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I will expect respect, though I am not to be feared.

So, off you go to - or call 949 999-5900 and do tell them Saffron sent you (it's my middle name). I am extension 611.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking My Tootsies Out for a Drink

After my pedicure Hubby took me out for a drink. A friend was singing karaoke at a nice bar not to far from where we live. Had a lovely time listening to bad 80's music, having a couple drinks and being a bit silly for a weeknight. Now I believe it is time to have Hubby kiss my pretty newly painted toes until I let him move up further on my body... ankle... knee... thigh.... hmmm... gotta go now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As American as Apple-replay...

Sighhhh.... well, the technology is there but not entirely sure I am happy about it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh, good Lord... another website...

Ok... I may be a bit daft, but I have joined two more websites this weekend dedicated to this lifestyle I so love to explore.

The first is and I am honored to be a part of this new site. I was invited to it, to be a contributor. After reading many of the blogs of the authors there, I am also a bit intimidated. But I can only be me and so, I will write and share my thoughts and hope that I touch some readers in a positive way.

If you click on the KSL Bios, and then click on the link for the Banner Farm you will see at the bottom a pretty banner for Honey's Hive. I am so proud of that little banner. Mystress Lady Evyl (the site owner) in her invite to me asked for a banner. I don't know where banners come from or how to make one. Are there banner fairies that just magically make them for you? Couldn't find the fairy website... so I Googled, "create a web banner", and clicked and clicked and clicked until I finally found a site that allows you to create them for free from your own pictures - That was just what I was looking for. And it took a little bit, but I am pleased how my banner came out, with the same image as on my blog.

The other site that I am now a member of and joined this weekend is An online friend pointed me in the direction of this site. The owners are clearly passionate about all things BDSM related and have made a place where anything and everything sex and naughty can be discussed and shared. I loved too how friendly so many of the members are already. It wasn't but an hour or two and I had many replies to my introduction thread. I love that sense of community and acceptance.

Of course I am still working hard at The Org. I have posted 24 of my tasks there. I had 56 active tasks at the Academy before it closed, but some of them I just didn't feel any more. I may take a look again at my list in a few weeks and see if any that I initially rejected deserve a second look. But for now I think I have a nice variety posted that will be available for those who wish to share with me.

I have been reading a lot at Fetlife. I love seeing all the variety of opinions and interesting discussions there. I enjoy being a part of group discussions about topics that really interest me. And there are many to chose from.

Then I have my vanilla sites... my writers group website is one I created and I maintain, and I have a website for my art, and a page for my photography on another site. A friend asked me to create a site for her and so I did a little site on Tripod (they have a nice site builder template). Which I really wish she would take it over, but she keeps sending me stuff to add and change.

Oh, and then there is this my little blog, that I just love, but honestly.... good lord, I am insane. And if you asked me, I would say I am only moderately computer literate.

So, what is your favorite site you think I should join or check out?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the Early Morning Darkness

I wake at 3:22. The insistent red of the digital clock display taunting me yet again. I do so despise waking before the alarm demands such a thing of me. He lays next to me. One leg under the sheet, one leg over, torso bare. I run my hand down from between shoulder blades, down to the small of his back. I love that curve there, where the muscles tighten on either side of his spine, the little dip where if you melted an ice cube the water would pool. Then I run my hand lower still to the upward swell of his buttocks. He has the nicest bottom. Pale in the scant light coming from the window, the streetlight just across the road casting barely perceivable shadows across his smooth skin. As he has aged hair has come more and more to chest and arms, legs and face, but his bottom remains covered only in the finest and lightest colored down.

I run my hand over the curve of his ass. He moans, even in sleep he responds to my touch. This is nice. Down a little lower to where bottom becomes thigh I stroke, over strong, thick thighs from hard, long hours of real work. Work that leaves him tired and aching, work that he is proud of and allows him to look back over his shoulder and see something tangible there for others to enjoy and never realize the pain it is to his body. I rub there at that invisible line between thigh and ass, stroke from back to side, inside thigh and outside thigh. The muscles there are different as night and day. Inner thigh seems vulnerable and tender, outer thigh thick and impossible strong. Up again I move my hand to that sweet ass that loves my touch. He is awake now, not speaking, but the contented sigh I know is one not from dreams, but from my touch.

