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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

“Wake up,” I said pinching both of Becca's nipples between my fingertips late the next morning. I loved to sleep in, I wondered though how much sleep she had gotten. She moaned as I continued to squeeze and twist at her little nubs and then began to lift her hips even higher than the pillow under them raised them up. I untied her feet and removed the panties from her mouth. “Are you thirsty slut?” I asked holding a bottle of water just above her mouth.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Yes, what? Say it right, like I taught you last night.”

“Yes, Miss Natalie.” I smiled as these words came from her so nicely, slipping from her with so little effort. I dribbled a small stream of water from the bottle into her mouth as a reward. After having soiled cotton panties in her mouth for so long she had to be beyond dry. She was like a little baby bird as she eagerly allowed me to do this. When I stopped the flow she said, “Thank you Miss Natalie.” Oh, this was going to be fun.

“If I let your hands go can I trust you to not play with that naughty slut hole?” Becca just nodded in response. Then I changed my mind, she really was in a perfect position for me, and I wanted more from her. “No, I think first you will need to be cleaned. All those slutty juices that leaked all night from your hole are making my room smell like sex.” She blushed so deliciously at this. Oh, I do so love a girl who blushes.

I retrieved her discarded flannel nightgown and ripped a large square of it from the bottom. I took the water bottle and got the flannel square wet. As I did this I said, “You really do stink.”

“I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Miss Natalie. Please, I only want to be good,” she said. Then she added something else that really pleased me and made me know I was on just the right path with this little girl. “Please, I want to be good for you.”

There it was. She wanted to be good for me. And I would make her a very good, and very naughty girl for me. I took the cloth and put it over my fingers then decided a bit more contact might keep her a bit off balance. I climbed onto the bed with her and straddled her legs that I had just untied. I squeezed them together with my thighs then leaned forward. The pillow was still under her hips and she really had a pretty little pussy now that all that hair had been removed. I thought I would let her grow just a little back eventually, a little strip just above these sweet pouty lips. But for now, for this beginning of my control of her, a daily shaving would be necessary. And I think I would be doing the shaving. Morning or night, I would have to decide. What would keep her on the edge? As I thought about this question I began to rub her with the cloth, my fingers ridged underneath.

I began by rubbing up her thighs. Soft thighs covered in her own pussy juice. Becca got very wet overnight, she was such a sexual little thing, she did have the room smelling of sex. Her poppa wouldn't like this at all, but I did, I loved it. I made small circles up and up her thighs.

“Close your eyes. I am only doing this for the good of us both. What if someone wanted to come visit me. One step into this room and they would know I have a slut for a roommate. Close your eyes as you don't need to watch me suffer for your wickedness, that only makes it nastier.” Really I wanted her to close her eyes as I knew that it would let her get lost in the sensations of me touching her, but a little reminder of her wicked ways wouldn't hurt right now.

Reaching the top of one thigh I could feel her straining under me, her legs trapped beneath my thighs pushing up against me. I moved to the other side and started again, up and up my fingers went covered in that soft, wet flannel rubbing her soft, white skin. This time on reaching the top of her thigh I moved to just above her pussy. I continued with the little circles. Looking up at her face I saw she was keeping her eyes closed just as I had ordered. And she was once again biting that full bottom lip. This was having just the desired effect. And her straining under me was certainly turning me on.

“There now, all clean on the outside. Now, I really don't want to touch you anymore than I have to, but you have proven you can't be trusted and if I let you wash yourself I am sure you would start being nasty with this slut hole wouldn't you?” She just nodded, but kept her eyes tightly shut. I shifted a bit and pushed her legs apart. I stayed there on her, I wanted to keep this sense of helplessness and being trapped beneath me strong. It was something she would have to get used to and quickly.

I lifted up the water bottle and let a tiny trickle drop right onto the freshly shaved slit. She moaned so beautiful and tried to spread her legs wider. I lifted up a bit and let her then sat back down pinning her legs in this open and vulnerable position. She was spread wide for me now. I dripped a bit more water watching it slip down in-between her lips. Then I moved my hand covered in the square of flannel right there and began rubbing this horny little girl's pussy. Yes, in her mind I was only cleaning up the proof of her slutty ways. But I fully intended to do more then cleaning. My slut was going to start this day with an orgasm from my hand. And I suspected it would be her first ever.

I pushed into her the smallest bit. She moaned. I ran the cloth down lower and lower, the same little circles on her tiny little asshole. She moaned. Then back up again, slowly coming closer and closer to her clit. She moaned and her legs strained against me. I circled it, once, then twice then began to rub it directly.

“You are such a slut Becca. Such a nasty dirty girl.” I said while giving her pleasure. “You deserved to be tied all night. Didn't you?” I rubbed a bit harder there at her clit, smaller tighter circles, faster and faster. I didn't wait for her to answer me. “You should be so ashamed that I have to clean you. You should be so ashamed that my room smells like slut.” I knew from the growing moans that she was getting so close. “You are a slut aren't you? You need me don't you? Tell me, tell me you want me to guide you, teach you. Tell me you are mine so I can make you good for me.”

“Yes, please, yes.” And as she cried out these words I felt her tense up tight. “Yes, yes, yes,” she cried out. And I knew my little slut had cum with just my fingers rubbing her. Yes, she needed me very much.

To be continued...


Marie said...

OH Mistress, I love this part....infact I just woke up, I am tired and now after reading this, I want to go play with my slutty pussy....and cum for you, but breakfast is almost here, so I will be good...but this is so arousing and I wish it was be tied on that bed.


donriser said...

chapter 7? 8? 9? 10? . . .

Love this story -- very hot.