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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Questions to Ask...

A few self imposed questions to ask myself after last night's very fun munch.

Did I really need the fourth glass of wine?

Was the fifth glass of wine an even worse choice?

Why is my thumb still numb after I let Dove bite me?

Was signing my credit card slip Miss Honey the best idea?

Was leaving the card for the Gang Bang party that someone handed me in with my credit card slip an even worse choice?

Do I now have a long blond hair fetish or is it just a girl petting fetish? But I mean come on, she had very pretty hair and she nearly purred when she got pet.

Why do my feet smell like grapefruit? Oh, wait, I know the answer to that one. Mmmmm... foot massage by a sweet girl. :) Nice they gave us the private room at the restaurant.

Did we entirely scare the new boy who asked... what's a flogger?


aaerorider said...

I had a wonderful time, but it sounds like you had way more fun.
Who was the new boy?

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun to me!

Miss Honey said...

@ Sage... it was fun. I think any night you have just a couple "oh, what the hell did I do" moments the next morning is generally fun.

@ aaerorider ... So nice to see you again. I do hope we can get together soon. New boy came after you left, nice and very new to all this craziness.

calais said...

lol Those are great questions. Glad you had an awesome time Miss Honey. :)

Vixen said...

just wanted to stop by and say hello and that I thought about you the other day.