And so I grow bolder with my touch, rubbing not just those angel soft hairs that cover pale white skin, but deeper still to the muscles that tighten and bunch under my hand as he flexes and turns to offer me a better angle. He lays flat on his stomach and turns his head to me. I can see the small bit of light reflect off his now open eyes. And I smile, he may not be able to see in the dark shadows of early morning, but I offer him my smile none the less as my hand continues to alternate between deep rubs and teasing touches.

His back arches just a little as he raises that sweet bottom up straining for more contact, more of my touch. The dip at the small of his back grows deeper with this and I glide my other hand down it, heal of my hand pressing against the skin that covers his spine. I delight in the sweep of it.

I move myself between his now spread wide thighs. I kneel there and reach for his ass with both palms, cupping his cheeks, digging deeper into muscles with fingertips, the pads of my thumbs rubbing small circles. Then, quite suddenly and with no warning, verbal or otherwise, I raise my hands from his body, from his skin, and bring the right down with significant force.

“Ohhhhh,” is the only word her offers as the sound of the stinging slap resounds against the quiet walls of very early morning. I can feel the lingering tingle in my own fingertips and I go back to rubbing softly, barely skimming his body and I can, already, feel the welts rising in the pattern of my hand there on his skin. Again I raise my hands from him and again I bring my right down onto the other cheek of his ass and again the moan comes from him as a barely understandable, breathless, “Ohhhhhh.”

I continue this rubbing and these stinging smacks one after another until the skin so pale in the bit of light I am sure is no longer simply white, but I do know it will now be a lovely pale shade of pink. I am instantly pleased as he not only arches up to me, but spreads his legs wider for me as I continue to rub strong back, ass and thigh, but then reach down lower and cup what he really wants me to touch. I tug then on hip and thigh, no words are necessary as he knows instantly I want him on hands and knees. I want better access to that part of him that has responded so positively to these small abuses to eager skin.

I take the length of him in my hand. The power I feel at this moment is exquisite. Kneeling there in the early morning with him firmly in my control, with ass still aching from just my hand offering it sting after sting of pleasurable pain. I feel all the desire I have for this man welling up. I stroke him, down and back, tugging on that root of his being feeling the desire he has for what I want from him in an entirely real and growingly significant way. I know how he wants this. I know from every moan what it is he desires as I stroke and stroke and stroke that which I have mastery of. I love the feel of him like this, at my mercy, at my command. I whisper three words into the dark and he moans yet again and does almost instantly as I have told, does as I have demanded. He can not deny me what I order, he can not hold back from what I want. And I know just how he likes it in this moment, as I put one hand hard on the small of his back and pull down tight and hard with my other, as it is wrapped around his beautiful self that pulses against my warm palm and he offers to me that most precious gift of ultimate desire.

As the passion peeks and he is spent he lays his body back down again and I curl against him. Curves fitting against curves, bodies made to fit as if a puzzle pieced together. Eyes drift shut and soft murmurs of affection and pleasure weave a spell of bliss in the still dark of the room. I can again sleep, wrapped in love and peaceful contentment.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A very naughty message...

My girl slut marie and I were chatting via yahoo IM earlier today and she offered to call me and leave me a voice mail since she had a few thoughts she wanted to share with me. I love hearing her sweet sexy voice talk dirty and tell me all she is thinking. And she does think and desire the most naughty things. Of course I do love encouraging her do the naughtiest things. So perfect really.

Can't you picture her there in the bathroom at work whispering all this lovely, sexy talk? Oh, delicious.

I am posting this transcript of what she left me as I know it will make her blush most becomingly to have others read what a naughty sub she is, she does like others to know what she has been doing, so please leave a comment as I know it will only make my girl blush even more. The going to the store she is talking about is a task she will do this weekend for me... going into a store dressing room, stripping naked, putting her panties in her mouth, putting clothespins on her sensitive nipples, a toy in her ass and playing with her pussy until she cums there for me. Hmmmm, new meaning to a blue light special... probably more of a red light special really.

Here is what she said to me....

Hi Mistress... this is your little cum slut, pain slut, pee slut, nasty exhibitionistic slut… marie. Sneaking in the bathroom at work calling you. I’m so horny today Mistress. While I am at my desk I wish I could be touching myself, but I can’t because I’ll probably get caught if I do.

