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Friday, September 12, 2008

Marked for Honey

I like to give marie little things to do during her work day. Things that can be easily accomplished while she goes about her vanilla life that remind her she is my naughty slutty girl. Her instructions for this day were simple... write H O N E Y in five seperate places on her body at five seperate times during her work day, two of them had to be visible. Wrist, breast, ankle, palm, belly... so cute... such a good girl for me.
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bdenied said...

Im confused, is Marie a female sub to you or the name you give to a male submissive...I confuse easily.

Miss Honey said...

Well let us do get you unconfused quickly... marie is a female sub to me. Her blog is here -

Marie said...

I love this Mistress...and yes, I am definitely FEMALE and I am Miss Honey's sub...:)

Thank you for posting this here Mistress, such a nice surprise to see my body parts all marked for you on my blog.

I love you Mistress.