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Let's Talk...

I am interested in talking to you. What excites you? What is on your mind? I would love to know and share. Do you have a question that you would like to discuss? Do you need to have someone understand your desires? Let us see what we have to talk about.

I will expect respect, though I am not to be feared.

So, off you go to - or call 949 999-5900 and do tell them Saffron sent you (it's my middle name). I am extension 611.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sugasm #173

About Sugasm - The Sugasm is an easy way for sex-bloggers to promote their work. Each week participants review their blog and submit their favorite post. We distribute a list of links to all the posts and give our bloggers a chance to vote for their favorites. We publish the results and each blogger re-posts the list to their blog. To see all the Sugasm submissions visit -

I submitted - Let the Rain Come
Which I am so honored to say was given the Editor's Choice pick this week.


This Week’s Picks

Dressing Room Voyeur
“I caught his gaze this time, on purpose.”

It’s Always the Quiet Ones…
“So grabbing her hips, I pulled her in for a kiss.”

Behind Closed Doors
“Others had watched, she beat me, brought me to tears, held me and then began to untie me.”

Sugasm Editor
The Mouse Drama

Editor’s Choice
Let the Rain Come

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sexy Call

When it is good it is very, very good. He was nice and seemed to really want to share with me. He had a fantasy, but after outlining the basics, he let me run with it. And I so enjoyed running with what he offered to me. And he seemed to very much enjoy it as well.

I do really, really love to hear the passion in a voice. I adore when someone shares with me their desires. I just find it so very sexy and such a turn on. I was quite hot and bothered by the end of the call and really wanted it to go longer. Ahhhh, such are the perils of this chosen career path.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Being a Salesperson

So within just a couple days, my day job will be no more. This is a bit scary as I have been doing this job for almost 17 years. But times are difficult and my boss had to make a decision, and I had to make a decision.

So, that means, I need to make a living. What started out as something fun to try, Phone Sex Operator, may soon be my only income. And that means I do have to take it seriously. And sure as poop, as Murphy's Law is sure to predict, the site I joined has gone poofffff... and hasn't been up and running for a week. So I set up doing it independently. The concept certainly works, technically. But the practicality of it is that I am not on a site where the men come looking for me.

And have you seen those sites? One little tiny, silicone filled girl after another. Not that I am judging these 20 year old pretty little things, but shheeeshhh. I am not so entirely convinced those are who people are really talking to. I could be wrong though. Maybe I should snap some pics of my son's girlfriend at the next family dinner and say she is me. Nahhh... that would be a bit creepy. So I am stuck being me. Wait... stuck... hell no, there is nothing wrong with me. I am just not 20, not tiny and not silicone filled. But I just can not believe that is all that a submissive man really wants. Perhaps a strong, confidant woman (i.e. a bit older than young, but younger than old), with real life experience who can listen well and understands and will never judge your kinks?

But, there still remains the finding those who want the service I offer. I know from the numbers of calls that the girls on the site I was on before it crashed were getting there are those out there that want to share, but I do not know how to let them know where I am. I really suck as a salesperson. I have explored a couple chat sites. But just saying hey, call me... couldn't do it. And the minute I said I don't cyber by text, but do offer such a service for a small fee by phone... well sheshhh you would have thought I was killing their bunny rabbit. But maybe I was misrepresenting myself. I am just grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Enough rambling for now. Back to figuring out how to offer a service that I know is desired. I think my main problem is a classic one... location, location, location.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have said before that I am a sadist. Inflicting pain on a willing and wanting submissive is such a sexy thing. I love that moment of anticipation just before the first strike. My hands stroking back and ass lightly. Maybe a bit of nail scratching down and down slowly. The red trails left behind. Then pulling my hand back and letting it come down hard against them. The sound is so beautiful and if they moan for me it sends me flying.

I like a submissive bent over a bed or arm of a sofa for a spanking. Over the knee is nice too, such an intimate moment. Especially with that hardness pressing against my thigh showing that the desire is strong for the pain they are enduring. Girls can be so fun to spank too, as sometimes they squeal. And if I can get the one I am sharing with to utter, "Oh God... more Miss Honey, please." Well that is always a turn on.