Last night I wanted to cum again so badly, and when you told me no it just made me that much hornier. Then I got talking about all that stuff we’d done before and it was making it worse, and then this morning it didn’t take long after I woke up before my clit was throbbing hard again. And then when you told me to go in the bathroom and pee on my fingers, I’ve never really done that before, and that pretty hot and I didn’t even think twice about it I just stuck my fingers down there and let my hot pee run over them and then I just sort of wiped them off a little bit and sent you another IM and that was pretty hot too, Mistress.

I am so looking forward to being in the store this weekend. You know I will be scared as hell, but you know I am going to do it. Go in the fitting room and put those clothespins on my nipples, put my panties in my mouth all wet with juice. Cum for you. Put them back on and shove that toy in deeper to go home.

I hope you like this message. I better go before I get caught.

Thank you Mistress.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And last night my tootsies took me out to the ballgame...

We have a minor league baseball team in our city. What is nicer on a summer's evening than baseball, hotdogs, popcorn and sandals? :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He Said to Her…

And the fish monger said
to the fish wife,
“Darlin’, you smell like fresh trout on a summer’s day.”

And the farmer said
to the farmer’s wife,
“Dear, your sun-kissed skin is all I think about while tilling the earth.”

And the baker said
to his dumpling of a wife,
“You, my sweet, taste of hot sourdough slathered in creamy butter.”

Oh, the truth of a heart’s desire is this…
Love sees no size, no blemish, no fault,
but only those things that all lovers know without ever knowing.

And he said to me,
“My love, you are my completion,
for look here at how your hand fits with perfection into mine.”

Friday, August 15, 2008

10 Answers

I offered up 10 Questions, and if you have one for me... go to that post and click on comments and ask your question... first 10 asked... I will answer here.

1. Miss Honey, if a sub was to take a picture that made you smile wider than you ever have, what would that picture be of? pm

I love any image offered to me that is meaningful to the submissive. I am turned on by what turns on my subs and those I share with. It is the offering of something naughty in an effort to please me that makes me smile. I love boys in girl's panties. I love bondage. I love a picture of pretty red bottom after it has been spanked for me. Wax covering a body part, that would make me smile. I love creativity, I love sexy, I love erotic, I love naughty. I love sweet and cute and innocent too. It is in the offering, the sharing... the submission that I am pleased.

2. Miss Honey, what were you like as a child / young adult growing up? Nick X

I was a shy, quiet child in a volatile household. My parents fought a lot when I was growing up and I took on the role of the one trying to make everyone happy. Did you know it is impossible to make everyone happy? I was/am hyper empathetic usually to my own detriment as I took in and made myself near to ill with other people emotions. It took a bit of work to get that under control. I also (between the divorce of my parents and my step-father being in the military) moved a lot and went to 13 different schools between kindergarten and graduating high school. That added to my shy, quiet tendencies. I married young (too young, 18) and had children young (too young, 19 & 20), but am reaping the reward for those decisions now that I am still in the full blossom of my adulthood and my children are grown. I have the maturity and the life experience to share now and the time to indulge in my own desires and share with others.

Here is a bit of a bonus... this is me at 12.

3. If you had to describe in a single word what you enjoy most about domming your subbies, what would it be? Miss D


4. I wanted to ask you, as your little boy, what made you discover that the shy little girl you were was such a passionate women inside... how did you grow towards that? your acker -

I have always been a kinky girl, from my earliest memories I was intrigued by sex and sexuality, and the power of it. Even when I was young I tried to get the boys to do naughty things while I watched. When I found my parents' dirty magazines I loved reading the stories. I have always been attracted to stories and pictures of bondage and submission, domination. I found pleasure with my own body an easy thing even early on in my sexual awakening. When I discovered sex and the power that I had to command with those that wanted me, that was so wonderful. Part of that was the girl that wanted everyone to be happy... if I was in control then I could control emotions as well as actions and that was a powerful realization. Now, I can channel my sexuality and the exploration of D/s in directions like this, sharing more and more with those I love for all they offer me.

5. What in your childhood was the most important lesson you ever learned while growing up, and what affect if any does it have on you today? - notperfect

While I am not a particularly religious person one lesson from growing up that I believe in is the the Golden Rule. - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I learned it in Sunday school and my Nana and mother reinforced it to me regularly. I am strong believer in its simple message. Be good, be respectful. It applies to any situations in life, as a child and as an adult.

