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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Tipping of a Roommate -Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I laid on my bed, I was stretched and bound. I was ashamed beyond anything I had ever felt before, but my body it was enflamed, feeling everything with an intensity that I thought I would never be able to control. I felt the cool metal of the scissors against my skin as Natalie, no Miss Natalie now, cut my hair down there where all my shame came from. I felt the shaving cream as she covered me there with it and the rasp of Miss Natalie’s razor. Each stroke causing moan after moan. I could taste myself in the cotton of the panties she had pushed into my mouth. Something about that taste just made my head spin. When she had coated my lips with my own sinful juices I couldn’t help but lick my lips over and over once Miss Natalie had left the room. My wrists had ached where she had squeezed them, my breasts had ached, my sinning hole had been hotter, more alive then I had ever felt it before, I just couldn’t help myself again. I needed to find something, relief, something I couldn’t even think of and I had touched it again for the second time tonight.

Poppa knew I was a wicked girl. Twice at home I had been caught sinning. Once on the top of the fence watching the sheep do what no girl should watch. But I couldn’t seem to help myself and when I went to get down I had slipped. The shock of that top edge of the board hitting me hard, well I stopped right there, gasping, moaning and soon I began to rock and rock while straddling the fence there in the summer sun with my eyes closed tight and the rough board pressed so painfully against my most private spot, it just felt, right. Poppa had seen me, and had dragged me back to the house and made me bend over the chair. Momma had been told to give me fifty good licks with the paddle. And then poor Momma, she had taken fifty licks herself for not raising me better, bent over the same chair while I stood in the corner with my underwear still around my knees and my dress held up around my waist.

The second time had been after a visit to the Mayfield’s farm. Eliza Mayfield had whispered such naughty things to me as we shucked the corn for the dinner our families would share. She went to the public school, she smelled so good, she had a boyfriend, she said you could take a shucked ear of corn and put it… well then she lifted up her skirt and showed me her panties, she was so very pretty. When we got home I put an ear of corn under my pillow thinking maybe I might do what she had said, maybe. It had been there for two days, I just couldn’t bring myself to do what Eliza had whispered and made my heart beat so fast. I knew it was wrong, sinful. Momma had found that ear of corn when she had stripped the sheets, it had been so careless of me. I had taken so many licks for that. Poppa didn’t even listen to my pleas, I was a woman, I was wicked, Poppa said. And I was, thinking of sinning was as bad as the act, I knew that.

And now, here I was proving Poppa right, I was so very bad. I was just ashamed. Miss Natalie was everything I wanted to be, so pretty, so popular, so good. I just wanted her to like me. She looked beautiful every day. Her hair was always shiny and perfect. She smiled and people smiled back. Oh, and she smelled even better then Eliza Mayfield. I just wanted her to smile at me. I had disgusted her now. I deserved all her punishments. Poppa had said she was good when he met her, he had told God she was good and for her to give me guidance.

Over and over this night she had caught me being bad. I hadn’t started out this night wanting to be bad. Tonight I had watch her come into the room late as she usually was, and I had snuck glances at her as she changed from her shorts and blouse to her sleep shirt. She didn’t even pay attention to me. I couldn’t blame her. I wasn’t worth noticing. She was perfect.. She had such a beautiful body. Long legs that she showed every day in shorts or skirts, perfect skin, and tonight between taking off her blouse, and bra and before she had put on her sleep shirt, she had turned toward me, I had quick closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, but even with my eyes closed I could still see the vision of her… of her gently curved stomach, her belly button with a little gold ring in it, and breasts so perfectly shaped, even Eliza would be jealous. I waited and waited and when she was all quiet and I was sure Miss Natalie was sleeping I just couldn’t help myself. That spot where the board had pressed just seemed to take over. It was everything suddenly and it felt so good to rub and rub and rub.

All that Miss Natalie had said to me tonight was true. I was a horrible, disgusting, naughty girl. I was bad, wicked, a slut with no control at all. But I just seemed to feel everything, physically. The lightest touch, the smallest pain, all was so much to me, my body seemed to take everything and amplify it. When she held me close for those few brief but wonderful moments my head spun and I felt almost faint. I didn’t mean to rub myself against her, but my body just seemed to do it anyway. When she had spanked me over her knee, I just wanted to be close to her, closer and closer to her. And then, she tied me here and made me ache, and ache, it was all punishment I deserved. But my hands, I just thought if I could make it hurt a little more there at my breasts, if I could just make the ache more between my legs it would some how stop, and so again I touched where only bad girls touch. And now I was bound, gagged with my own underwear and Miss Natalie was just finishing shaving my private shameful slut hole as she kept calling it. And I knew she is right. That must be the word it, for me, because only a girl who was a bad as me would do these things. I deserved anything she wanted to do to me.

“There now, you look just like a little girl down there. Well a bad little girl, but it’s a start.” Miss Natalie said as she wiped me clean with my own discarded nightgown. “We won’t need this anymore.” She said tossing it into the trash in the corner of the room. I was so exposed, so very bare. I could feel the air on me now, even that made my slut hole ache. Yes, that is what I would call it now too, as Miss Natalie was so right with that name. Even just now I had pushed up my hips again as she had wiped me, I couldn’t help myself. All that touching she did while shaving me left me trembling, needing something still I could barely even think about. I just knew I need more and more from her. I just wanted to be good for Miss Natalie. I just wanted her to smile at me. “I am going to leave you like this while I get some sleep. I don’t have a class until the afternoon, so you can just stay this way until I am ready to get up. You have interrupted enough of my sleep with your wicked ways.” I knew she was right. I deserved to stay just this way because she said so.

Then Miss Natalie turned off my desk light, the one that had been pointing at my slut hole during all this. She got into her own bed and left me, tied, hands and feet to the top and bottom of my bed. My breasts still burning with that cream, oh they ached so. My own underwear with the word SLUT written in black marker pushed into my mouth, my hips pushed up by the pillow Miss Natalie had put under them so that in the moon light that streamed in from the window I could see my now bare and still desperate slut hole. She had been so right to do all of this to me, I needed her to teach me to be good. If only I could make her happy, be good for her. I began to cry again, as quiet as I could. From across the room I heard Miss Natalie sigh in her sleep. I was sure she was having decent, pure dreams. She was so good, I was so bad. Yes, if only I could be good like her, if only she would punish me enough to make that happen, was my last thought as I too fell asleep.

To be continued...

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh I love this one it coming from becca's perspective and I love how she calls it her sinning hole. You must really be wanting to make your slut horny Mistress, I read this and just want to touch myself.

I love then ending, her tied and gagged for the night. Can't wait for chapter 6.