I make toys to use them. Leather and wood against a smooth inner thigh or upturned bottom is exquisite. But using my bare had has often been my favorite. Feeling the tremble under my hand is intoxicating. Pushing their head lower so their bottom curves tighter, so yummy.

I need someone who wants to endure the pain for me. That wants to find the rush of endorphins and that space that allows Ecstasy to mingle with the reality of the pain. Is it too much to ask for? Not to the right person.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Talk to Me....

So the NiteFlirt thing isn't working. Their site has been down for days. Work is precarious and I thought I might approach this challenge directly. So now, there is a PayPal button up there on top of my posts and directions to contact me via Yahoo chat.

Perhaps I may have the wrong audience though. Maybe the people who read naughty blogs are readers not talkers. But you never know when one of you wants a service I offer. And I see nothing wrong with one, offering a service and two, getting paid for that service.

So, in the interest of advertising let me think a bit about what you might want to talk about.

Boys who really want to serve and don't have anyone to offer themselves to. I can feel you out there reading this right now. Yes, you the one who just wants me to say softly, "Get on your knees and tell me the secrets about what you desire that you thought no one would understand."

How about you, the one who loves to dress up. Does your wife know you sneak into her panty drawer when she isn't home? Well you can tell me. You can even tell me the selection of pretty silk and lace things there and I will help you pick out what to put on.

How about you, the one who craves pain. Go get a wooden spoon, two clothespins, and a rubber band (or some other creative selection of naughty implements) and give me a call. I will let you get all those lovely masochistic needs out and soothe you gently when you can not take any more.

And you, the one that wants to be locked up. You want chastity? I will lock you up. Watch you put the key in a glass of water and into the freezer at my command. And we can talk every day, and you beg and beg and beg to be let out. But I will get to decide when you get to thaw the thing that unlocks you.

Oh, yes... you. Who just wants to talk to someone. Who wants someone to hear that one thing you have always been longing to share. Or who just wants someone to talk to. I am here. I am dominant, but that doesn't mean I have to dominate all the time. I can just listen and tell you my thoughts about anything you want to know.

I will read to you if you like. I enjoy that. You have a favorite kinky story from online and want me to read to you while you sit back, close your eyes and relax. Send me a link and we can share that way too.

And it is Yahoo chat, so if you would like me to watch you that can be arranged. I like to watch, a service I am quite prepared to offer.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are You Ready...

I have posted this bit of bum before...
but it is opening game of our season and it against the Raiders...
gotta love a rivalry. Gotta love football... it is a hell of a Monday night.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The guy on chat said. But you seem so nice. I don't understand, I thought all dominants were mean?

Why would I need to be mean?

It has in my experience become abundantly clear those who have figured out they want to offer themselves in a submissive way will come to you willingly. And while many are shy and unsure so you have to make yourself available and may have to encourage them to reach out to you. Speaking gently is so much more effective than the game of calling names and being bitchy. It just isn't me to be mean. Strict... yes, if the situation calls for it. Stern... yes, if the scene needs that intensity. Sadistic... yes, if the one I am sharing with craves the endurance of the pain. But mean, just to be mean. Nope, not me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Perfect Pedicure

It has been a long day and I really want to be pampered. You will do this for me won’t you dear?

Thank you. I knew you would.

First I will sit in the big leather chair in the living room and you will kneel right here by my feet.

Slip one shoe off of me, and then the other. Oh, that feels so good after a long day at work. The patent leather heels are warm from me wearing them all day. You can smell the leather. Go ahead stick your nose in and take a deep breath, you know you want to, don’t be shy around me. Leather and woman is such a lovely combination.

Ok, that is enough. This is about me and there is more to do.

Reach up under my skirt and undo the garters on my black silk stockings, slowly now, this should always be a sensuous thing. Feel how warm my thighs are above the smooth cool silk. One, two, three, four little clasp hold up the delicate stockings topped with lace. Do each one carefully. Now, pull the stockings from me. Slowly, so slow it gives me goose bumps feeling the silk slide from my legs. Oh… that is so nice.

