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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stolen Time

We were the only ones left. Just him and I. Yes, there was more work to do, but really it could wait. He came to me and stood by the door and gave me... that look. You know the one. A look that says I want you. I need you to come here and be bad with me. It says please, and now, and hurry without begging but with just the perfect amount of silent pleading that makes a heart race.

I got up and walked around my desk and pushed him up against the door that somehow got closed and locked in the time it took me to take those seven steps. The sigh of a kiss that has been too long waiting is a wicked rush. The coming together of bodies that know each other but are denied too many times is euphoria educing. His hands on my hips, my mouth on his mouth, our tongues tentative and exploring all at the same time. Explore, yes that is the word, hands explore, mouths explore, hips explore all the possibilities that this which is forbidden and taken allows.

When did the pants come off? When did parts get slick and parts get hard? When did we allow all that we only fantasized become reality? In this moment. This moment when I was bent over the edge of the desk with legs spread just so and he murmured so nicely that my ass was the perfect ass. In this moment when tongue explored that slick and sweet part of me and my back arched allowing access and more access and more access. That was the moment of surrender or defeat or victory of battle we didn't even know we were fighting but surely we were losing.

And then one hard part slipped inside one slick, wet, hot aching part and the sigh came without even being called forth. It just was delicious. A perfect rhythm that was so easy and so wrong and so right. And then to the sofa, him there, me there. My thighs atop his thighs, his hands on hips, on breasts, squeezing, touching, pinching, pleasing. And I rocked and I raised and pushed up and down and back and forth. Oh, to be this sweet for this time when time was not even an option and was stolen.

Then mouth finished what needed to be done because that really was for the best. And that moment came of no return and the pulse of life and surrender and victory was mine to control, mine to give and take and take I did. And give he did and sigh we did and one more kiss until the clock on the wall said that was all the time I will allow you to take from me. And so we parted as we came together with barely a glance for each had to hide the secret again.

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Marie said...

MMMM lovely story Mistress. Really makes your slut horny.


Anonymous said...

Nice, sexy urgency. Well done.

max said...

wow, very wow. wonderful moment, wonderful words.

sexy hotwife said...

Wonderfully sexy story.....just so erotic! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Friggin' fantastic. Thank you so much for that amazing escape.