There is a universality of the Golden Rule in the world religions -
Christianity - All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye so to them; for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:1
Confucianism - Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state. Analects 12:2
Buddhism - Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. Udana-Varga 5,1
Hinduism - This is the sum of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you. Mahabharata 5,1517
Islam - No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. Sunnah
Judaism - What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. Talmud, Shabbat 3id
Taoism - Regard your neighbor’s gain as your gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. Tai Shang Kan Yin P’ien
Zoroastrianism - That nature alone is good which refrains from doing another whatsoever is not good for itself. Dadisten-I-dinik, 94,5

6. Can you tell us about your morning routine...what are all the things you do in the morning that take you through your first hour at work? marie

My alarm goes off each morning at 5:31. I usually hit the snooze at least twice... there is something so nice about slipping back to sleep for those little minutes. I take a shower every morning... love my showers. I don't drink coffee so for me my showers are my wake up activity. Lather, rinse, repeat... condition, shave my legs... wash my face... rinse with cold water all over. Dry off, lotion, brush my teeth, makeup, blow dry, get dressed. Then I head downstairs... feed the dogs, grab my purse and keys and drive to work. It takes me exactly 20 minutes to get to work. If when I start my car my clock says anything past 6:40 I know I will be late. I drive on the freeway to get to my job. I head into my office each morning, turn on my computer, change the backup tape, see if my crabby boss needs anything, and make my to-do list for the day. I write down everything I need to do. I have a terrible memory and keeping lists keeps me sane.

7. You speak and mention your hubby often and the fun you share together. Do you share any type of BDSM relationship with him or is it strictly a vanilla one. Nevsboy

I said once our relationship is spicy vanilla and I think that is still a good definition. I do not dominate him. But we do play on occasion. He likes his ass smacked and I like to do that. He shares with me as Miss Honey in that I will talk to him about what I am doing and share some of what others do for me. He loves that this makes me happy.

8. You mentioned being empathic. What I would like to ask is how do you handle all the emotions that you might find yourself dealing with in a day to day situation and in online situations.(for my own greedy curiosity how did you get so wise) vixen

I have learned the hard way over the years that I can not make people happy. That is not my job or my responsibility in life. However, I try to be kind, caring, I try to listen... really listen... and help when I can. If people are happy because they have shared something with me, or because of my caring, my friendship or my love then that makes me happy. When someone shares their worries, fears, emotions, positive and negative with me I share those, experience them, I feel them, but no longer do I take those emotions on as my own in an obsessive way as I did when I was young. And when I offer advice to someone it is because I care and if they choose not to do as I might offer, as I might think will make them happier or feel better, then I let it go... as again, they are responsible for their own happiness.

9. Will you share with us the elements of your perfect day? If you could have a day that you would call perfectly pleasing, what would it include? - donriser

The perfect day is any day I wake up, breathing. Life is wonderful. I have a man who loves me passionately, friends that care, I have a girl and two boys committed to me in naughty ways that I love, I have a job that pays me enough to keep a roof over my head and the lights on, I love good food and there is always something in my refrigerator. I live where the streets are clean and safe to walk down any time of the day. I have family... children who are healthy and love us, parents who raised me well, a sister who is terrific and who has given me two wonderful little blond nieces. My blessings are many.

Do I have bad days? Sure, work sucks some days, I don't love the heat of summers, my dogs sometimes pee where they shouldn't.... but really a perfect day... everyday is perfect.

10. Honey, what do you enjoy most about being an online Mistress? What do you find the most challenging? Can I have two questions since it's the same concept? Okay, now it's three, but whose counting? Darn, thats four.. - Mistress Nev

I enjoy the sharing of experiences, the learning, growing exploring and naughty fun. I enjoy the control my submissives give to me, but just as much I enjoy their friendships. The biggest challenge is finding enough time for those who I care about.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 Questions

Last night I was chatting with marie and a question about my preference for liquid refreshment came up. She was cute because she wanted to know if we were together what she should serve me. White Zinfandel would be my wine of choice, no coffee or tea, or soda, I do generally get water with ice but no lemon please. On hot days I do like wine coolers in bright sparkly tropical flavors.

So, I thought, this might be a fun post and maybe a way to meet some of those who visit here but never comment… come on stop being shy. I really only spank those who beg me to make their bottoms red.

