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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tell Me... #5

Tell Me. Amazing what lovely things get shared with those two words. Weekly... three questions or open ended prompts. Questions open to anyone who stops by to visit, so go on answer and "tell me." You may answer all or just one or two, but you must answer truthfully... this isn't fiction. Write a single word... or a thousand, it is up to you. I would love to hear from you. And we all like to share in the naughty revealed. Remember you can always post anonymous here on my blog if you are shy. I will be posting my reply to my own questions on Friday's before the next Questions go up Saturday morning. So go on now... click the Comments button and ...

Tell me...

  • ... about your favorite part (body or otherwise) of the oposite sex (should you prefer the same sex... that works too).


  • ... about the one that got away.


  • ... how do you like your eggs?



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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miss Honey - I love to tell you my secrets.

1. Favorite body part of the opposite sex: boobs, boobs, boobs. I'm obsessed with boobs. (And since you gave another option here, to be honest, I'm very curious about cocks).

2. One that got away: in college, a girl with a tremendous rack (do you see a pattern here?) made it clear she was into me, but I wasn't really attracted to her, so I passed. Not long after that she hooked up with a friend of mine and the two of them fucked like rabbits that whole school year. As the saying goes, "regrets, I've had a few . . ."

3. Two eggs, please, sunny side up, with the yolks staring up at me from the plate like a couple of beautiful nipples, ready to be devoured. Yes, there's a definite pattern here.

Miss Honey said...

Oh... contemplate... you so made me smile this morning. Yes, a definite pattern, but a wonderful one to be sure.

Ava said...

1. Favorite body part...On men? I love long strong arms, I love how they hold me, down or around. Such a fantastic feeling. On women? I'm a breast girl, size doesn't matter, I just love the soft tender parts :)

2. I'm with the one that I would forever regret getting away...good thing I can keep him tied down. I'm lucky, any that got away I didn't want anyway. Opportunities missed...ah that would have been M. Mmmmm she had the arms and the breasts...duh...stupid too much to drink to function, on both of our parts. That and being too inhibited, too little to late I guess.

3. Eggs, I'm an over medium gal, firm with a nice gooey middle. I just had some actually :)

Marie said...

1. My favorite body part on the opposite sex has to be the lips...I just love lips...I love what lips can do to me, I love a nice sensual kiss, a nice long passionate kiss...I love to feel soft kissing being planted up my back...or all over really.

2. I guess since I am married and very happy there is not really a set person that "got away" but there is this one stud in college, that i had the chance to have sex with and I said no, because he was the brother of my room-mate (awkward) but I made out with him and he had a rock hard cock dying to be put inside me and I wish to this day I had fucked his brains out. I bet it would have been so nice.

3. I love eggs...when the whites are FULLY cooked, no sunny side up or over easy for me. I love them over medium, whites fully cooked and yolks a little runny to dip my toast into. I do that with the first piece of toast. Then I take what is left of the eggs and set it on my toast and eat it that way. I love scrambled eggs with pepper and ketchup or sometimes some extra sharp chedder cheese cooked in. And at times I like omlets...I like them with cheese and red peppers. I also like eggs fried hard with cheese on top to make a sandwich with a bagel, or croissant, or muffin....I love poached eggs too, I love pickled hard boiled eggs, I love deviled eggs, I love just plain hard boiled peeled eggs and I even like egg I guess it is fair to say I really loved eggs, when the whites are FULLY cooked.

Thank you for asking.

Marie said...

LMAO Just realized that over two juicy questions I found the most to say about some damn eggs. LOL, this is funny.

Anonymous said...

This is a great one....Thanks Ms. Honey!

1. Favorite part of a guys body, hmmmm, I love a nice pair of shoulders...muscular, round, tan, with a tatoo or two (but not too much). But then there is also that sweet spot...I can't even describe it...maybe I'll just blog about it and find some photos to post. It is just under the hip in the front.

2. The one who got a way...he was a guy in college, a football player. I was just beginning to date my husband at the time, but I went to several parties with this guy and we always seemed to end up in a corner talking together. He was of Pacific island decent so his skin was on the dark side and he was beautiful. I sooooo could have done him in a heart beat. He was totally into me and the chemistry was AMAZING.

3. Eggs - scrambled with chorizo please!

Sam said...

1. Hooray for boobies.

2. First one. I was actually the catch, and I run away. You just don't know what's good for you when you're young.

3. Scrambled eggs (salt, pepper and chives) with smoked whitefish.

Anonymous said...

1. I agree with Marie. I love kissing and I love being kissed. My nicest fantasies (with men or women) have lots of kissing in them.

2. First love, met about 21 years nine months, ten days ago. Changed everything when she appeared; and again when she left. Only just repairing myself now. (see my "lessons in love and light")

3. Fried with a soft yolk. My two special perversions are: on top of penne & ragu bolognese; and worst of all on top of sardines on toast (strong coffee needed). Will definitely try scrambled with chorizo!

Miss Honey said...

... about your favorite part (body or otherwise) of the opposite sex (should you prefer the same sex... that works too)
Give me a mind that works in unique and real way. Give me someone who will offer me their self in a way that is true and beautiful. A word, a sentence, a scene, sex or everyday. Give me someone who cares and wants to make me truly happy and it will be good.

... about the one that got away.
Get away? From me... oh, if they run, I won't chase. I like them running toward me, not away.

... how do you like your eggs?
Scrambled well, with sour dough toast, cottage cheese on the side and a really, really cold glass of milk.

Merlin7 said...

... about your favorite part
A womans breast , nipple, Ahhhhh!

... about the one that got away.
My first Love!!! we probably met too young. We still live close but never talk, Its a bit like the James Blunt Song where there eyes meet in the subway!!

... how do you like your eggs?
Poached in bed!!


Anonymous said...

... about your favorite part
The side of a woman's breast is my favorite part. Just a hint is needed, nothing more.

... about the one that got away.
The one that got away is the same as my first fuck. She moved away and we tried to have a long distance relationship but it didn't work. She needed someone nearby and I needed time. Bad combination but in retrospect - I found the one for me.

... how do you like your eggs?
Over easy with a side of toast. For some reason, I've never been able to make them taste a good as the eggs one gets in breakfast diner.