Now, go get the foot bath and fill it with warm water, pour in the bath salts and a little scented oil. I do love vanilla, or roses, either will do tonight. Test the water first, not too hot, not too cold. That’s a good boy, you look after me so well. Gather up the other essentials, the buffer for my heels, polish remover, clippers and files for my nails, lotions for my legs, warm towels and a pretty new color of polish. Oh, and do bring me a glass of wine.

That is lovely.

Ease my feet into the water. Take a cloth and gently wash them. Now one at a time put them on the towel that is across your lap. Remove the old polish, trim and file my nails just perfectly, you know how I like them, rounded gently. Now, rub the buffer across the soles, my heels and the balls of my feet and then it is time for the lotion.

I so enjoy this part. Your strong hands rubbing from my toes all the way up my calves. Take your time. That is it, Oh god that feels so good. One foot is resting in your lap and I can feel you getting hard just there under my toes. The other foot is in your hands. Bliss.

I wiggle the toes in your lap and you sigh. You rub the arch of my foot in your hand and I sigh. Oh, so nice.

Now dear my feet are lovely clean and pampered and almost ready for polish, but they do need just a bit more attention before you paint them to perfection. Lift my foot to your mouth and slowly take one toe at a time and show me how much you adore what I offer to you. Suck and lick and kiss each toe gently. I will press just a little harder with my other foot there between your legs and you will push against me as you continue to lick and suck. I will laugh a bit as you nip gently at my arch and rub your check again the ball of foot. Then you will switch feet and we will begin this lovely pampering, licking, sucking again.

Oh… but I think you should pull your pants down and show me what has been straining against my foot there in your lap. There you go. So nice. And my feet still soft and slick with lotion. Put both my feet in your lap. Put some more of that rose scented lotion there on your hard cock between my arches. Hush now… my turn to pamper you… see doesn’t that feel good my feet on either side of your hard cock?

Oh… it feels so good to me. I love when you give me this kind of control. You there on your knees, your eyes closed, your cock hard between my soft feet. Oh, baby, yes… move your hips for me… slide your cock in-between that valley where my arches come together. That is it… oh, I can feel you getting closer I love the way you moan my name.

Please Miss Honey, please I need to cum. Oh, god please.

And I press my feet tighter around your swollen cock. I feel you tremble beneath me, so beautiful as you give it all to me.

Oh, god please… you offer again… as I say simply… yes… cum for me.

And you do, gasping, crying, shaking with the release… oh… that is my boy… so sexy when you do it just as I like. And cumming all over my pretty toes, well now, you will need to clean that all up so that we can finish. Go on now… bend your head down and lick my toes clean. Oh… I do adore this part, shows me just how much you care.

Finish up now, I still need the polish on so we can go out tonight.

You were such a very, very good boy. Thank you dear, for the perfect pedicure.

If you would like to expand on this story experience and hear me read it.
It is available at NiteFlirt as a recorded listing. Just click on the link below.
And your first three minutes are free,
so if that is all you want to listen, my feelings won't be too hurt. ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Practice Makes Me Hot

So I left my day job and started my night job today.

But on the way home I thought I would practice a bit. Called Hubby like I do everyday to say I was leaving work and on my way home. But about three minutes into the conversation I switched on Miss Honey.

"So, what is your fantasy?"

He laughed. Like, laughed out loud. And then informed me I knew all his fantasies and was most of them. I don't think he quite understood the direction I expected the conversation to go.

"I need practice. I am going to be talking to men about their desires. Could you go along to get along dearest?"

Then he laughed again. Though it seemed to be more of a nervous laugh.

"Hello what would you like to share with me today?"

Then the bastard threw me a line that made me laugh. In his best pervy voice he asked, "So, what are you wearing?"

