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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tell Me... #4

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • ... about your first crush.


  • ... about your favorite sexual postion.


  • ... about a secret you are ashamed of.



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Marie said...

.. about your first crush.

My first crush was this boy in the 5th grade who was so mean to me and chased me around till he made me trip and broke my glasses! Not sure what i was thinking...and cannot even remember his bad is that.

... about your favorite sexual postion.

I really love to be on the bottom, with my legs up and my hubby on his knees fucking me. That is my favorite.

... about a secret you are ashamed of.

OH boy this is such a nasty question. I am not sure that any of my secrets are secrets to everyone. OK here goes...when I went through puberty, i started to get a few hairs growing around my nipples. I hated them. I cant stand any hair that makes me feel like I am not a desireable woman. I was a teenager, and puberty was not good to me because I had a hormonal problem that I never found out about till I was 22. So anyway, one night i took this nair stuff that i used on my upper lip, and i put it all over my nipples and when the time was up and I tried to remove it, I my nipples were raw, the skin was gone and the cotton thing I was using to roughly wipe the hair away, got stuck into my shredded raw nipple skin, and my nipples hurt for days! For Days...the skin was raw and I wondered if they would ever look normal, and only one friend knows about this. Lucky my nipples did heal and they are normal and a few hairs is not such a bother, I pluck them or shave biggie.


C.M. Bailey said...

...about your first crush.

Is it terrible that I honestly don't think I can remember? Perhaps there were too many, perhaps the memories have become tangled.

Is not a crush, that first early passion for another, one of the most amazing feelings in the world?

Should we limit crushes to childhood, to young adulthood?

Shouldn't we as adults live free, free to experience crushes, free to discover new love, free to explore that first bloom of passion for and with another?

I think that I am blessed for I love easily, have loved often, and been loved in return.

Of course in time the crush fades, love matures or dies. We cant however loose it, for it lives on in our memories forever.

Anonymous said...

My first crush: Becky. 2nd grade. Tall. Blonde. Blue eyes. Tomboy. All the boys were after her. She rejected us all. Perhaps that's why I have been more attracted to dark beauties ever since then.

Sexual position: taking her from behind. Ooo what a feeling at the base of my cock when I'm all up inside and she's squeezing hard! I'm getting hard just writing this!

Shameful secret: I'm lucky you only asked for one. I fell for it when my older male cousin told me about blowjobs and convinced me I'd have to demonstrate to prove I understood . . .

Anonymous said...

1st crush: in Junior school I was 10ish, a new girl called Angela arrived from South Africa, a chubby brunette. Very sweet to look at, slightly exotic. Her manner was friendly and unthreatening. I was besotted and I think she liked it. She disappeared (family moved away again or something).

Favourite sexual position: quite like woman sitting up on top. I get to rest for a bit and still a lot can be done.


actually at the moment I'm thinking about people more than about sex. I'd like to be snuggled up with someone somewhere warm. Kissing, stroking, ...

Secret shame: all my shameful secrets I can talk about I do at my own place. Real shame I can't talk about. Putting it into words diminshes it, mocks it.


symblemine said...

My first crush was a kid called Luis Felipe in the 3rd grade (was in a all girl school before that! catholic school at that)

A favourite sexual position uhm I don't know, maybe on my back

A secret I'm ashamed of well, it could be said I'm an exhibitionist :S

these posts are very fun!

Vixen said...

Tell me...

* ... about your first crush.

my first crush.......mmm not sure I could remember it but remember the first time I thought I was in love. I was 16 and had just meet Brian. I come from a very strict family and Brian was the bad boy from the next town over. He was my modern day James Dean. He went against authority and was always in trouble with the law. I was in my rebellious stage in life. Ah...... the wonderful things Mr. Brian taught me. He was the first person that I had experienced kinky sex with. He taught me about toys, baby oil and water beds. He was the first one to bring me to an orgasm so exquisite that I squirted my first time. mmmmmm I wonder were Brian is now

* ... about your favorite sexual postion.
ah this one is soooooo easy. On my hands and knees my full bottom raised up high for either entrance or a nice warm hand across the well rounded cheeks. There is nothing like being taken from behind with a vibrator on my clit as a rock hard cock is stroking my pussy or my ass.

* ... about a secret you are ashamed of. I have a few of these one that you already know about. Another is that I am ashamed of being so needy at times for love that I will willingly allow myself to be take advantage of just for love.

DetroitDiva said...

..about your first crush.
ahhh. johnny. on the basketball team at my high school. i was a freshman and he was a senior. sooooooo dreamy. i would get all giddy with butterflies when he would say hello to me in the hallway. had the most dreamy eyes.

...about your favorite sexual position.
on my stomach, him entering from behind. although, with my partner i want to look in his eyes and study his face. with him, i like him on top with me facing him.

...secret you are ashamed of.
not sure that ashamed is the right word. maybe just cautious about sharing because i don't trust many people with *me*. but, i admitted to my partner recently that i would like us to explore restraint and some light dom/sub play.

Miss Honey said...

... about your first crush.
Ahhh the rush of young love. Overwhelming all the senses with unbelievable and unrealistic emotions. He was everything, the moon the stars. A single look, the slightest touch and sighhhh...
But, damn it... what was his name?

.... about your favorite sexual position.
Top... yes, me on top. (Imagine that)

.... about a secret you are ashamed of.
Oh, I avoid shame if at all possible, like guilt it is a rather cumbersome emotion.

Anonymous said...

about your first crush.
Hard one to answer - many years have passed since then. I would say my first sexual crush was in 8th grade. Carol - she was blond, athletic, pretty - the girl every guy in the school wanted to be around. Nothing ever happened between the two of us other than being friends. Haven't seen her in 20 years and really haven't thought that much about her until thinking about this answer.

... about your favorite sexual postion.
Doggy style - I love being able to watch my cock slide in and out of a pussy. The sight of the pussy lips stretched around my cock, being pulled and disappearing as I fuck her from behind. There is no better picture of sex for me.

... about a secret you are ashamed of.
I am addicted to Internet porn. I didn't think I was until Miss Honey made the statement that everything I do should add value to my relationship with my wife. Internet porn does not. My wife does not enjoy looking at it at all. I on the other hand could probably look at it all day and night. I need to do something about this otherwise the price will be too high.