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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Present

Painted for a young couple about to get married.
Yes, that is the bride.
It is so nice to know such kinky people.
Makes getting creative so much fun.


bdenied said...

very nice art work, great model too

H said...

everything about it is wonderful

Anonymous said...

what a nice picture, you have such skill Miss Honey

calais said...

Wow that is awesome Miss Honey and I like how you showed the progression in the creation of it :)

Abe's Heart said...

Very nice.

You've got a beautiful eye.
I'm sure the bride is going to be

`x~Abe's Heart

manhattanskitten said...

This is the first time someone has drawn me, I've ended up seeing and getting in return. Saying I like it, that I am pleased, whatever else, is a such an understatement to what it means. It's a very special moment and something I will always cherish.