Sigghhhh... this wasn't going as planned. But I persevered and answered his question. Then started asking him a few of my own. And he started getting into it rather than just being a silly goof-ball. By the end of the fifteen minute conversation. We had both gotten into the fun and erotic aspect of talking dirty. He said to me at the end, "Wow... you are sexy on the phone."

I think I will take that as a compliment. :)

So if you are interested in being my first call... just click there on that little icon below... I probably won't even hang up if you ask me what I am wearing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New Boy

He was curious. Brought to the party with a friend. You could feel from him desire and trepidation at the same time. I unzipped my toy bag and he was like a moth to a flame as I pulled out a few items.

"What is that?"

"What do you do with that?"

"Which one of those hurts more?"

And I answered all his questions, as they tumbled from him. And I smiled and allowed his curiosity to be sated with just my words. Somehow my sadistic reputation has grown and he seemed genuinely to fear me when the questions first began, but my smile and real answers seem to soothe those fears. And then he mingled, seeing some of the scenes that had begun.

One girl was getting her breasts bound. Lovely rope harness that left her sensitive to every touch. One boy straddled the spanking bench while his Daddy (used in the Dominant sense) took a flogger to his back. One girl stood bound on the cross, leather cuffs clipped to chains as a cane made welts from thigh upward. He watched this, I watched him for a while watching this. There is such a powerful thing watching someone take all this that is new and erotic in. Absorbing it all, understanding that no one at the party is judging anyone for sharing what they desire. Seeing that after the pain, or the pleasure those two people snuggle on the couch or kiss there in the corner making sure both are pleased with what just occurred.

Later after I had shared with the sweet but entirely masochistic girl who I so enjoy. After I had hurt her just the way she and I enjoy I moved into the other room and he stood there offering to me that he liked watching.

"Would you like to do more than watch?"

His head bowed just a bit, his eyes looked up at me and in just a whisper he said, "Yes, please."

I lead him to the spanking bench in the other room. It sat where the dining table usually was. The room was open to the living room and about six or seven people sat on the couch casually watching. He asked for a blindfold as he climbed onto the bench and one was slipped over his eyes. I whispered soft words into his ear, then began.

Forty-five minutes later he moaned so nicely as I again whispered in his ear letting him know we were done. I was honored to be his first.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Grrrrr etc...

Still waiting for NiteFlirt to approve my profile so I can begin this new journey. I wonder if the issue is I am just not naughty enough. Maybe I am too naughty. Maybe I need to use another word other than naughty. Perhaps kinky, dirty, slutty... no, sorry, like naughty.

So I wait, wait to talk dirty, kinky, naughty... more than that I will talk without judgement. It is what I bring to the table. I open myself up to those who feel they may not be understood in their own everyday life and offer acceptance. I can not read a mind, but I can tell when you have something you need to share. That secret that you are scared to expose, perhaps you will offer it to me. I think we all need to be accepted for what we desire. I believe that there is no wrong in wanting something outside the "norm." My only frustration is that NiteFlirt does have a list of things they won't let me discuss. Sighhhhh.

While this statement seems reasonable, "Niteflirt specifically prohibits any listings, mail or conversations that contain content related to bestiality, rape sex, incest, sex with graphic violence or degradation, excretory functions, bodily fluids, fisting and any other content which may be judged as obscene." Well... yes, but... you can't call me Mommy. You can't talk about bodily fluids, that cuts out a bit of fetish. Graphic violence or degradation, that is a bit vague and since I like to hurt not sure what exactly I am allowed there. But that last bit... about other content which may be judged as obscene... well hell, my grandma thinks french kissing is obscene, so grrrrr and etc.

I do look forward to this, just don't care for the waiting.

Let the Rain Come

Dark and quiet in the very early morning. The world is still around me. He breathes softly next to me. I reach my hand to him, feeling his warmth. He sighs a little as I stroke the skin of his back, from neck to waist. I turn to him and fit my hips against the curve of him, thigh against thigh, knee tucked in tight. Then with just a whisper I hear the rain begin.

