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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

My hands weren't bound but I still kept my arms linked behind my back, each hand clinging tightly to the opposite wrist as she had told me. A blindfold covered my eyes so that Miss Natalie could have privacy from my shameful glances at her beautiful, perfect body. I knelt in the middle of the room, Miss Natalie's room now really, as she had told me every moment she allowed me to stay I should be thankful to her. I was. My knees were spread wide, my back straight, head bowed and between my thighs was my Slut Exposer.

Miss Natalie had given it to me, she had made it with her own hands because she wanted me to learn the lessons of my shameful body. My Slut Exposer had started out as a beautiful pure white candle. It was so big Miss Natalie's hand couldn't even go all the way around it when she first brought it back to the room and it was tall, sitting on the floor it was as tall as, well as tall as my slut hole is from the floor when I am on my knees. With a small knife she had shaped it that day, just two days after she had tied me, shaved me, cleaned me and I had shamed myself against her delicate fingers. Even now remembering that moment I could hardly breathe.

Miss Natalie had taken the candle and the knife and began to whittle away that day. The shavings had flown here and there as she did so and she told me to pick them up one by one on my knees and one by one to throw them in the trash can in the corner while she worked on this special project that would help me be the perfect girl who she could love. Just hearing those words the hope in them made me happy. She had said she was making me a present so I was eager to do this small chore for her. She had said that me being on my knees while I did the picking up would make me realize that she was still so much better, so much more pure than me and that I should want to do such menial things for her. She was right, I wanted to do anything to make her happy, pleased with me. Each time I picked a piece of wax candle up and shuffled on my knees to the trash and dropped it in I saw my wadded up flannel nightgown there, I knew she was right about so many things. She had told me now I would wear only underwear, panties Miss Natalie preferred they be called, with a gaping hole cut out in the front so Miss Natalie could see if my slut hole was growing hair again. My breast were left uncovered so that Miss Natalie could pinch my nipples hard if she felt I wasn't paying attention properly to her. Miss Natalie said she would just have to accept and live with this exposure of my slutty body no matter how distasteful for now as it was her duty to help me, God and Poppa wanted it, and I knew she was so very right.

Slowly the candle that she now called my Slut Exposer took shape between her lovely hands. She tapered it to a rounded point with her knife then she lit the tip and let it burn for just a little bit. When there was a very small pool of melted wax she went and got something from underneath her bed. It was small and pink, about the size of a wren's egg and had a wire running to it from a little box. She pushed the little tiny egg shaped thing into the cooling wax and blew on it. Oh, her lips looked so pretty blowing on that. I just stopped where I was on my knees there so close to her and watched. The shaved wax on the floor forgotten, my exposed body forgotten as I watched her blow so gently on that candle and little pink egg. She looked up at me and smiled as I stared and I blushed yet again at being caught staring at her, my Miss Natalie. Then she reached out and grabbed a hold of my nipple and twisted and told me to finish cleaning my mess. I could feel that pain from my nipple run down my body right to the place my right where my panties no longer covered me and felt the moisture begin to seep. Miss Natalie would smell this soon. Oh, the shame of it. Lost in my own badness and trying to make her happy by hurrying to finish picking up every little scrap of wax I didn't see her wind the cord around the candle after she carved the word SLUT vertically down one side and carved a cross on the other side.

“Slut,” she had said a little later. I turned and looked at her. She had put the candle on the floor in the middle of the room. “Slut, come here let me see if you are bad right now.” I knew what she would find. Just her telling me to come to her so she could put her fingers there, slide them between my now almost always swollen lips made my slut hole wet and wetter and wetter still. And yes, that was what she found, her standing there, me kneeling there that white candle with my name, SLUT written on it between us. “Slut, this is the Exposer. My Slut Exposer. I have made it for you because I want you to be good and to be good girl you will have to learn to control your body. Each day from now until you have learned my lessons you will kneel here in my room with the Slut Exposer between your legs. You will set this timer for fifteen minutes and get into position.” She turned the little dial on the kitchen timer to the big 15 and it began to softly tick. A tick I would grow to love and to dread. “Get into position now.” I moved so that this thing was between my thighs it was just a fraction of an inch below my slut hole. “No, spread your knees wider. It needs to touch you. To split that naughty part of you that I will control.” I did, it did, I moaned, she smiled. “Yes, that is perfect. I measured you last night while you slept all bound.” She touched my thigh as she said this and my body trembled at her touch. “Now, each day after your last class you will immediately come here and put your Slut Exposer on this spot in the middle of the room and then turn on this button.” She switched on the little button at the base of the candle and the little tiny egg at the tippy top, the one that was just grazing my slut hole began to... to... vibrate. I lost my breath. I had never felt anything like this. It was, amazing. I moaned.

"Please, Miss Natalie?" I didn't really know what my question was just I felt so unsure in that moment.

“Yes, see already it is working," she said to me or herself, clearly she was pleased and that was enough for me to hold onto. She continued talking, "See it is even now exposing you for the slut we both know you are. It is simple really. You will fight this wicked pleasure and not let your body do what it did when I cleaned you the other night. You know that feeling now. That is what you must fight. You must not allow that feeling to over take you again. If it does, you will add 5 minutes to your time. If I am here and see you add those minutes I will put one of these,” she showed me a thick piece of cardboard, I saw now she had a small stack of them each about a foot square on her desk. “I will put one underneath the candle and it will rise and rise filling your slut hole. If I am not her you will put the wedge under yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Natalie.” I whispered.

“Good. Now I have a paper to write. Be quiet while I do so.” And she turned her back to me. It had been nearly forty-five minutes that first time before she had shown me mercy and let me crawl away from my Slut Exposer.

Every day since I had come back to the room. Every day I failed and the Slut Exposer won. Every day Miss Natalie sighed as she allowed me at last to pull the Slut Exposer from myself, keeping a finger pressed firmly to the spot where it had filled me. Where the bottom of my wet swollen lips rested against the pure white of my Slut Exposer. She would have me come to her, my head down in shame, my cheeks flushed, my body trembling still from all that wanton behavior. She would measure that depth it had been inside me, how deeply it had filled me. Each inch added to my shame. The little chart on the wall added to my shame. Miss Natalie sighing and telling me to get away from her and wash myself added to my shame.

And now, five days later I was again here in the middle of the room. Three times already it had, exposed me for the slut I really am. I was trying to be better, but it just felt so... so... oh, please Miss Natalie good. That is how I thought of it now as every time I felt myself give in to this wickedness I would beg her, “Oh, please Miss Natalie.” And now I felt the feeling begin to rise again in me. I knew any moment now I would be lost and face another turn on the timer, another raising of this invader deeper into me still. Its width flaring out from the point would stretch my slut hole, make it ache even more, and yet the feeling of that stretching filling me more and more it just felt, oh so good. That little egg would be even deeper inside me vibrating, forever vibrating, for each day I had to put in fresh batteries as Miss Natalie said a slut like me was wearing them out and if it quit it wouldn't remind me of my slutty ways. Yes, there it was I could feel it, it was so close, that feeling I was supposed to stop and just never could. My breath came faster and faster. I saw stars behind that blindfold, I bit my lip until I could taste the blood and then, I just gave in. I just accepted the wicked pleasure as I could no longer fight it.

“Oh, please Miss Natalie. Please.” And I still did not know what it was I was begging her for as the trembling, tightening, ecstasy flooded my mind and body. I was yet again exposed the slut that Miss Natalie could never love.

To be continued...


donriser said...

I love it Miss Honey. Poor girl, hehe!!

Marie said...

This update is wonderful....I just love every chapter of this story.