgusting behavior.” I was still standing, towering over her as she cringed there in the bed. Her nightgown was still bunched at her hips but she was trying to pull up her panties. I slapped at her hand. “No, answer my question. You can keep that all exposed while you do so we both remember what a horribly disgusting girl you are.” And more tears began to spill, oh delicious.

“Momma, lifts up my dress or nightgown,” she began her voice so soft I almost chuckled.

“Speak up. I am tried of straining to hear you.”

“Momma, lifts up my dress,” she said again, just slightly louder, “and has me bend over the chair and then Poppa begins. Poppa quotes scripture that I repeat while Momma....” She began to sob again at this point.

“So they punish you when you are bad. And are you a nasty, bad girl often?”

“No,” she sobbed. “Not often.” Her little trembling bottom lip was beyond enticing. “Please Natalie don't tell on me. I will be good from now on I promise.”

“No, I have to tell, I mean you might corrupt me with your wicked ways if I don't.”

“Oh, no, please I will do anything you want. Please, I deserve to be punished. Please Natalie.”

Ah, and there it was. That didn't take too long. “Well, I do suppose, being the good girl here I could take control of you. I remember your father asking God for me to guide you.” And I so love control such guidance would give to me. “Show me the position you get in for your Momma and I’ll consider it. But don't think I’ll be easy on you. I’m not your Momma to be easy on you.”

Becca got out of bed her chest heaving from her sobs, her panties still at her knees. She hadn't tried again to pull them up since I had slapped at her hand and told her no. This bit of obeying boded well. She shuffled to my desk chair and bent over the back of it. Her head hung down and with both her hands she grabbed the seat. As she had gotten into position her night gown had slipped back down and covered her fully again. God I hated that ugly bit of worn flannel.

“Take off your night gown. I don't want to have to hold it up. And I don't think over the chair is going to work for me.” She looked up at me confused. “Take off your night gown right now or I go and get the Floor Captain and tell him what a disgusting whore I have for a roommate.” This threat did the trick and with exquisite hesitation she stood and raised her nightgown over her head. Under that she had a little white tank top and her panties still around her knees. She stood there looking very unsure. But I noticed that her little nipples were hard there through that thin tank she wore. That was interesting. “No, over the chair won't be good for me. Come here. Here, over my lap, like the naughty little girl you are.” I had sat down on her bed and patted my thigh. My sleep shirt barely covered my own ass and sitting down all of my leg was fully exposed. As she moved she started to reach down to tug at her panties still around her knees. “No, I said, 'leave them down.'” I scolded as she walked toward me and she let go quickly. Yes, she obeyed very, very well.

“Please Natalie,” she begged as she stood in front of me. I simply patted my leg, not caring if she was begging for mercy or begging for the punishment.

“You are a horribly nasty, dirty girl Becca. You violated all that is good and decent and exposed me to your wickedness. You deserve to be punished and since you offended me I deserve to be the one to cleanse you.” As I spoke she laid herself across my lap. I placed my hand on her smooth white ass loving the soft pliable feel of her skin. I reached down a bit and pushed her knees farther apart so that the panties strained at her knees. She didn't even hesitate to open her legs for me. I felt the tickle of her dark, coarse bush against my thigh. Oh, that was going to need to be dealt with too, in time. As I raised my hand to deliver the first blow the beginning of a plan began to form in my mind. As the welts began to show on her ass from just that first strike she started to lift up from me, I knew I could hit very hard, and I think this caught her unaware. Her momma probably hardly hurt her at all during her punishments at home. I laid my other arm hard across her back holding her down and raised my hand again to hit her bottom again and again, and again. I was merciless as I punished this shy, quiet good little girl. I covered her ass with welts from my hand across her buttocks then moved lower to where ass meets thigh as I knew these smacks would be felt there on her just ever so slightly exposed pussy. One, then two, then three and then I felt her begin to squirm, not away from me but closer, tighter to my leg. I felt her pushing her little pussy up against my thigh. I smiled at that. And knew her poppa had begun something with these punishment that had made her just the kind of girl who needed me to train her to be a very good girl for me. Four and five hits there and then the last I laid right between her spread thighs my hand striking right at her pussy. And as I pulled my hand away I saw the moisture there on my fingertips. Yes, very interesting indeed.

With no ceremony at all I pushed her from my lap and she tumbled to the floor. She fell on all fours with her panties still at her knees. Knees which she still kept spread as wide as I had opened them when she was on my lap. Her face she buried to the floor hair and hands covering it but she made no effort to cover her exposed bottom and I saw even in the dim light of our room it was now beautiful shades of pink and red.

“Cover yourself,” I said simply.

“Thank you, Natalie,” she whispered as she stood and pulled up her panties. “Thank you for punishing me for my wickedness.” Her head was bowed, her eyes to the floor.

To be continued...

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Marie said...

Oh I love this nice to come home from work and see part 2 already!