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Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Sports

Minor league baseball, warm summer night, peanuts and I am a happy girl.
Hey, I am not kinky all the time... ok, I did think the catcher would look cute in
only the protective gear and that would be an interesting scene trying to play around it all.


bdenied said...

I used to be an umpire...One night I had to leave the ball park before I could get changed...seems some of the fans did not like the calls....when I got home, I got undressed and my girl friend got a big smile...I was standing there wearing nothing but my protective cup, shin guards and chest protector...she thought it was girls never cease to amaze me

kept by 7 said...

Lucky your not on the 1st base line distracting the batters with your toes

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

I understand baseball even less than I understand American Football. I don't even understand the version on Wii Sports.

But I love this pictures of your feet. You should do a world tour: Miss Honey at l'Arc de Triomphe; Miss Honey visits the great pyramids; Miss Honey relaxes at the Hermitage; ...

Beautiful feet.