It is so soft at first against the roof. We two are all alone in the small trailer here in the mountains. There is a darkness that is velvet and inky, it surrounds us. So seldom do we experience this much dark at home in the city. Little by little the rain grows. Little by little I stroke his skin harder and more. Down his side, then I reach around and stroke his chest, the pads of my fingers soft at first then I curve my fingers and let my nails drag a bit, then a bit harder down lower and lower. His sigh is deeper now. The rain falls harder now. He turns to me, kisses me full on the mouth, his hand running down my side.

"Will you stand with me outside in the rain?"

And so we slip on shoes but nothing else. And the rain falls through the canopy of the trees, huge oaks gather it on their palm shaped leaves and when it is too heavy to hold any longer they let spill down to the waiting earth. We step away from the doorway, away from the one small light on in the trailer that casts a soft glow out into the deep darkness. We stand together, warm naked bodies pressed chest to chest, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. And the rain is soft on our skin, our hair, our faces. We stand together and each turn our faces up to the falling rain. He stretches his hands up and out. I take my hands and touch him, feel him. From chest, to shoulder. Strong muscles pulled taut as he holds the pose. His hips press against me harder. His sex swells and I feel it against mine. My hands continue out along the plane of his outstretched arms until my hands reach his, my fingers curl against his palms. My face I press against his chest, that too now wet with the softly falling rain. Our skin where pressed together is hot, our skin where the rain has made us slick and wet is cool.

He curls his arms down and around me, his hands run down my rain wet back and lower still until he cups my ass pulling my hips even tighter to his swollen cock.

I kiss his lips again, open my mouth easily to him and taste this man I know with everything I am.

"Take me inside and make love to me."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Talk to Me...

You know one thing that makes me happy? I love to get to know kinky, naughty people. I so enjoy fantasies, and sharing in erotic ways. It is one of the main reasons I love to blog, because I so enjoy the interaction with the wonderful variety of people who are exploring their sensuality.

You know one thing that stresses me? Money issues.

And so in the interest of less stress and more happy I have made a decision. I will begin a new journey of discovery and exploration and offer my honeyed self to those who have a desire to talk to me. Yes, and I will be doing it for... gassssppppp... money.

I feel I have a valuable skill to offer to those looking for such a service. Wait, that sentence seemed to be wanting to justify my decision, and I don't need to do that to you who care about me and understand this is a well thought out decision do I? Oh, probably as I am as human and vulnerable to the slings and arrows of condemnation as the next kinky person. Well, let me be honest. Overcoming the perceived social stigma of offering to talk about sex and getting paid to do so has not been an easy decision. Isn't it funny where we draw the lines some days?

If there is one skill I bring to the table... errrr... phone... it is that I don't judge. You like to wear panties, I will help you pick out the best style to cover your cute cock. You want to be spanked, I will send you to the kitchen to grab a wooden spoon while I wait. Oh, you want something naughtier, well talk to me, let's explore your desire to roll around in lime jello while I quote the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet. (Googling Shakespeare to get the balcony scene from R&J.)

So where did I draw the line in this decision?


  • Talking naughty is something I enjoy.
  • Getting paid to do something I enjoy seems a nice idea.
  • The economy isn't great and extra $ in the bank is always a good thing.
  • I like people and getting to know them on an intimate level has always intrigued me.

  • Time, time, time... let's be honest sitting waiting for the phone to ring can be boring. God I hope I don't have to wait long.
  • Marketing... having to sell a product that is me is a bit daunting.
  • Jerks... in researching this decision, this has me the most concerned. Talking to people I just don't like may be a challenge, and a guy who wants 2 minutes just to jerk off... sighhh.
  • Day Job... yes, I still have one. So that means two jobs and one that will require late nights.

So I am, as I often do, diving into the deep end and seeing if I will sink or do a lovely back stroke (breast stroke?). I have signed up at and will in just a day or two have a button here for you (any you that wants to) give me a call. My final decision was made like this. I enjoy talking dirty for free, there are people who want to pay for that service, seems like a win/win to me. And if nothing else, it should make for some interesting blog posts.