I am offering up 10 Questions. Anything you want to ask me, one question per customer, first come... first served, or first asked... first answered. I will answer completely and honestly any question respectfully asked. Just hit the comment button and ask. Something as mundane as what is my favorite meal, to something naughty like when I lost my preciously prized virginity. Perhaps my personal philosophy about hand vs. paddle spankings, or is that a practicality question? Hmmmm…

Dear Miss Honey,
I wanted to ask you….

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Summer Surrender

This was written in response to a challenge to write a romance novel in one sentence. LOL... I think I pushed the sentence and the alliteration to its breaking point, but still think it is fun. My story has all the (best? worst?) elements of the genre. If you comment, hope you offer me a bit of run-on alliteration in return. :)


Sweet Summer Surrender

The sultry summer sun shone down upon her, causing Skylar Sophia Serena Sherborne, the Viscountess of Verni, to feel a tickling trickle as single bead of misbehaving moisture made its way between her milky-white mounds of pearly perfection and she hoped, despite her maidenly morals, that Redmond Reed O’Rourke, the Duke of Dartmouth, was watching that delicate dew drop, and that he, despite the many months of animosity and anger towards her, wanted to taste and tenderly touch her, because until now he wouldn’t allow himself that supreme surrender, because he had blamed her, in erroneous error, for the devastatingly dreadful death of his highly hailed horse Horatio, although Skylar now knew her jaded and jealous twin sister Tara, to keep Skylar and Redmond eternally apart, had perpetrated the horrendously heinous crime against the unequaled equine, but until this day no matter how Skylar implored and insisted upon her innocence Redmond refused to relent, but Skylar held hope that this divine day, as she stood there watching his earl-gray eyes lock upon her heavenly heaving bosom, that perhaps he had finally, after these many months, come to believe in her insisted innocence, because now he was moving towards her so slowly, step by significant step until he was standing before her and yes, now he was offering a tempting truce, but she knew the perilous price for such an alluring agreement was her precious pride and prudently protected purity, and yet as he stood poised before her presenting the possibility of passion, along with acquittal and absolution of any alleged wrong doing in the tragically terminal trauma of his honored Horatio, she knew the time to give in to her womanly wanton, decidedly decadent desires was here and now, and without a moment’s misgiving she absolutely accepted the offer, and so beneath that sweltering summer sun Skylar Sophia Serena Sherborne graciously gave to Redmond Reed O’Rouke, in exchange for his believing her blamelessness in his horse Horatio’s fatal fate, the greatest gift a girl can give, her preciously prized, virtuous virginity.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What my toes did this weekend...

Oh, had a great weekend. Drove down Friday afternoon to San Diego. Stayed at a lovely old hotel in the Gaslamp District. So much fun because you can walk to restaurants and bars and nightclubs. No need to worry about driving.

Had a wonderful dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant then out wandering the streets, popping into a couple bars sampling martinis. Too much fun. Laughed, and flirted and laughed some more.

Saturday we slept in... oh, what a luxury that was. Cool crisp sheets and a ceiling fan, naked bodies draped in easy ways where hands can explore and hips can rise and fall in sleepy sex that is neither hurried or hungry. It just simply is.

Saturday evening we, Hubby and I, took San Diego's wonderful trolley right to Qualcom Stadium for the opening exhibition game of the 2008 Chargers football season. I do love sports, and that works out nicely as Hubby is quite the sports nut. We go to baseball games, basketball games, hockey games, and football games... just about any event that seems within budget and fun we will go to. Which is one nice thing about where we live, because there are many sporting options here in southern California.
Sunday we had a lovely breakfast at a little place called The Cheese Shop. Then wandered here and there. We thought about going to the zoo, or Sea World, but it was hot and decided to head home instead. Traffic was terrible heading back up the 15 freeway as there was a car fire that delayed us about an hour. But eventually made back into our driveway. It is amazing how tired you can get just having a relaxing weekend away. I fell asleep before 8 o'clock last night.

Now, back to work and back to naughtiness. I see marie has done all I asked of her for while I was gone and posted her task report. My boys, acker and boytoy, are both on vacation, but perhaps there will send a naughty email or two from the road, love those kind of fun surprises.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Toes and Other Fun Body Parts...

