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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

My arousal was so high by this time. I ached to touch my own pussy, well really I ached to have her touch it, but that would come in time. Treating this sweet, almost innocent girl in such a twisted way was so erotic. But really, she did need me. She needed me to give her the pleasure her body obviously craved. She needed me to show her all sorts of naughty delights. She really could stop me at any time. She could tell. But she would have to live with the consequences. And I knew even in just this short bit of time she so preferred my “punishment” to her fathers. And I would make sure there was pleasure with all the pain she would take for me. It would just take a bit of my brand of control. Yes, I was messing with her mind, but the girl got into college, she wasn’t an idiot. She was just a shy, home schooled, religious soaked mind waiting for me to show her a new path. Yes, this all had me absolutely beyond horny, but it would do no good for her to catch me being… bad. I got up from my bed deciding it was time to head to the bathroom. It would be empty at this time of night and I would only require a few minutes of privacy to find one, two… maybe three orgasms to relieve the building need using and abusing Becca had caused in my own body. Besides, a little alone time might be just what my slut needed.

I went to her and put my hands tight around her wrists and leaned down, my mouth right next to her ear. I spoke soft, with my sweet sexy voice, the one that made the religious studies boy beg me to whip him. “I know you are a naughty, dirty girl Becca. I know you are wicked and want to touch yourself.” I squeezed her wrists; I wanted her to be aware of her hands when I left, just as the arousal cream I had rubbed into her was surely making her aware of her pussy. “I know it is so hard for you not to touch, not to rub and rub and rub, not to make those aching breasts and your burning slut hole feel better.” There that should put some nice dirty thoughts into her mind. “I am going to be out of the room for a while, but I know you will bare all of this without touching that place that is so hot, so needy, so wanting your hand and your fingers to relieve all its misery.” I reached down and undid one and then the other clamp from her pussy lips. I heard her moan as I cupped her pussy with my hand and squeezed tight. “This is a place that aches because you are bad. It is wet and swollen and full of all your terribly naughty desires. You are a wicked, wicked girl and all this wetness is how I know.” I slipped my fingers in-between her lips and squeezed her clit for the second time tonight, she moaned again, I so needed to get to the bathroom. This all would leave her in a perfect state for being alone, legs spread wide, pussy pushed up by that pillow under her hips and exposed by the hole I had cut in her panties, and her arms perfectly free.

I thought she might need one last thing though to make sure she did as I wanted while I was out of the room. I took her hands and moved them from above her head to her stomach. She was perfectly pliable; let me do so with no protest. I put one on each side of her belly button, fingers splayed wide all pointed down to that hole in her panties. Her breath began to grow faster, near to panting now. I smiled down to her as she looked up at me, she was so lost. Her desire and passion was at a near boiling point. I took my fingers that had just moments earlier been between her lips and gently touched her lips with them while saying, “Give me a kiss now to show how happy you are I’m helping to make you a good girl.” As she kissed them I ran my fingers lightly across them fully and I knew now her lips were coated with her own pungent juices. I knew that she could now smell her own arousal even if she didn’t know exactly what it was she was inhaling. And when she bit her lip again, I was sure she would taste herself as well.

I moved my fingers away from her mouth she said, “Yes, Miss Natalie.”

I turned and left her then. I needed to get some privacy, now. I made my way to the communal bathroom on our hallway and slipped into a stall. It only took me a few minutes to achieve my first orgasm, but I knew little Becca would need a bit more time than that for the need to touch to be greater then her fear of getting caught. The longer I stayed her the more likely it was she would do what I had set her up for. For her to fail at being a good girl and be the naughty, nasty slut I wanted her to be. Not that I really thought touching a pussy was naughty or nasty as I sat her with my fingers teasing my own clit perfectly. But for Becca to get caught doing what Poppa Turner said was bad twice in one night would be perfect for my plans. Her shame and guilt would be wonderful for the next moves in my game. I enjoyed myself there in quiet of the very early morning for about fifteen minutes more and then thought that should be just right. Before I left the bathroom I opened my bathroom locker and pulled out the small basket that held my shower sundries. I found it quite difficult not to skip merrily back to our room, so excited at what I was certain I would find.

Standing at our door I took a deep breath and counted to ten. I needed to be stern and outraged, not hot and bothered. One more deep breath and I opened the door. Oh, it was so difficult not to smile at what I saw there.

The only light on in the room was the desk lamp turned and focused on Becca’s thrust in the air cunt. She hadn’t even heard me open the door; her eyes were again squeezed tightly shut. I could see her pulling against the ropes that bound her legs to the posts of her bed. One hand was at her breast squeezing and pulling at her inflamed nipple, sports cream was truly a devious sex toy. I wondered if this was the first time she had thought to make them hurt with her own hands? Had I taught her that when I had twisted and pulled at them earlier when lecturing her about her sins? But her other hand, that was the one I had counted on. She was rubbing her clit furiously as her hips bounced on that pillow under them that kept her pussy forced up and on display.

I grabbed a wooden ruler from my desk and the piece of rope I had laid on my bed earlier when I had gotten the two for her legs out of my box of sex toys. She was so lost to her own lust she still hadn’t heard me. I went and stood next to her bed and raised my hand with the ruler. I brought it down with all my strength, a loud smack rang out in the room as I connected to the softest flesh there on her spread open inner thigh.

Both her hands flew to her mouth, as she started to scream. Startled or in pain I didn’t care which, I was just pleased I didn’t need to cover her mouth myself, I hadn’t thought of a gag. This moving of her hands though left her pussy very exposed and I took advantage immediately. I raised the ruler again and brought it down right at this most delicate spot. Once, then twice, then three times. She couldn’t escape me, the pillow under her hips and the ties binding her ankles made sure of that. And not once did she try to protect herself as I struck. I said nothing as I hit her. After two more strikes to her wet pussy I gave five hits to each breast with my ruler, top, bottom, sides and lastly each nipple. I laid the ruler on her stomach while admiring the perfectly beautiful marks raising on her breasts. I then took the rope and grabbing her hands that she still held tight over her mouth I quickly bound them together and then tied that to the top of her bed pulling them very tight. I grabbed my scissors again and proceeded to cut the panties and the tank top earlier cut open from her body. She was now laying there fully exposed and fully at my mercy. It had only taken two hours.

She started to talk, to offer her sobbing apologies again. I took the ruined panties and pushed them into her mouth. I didn’t need to hear her. I knew everything she wanted to tell me. Picking up my basket that held my shower supplies I thought now was the perfect time to take care of all that straggly hair covering what I was sure ached almost unbearably. I knew from the way she still moan and strained, from the small thrusts of hips she still had not cum. This edge she was on would go on longer still, it along with all her fear, all her guilt and all my skill at pleasure and pain would make her mine.

I gathered my shaving cream, my scissors still laying next her, and a new razor and put them all between her spread wide legs. Poppa wanted her to be his good little girl; I could at least make sure she looked like one. And exposing her sweetness beneath would leave this slut even more aware of her cunt, I would make sure of that.

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Marie said...

Wonderful Chapter Mistress! I love it. You are making your little slut so hot thinking about being Becca tied up, pussy inflamed, you ready to shave me.