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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Night

So Saturday night was a very fun evening. Got an invite to a friend's spanking party. For those who have never been to or heard of a spanking party... well it is just what you would think. A group of people who like to spank. Spankees and Spankers getting together for a bit of naughty fun.

And I had quite a bit of naughty fun and did quite a bit of spanking. And just a little bit of biting and rubbing and teasing. The two girls above both rode with hubby and me to the party. And they both offered up their cute bottoms to my bag of tricks, paddles and crops, and floggers OH my. Though to be honest I really, really prefer to use my bare hand for spanking.

This is the other bottom, this wonderful boy new to my hand was perfectly exquisite in taking all I had to give him. I loved watching the color of red spread across his ass as he moaned. I also liked the taste of a bared shoulder, I only took a couple nibbles. I do look forward to sharing again with him sooner rather than later.

Hubby also had fun and is growing if not in his dominance, definitely in his kinkiness. Doesn't hurt the two girls who came with us like him to tease and play... they call him BigDaddy. I just smile back at him as he has a good time.

The only issue I had was after spanking three cute bottoms my hand was a bit swollen and sore. But such are the sacrifices I am willing to endure for their... ummmm... pleasure. A bit of ice in a bag and later a massage seemed to help immensely.


Not-so Virtuous Vivian said...

That "beats" my Saturday night. Hands down, so to speak. ;)


bdenied said...

so did anyone have a birthday to celebrate?

Miss Honey said...

LOL... actually yes, there was a birthday.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm such a lucky guy...i bet you bite wonderfully

Miss Honey said...

Hmmmm... wonderfully... guess the bitees would have to answer that... been told I bit hard and that it aches after. My little just slightly bottom tooth makes a mark unique to me. Fun to see a shoulder or breast or back brused later with my bite mark.

And when I hear someone moan, "Oh, Miss Honey." as I am doing so... well that is as delicious as the skin between my teeth.