A new pedicure picture. Yes, it has been three weeks already. Fun that I got three emails reminding me it was time for a new pedicure. My toes have their own fan club. LOL
Thank you for the nice comments about these posts. I do enjoy showing off my tootsies.
And this week Hubby wanted to be included in the fun.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Control and other musts...

You must have control of yourself and your life before you can offer that control to someone else.

You must understand and be able to articulate what you want and need before you can expect anyone to listen to your wants and needs.

You must be honest and open with yourself before you can expect anyone to share and be open and honest with you.

You must know what your limits are before you give control over pushing those limits to someone else.

You must never assume that someone else knows what is best for you. Only you know what is best for you, and if you don't you have to figure it out.

You must never trust anyone who says they know everything.

You must never give the only key, to your heart or to the handcuffs, to someone else... keep a spare... both hearts and handcuffs sometimes need to be unlocked.

Do you have a must... or a must not...??

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Small Yellow Pencil

A bit of light fiction to perhaps make you smile...


Paula Hanson sat in the first seat of the third row. Paula always wore strappy low healed sandals, shorts skirts in various pastel colors: pink, lavender, baby blue, and soft fuzzy sweaters. And the second button of each of those soft fuzzy sweaters often seemed in imminent peril of losing the battle to remain tight in its buttonhole.

Paula would sit quietly at her desk; ankles crossed, one hand resting in her lap or on top of her books. But her other hand was always doing something, the only nervous energy she seemed to allow. Sometimes with that hand she would twirl a strand of silky auburn hair. Sometimes her fingers would tap out a soft rhythm against her desk’s scratched surface. On occasion she would play with the bubble gum she chewed; stretching it out, winding it around her finger once, then twice, then back into her mouth it disappeared. But none of these habits affected him more than the small yellow pencil.

“Today we are going to discuss the disclosures of cash flow that are generally used in the preparation of a reviewed audit,” he said to his students. Paula picked up a small yellow pencil from her desk. He continued, “Can any of you tell me what the Statement of Standards for Accounting and Review issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants says about this?” Paula rolled the small yellow pencil between her thumb and forefinger, slowly back and forth. Richard Martin raised his hand and he called on him. Richard’s answer was wrong, it usually was. Paula placed the small yellow pencil to her lips, lips that were the same pink as the bubble gum she sometimes chewed. His mouth went dry. He stopped to take a drink of water. Paula rubbed the length of the small yellow pencil back and forth across her full bottom lip several times.

“Um, well, umm, no Richard, that’s wrong.” He tried looking away from her. “The financial statements and supplementary schedules provided by a company’s management are not sufficient to...” She put the small yellow pencil between her white teeth. He felt short of breath.

“Yes, you see, umm, as I was saying, an auditor must...” Now the pink tip of the eraser was met by the pink tip of her tongue. It was suddenly so very hot in the room.

Ahhh, Frank, could you open one of the windows? Please.” Paula was stroking the small yellow pencil against the line of her jaw. “Well, yes, umm… and audit must be performed and reviewed…” The small yellow pencil disappeared halfway between Paula’s lips. Then out just a little, then she bit upon its end, finally pulling it out of her mouth again. He could feel the tiny beads of sweat forming on his brow.

“Well, maybe it would be best if someone read out loud from your book.” Dave Smith raised his hand and he called on him. Paula again was rubbing the small yellow pencil across her bottom lip, back and forth, back and forth. He could think about nothing else.

Dave droned on and on. He could barely hear him, let alone make sense of Dave’s words. Paula kept toying with the small yellow pencil and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She never looked up from her book as Dave read. But the small yellow pencil continued to slip into her mouth, then rub across her lip, then stroke her jaw, her neck, then the little pink eraser slid so slowly down between the perfection of her…

The bell rang suddenly, jarringly. He blinked once, twice. Dave stopped reading. Paula laid the small yellow pencil down, then looked up at him. Well, actually they all looked up at him and he said… somehow, “Read chapters six and seven over the weekend. There’ll be a quiz on Monday.” A collective moan rippled across the classroom. Then they all made their way out the door and he was alone. He leaned back against the blackboard, exhausted. Then he saw it sitting there, left behind on Paula’s desk, the small yellow pencil. He went and picked it up, and slid it into the plastic protector in his shirt pocket, thinking then that he would make sure and give it back to Paula on Monday. After all she might need it again.

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