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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tell Me... #9

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • What about you is most attractive to others?
  • Your views on discipline in a D/s relationship.
  • About some weird/odd talent/skill you have?

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Miss Marie said...

-What about you is most attractive to others?

Well to most I think my bubbly personality and my smile and my eyes! To my boy Pea Man, my ass and my belly!

-Your views on discipline in a D/s relationship.

Well, it is very important for the dom/domme to be strong enough to discipline when needed and reinforce the rules, because as a wise woman told me, "if it isn't important to you, then it isn't going to be to him" and that is true. It also takes another sort of discipline just over all devotion, to making it work.

-About some weird/odd talent/skill you have?

Well, two here and I get picked on about them every time we have a luncheon at work. I can eat a chicken wing, so nicely, so the bones are totally clean...and I can do it even fairly lady like. People always comment on this but to me, it is normal. Also, I can tie cherry stems with my tongue very fast!


Sam said...

-What about you is most attractive to others?

My legs looks nice in high heels

-Your views on discipline in a D/s relationship.

With my very limited experience I don't really have more to say that it is necessary thing.

-About some weird/odd talent/skill you have?

I don't know about odd ones, but best I can come up is that I can shot puck to crossbar 99 times out of 100.

sym said...

I don't know if it's attractive attractive but people say I have pretty eyes and lately I've been told that I have this sort of innocence, was literally told "I want to corrupt you so bad" so I want to believe that's attractive too!

I think discipline is important in D/s because it goes beyond telling someone to obey orders. To me is a matter of respecting someone so much that you are willing to go by their rules and face consecuences. In my case, I'm always very forgetful, I don't do it on porpose but I'm just a goldfish with no atention span so when I used to forget things, my uhm dominating person would just go MEH and it bothered me so much because it seemed like I cared to want to make it up to them but they didn't care enough about me to want things done right LOL (that relationship really didn't last long :P)

so the summary: I think it's very important but in my experience has been extremely underrated. Almost like rules are guidlines and not actual thngs you have to do

About my talents well hehehe
- I can bend myself in weird ways.

- I can laugh like sponge bob on demand

- I have now mastered the art of not making a sound while falling and just springing back up. It's a fantastic party trick (especially when wearing high heels!)

Anonymous said...

1. Several lovers have commented favourably on how gentle I am. The exact phrase, "you're so gentle!" has been sighed luxuriously at me more than once. If you want a physical feature, either my bushy eyebrow or my bulbous nose.

2. "Discipline" is generally a euphemism for "punishment for breaking a rule". I don't like punishment, and as a method of learning it is inefficient to say the least. A D/s relationship seems to be a kind of game focussing on "discipline". I can't see any harm in the game, and I can even see it could be therapeutic under certain circs (eg see my "Domestic Discipline daydreams"). But basing a real relationship on this kind of "discipline" must be unhealthy.

3. I used to find it very easy to make enemies. Seem to have lost the knack.

Miss Honey said...

What about you is most attractive to others?
Well now, that is just about the worst question ever. Who the hell posted that question?!? Well, I said I would answer, so I will. Parts are parts and I have been complimented on my breasts, on my hands, on my feet. But I like when it is my mind that is thought of as attractive and that has been appreciated a time or two as well.

Your views on discipline in a D/s relationship.
I think it is about communication and finding a balance that works in any relationship. If it is something one person craves to share with another then it is a concept that is worth exploring with appropriate care, concern and boundries.

About some weird/odd talent/skill you have?
I am the go to gal to fix all the misbehaving office equipment. Copiers, printers and fax machines seem to be happy to work well for me. I think I stroke their cicuits well or something.