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Monday, September 22, 2008

Did you try? Did you?

This is the question that needs to be asked. Did you try? Did you? For it is in the trying that I am truly pleased. For in the trying you give me everything. The acts I ask of you are just that, a set of rules, a set of directions, a set of requests, demands, orders. But all I ever truly want is for you to try. Fail, succeed... these really are meaningless words for it is always, always the trying that makes me proud.

Some say... you must do, don't just try. I have to disagree. Trying is offering all you have, giving everything. And then there is no failing. So I say again. Did you try?

Punishment for giving me everything you possibly could, no. Punishment for saying, this is everything I can offer, everything I can endure... never.

A reminder when you break a rule that you offered to me... yes... perhaps. A reminder when you forget something you promised to me... oh, yes my sweet. But not in anger, never anger.

Will we be together for this, this reminder, this small thing to make you remember better the next time? If you need me, of course. Maybe you will just do this without me and come back. No need to be forgiven, I was pleased the moment you shared this with honesty. There was no need for forgiveness unless you lied to me. Tell me, openly and honestly all that you need. We are on this path together. Never say I know everything you need. It is impossible. Say, I, who loves you, cares about you, will give you all that I can and help you to find all that you need, all that you want.

This is a journey, and we are together. We walk together for as long as both you and I find all that we desire. And when our paths diverge we will know it is time for another journey, alone, with someone else, either way will not matter. For you and I will know we were honest, we were open with our hearts, our desires and we gave each other, truth and beauty the sharing of desire and passion and everything that mattered between two.

So I ask again. Did you do your very best? Did you try? Did you?


acker said...

Yes Mistress, i did.

Anonymous said...

Mistress Honey, this post speaks to me in so many ways. I thank You for this. It opened my eyes a lot. And yes, I do my best at everything. Thanks You.

Miss Honey said...

acker - I know you do my darling boy.

enchanted - I am glad you took the time to read. Your last post on your blog really shook me up and I needed to get my head around my own feelings of punishment, disappointment, forgiveness, all of it. I did not want in anyway to lecture to you or even my own subs, but to offer my view on a very complex subject. All I can ever do, is be me. And hope I am a voice that helps and guides and makes a difference.

Marie said...


I always try my best in everything I do for you, or the ones you have me do things for, and really I try to always be honest and open, and I too believe now that it is about the trying, so I try to not give myself such a hard time when things do not go as I hope.

I love you Mistress,

Nice blog post.