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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 Things I Learned this Weekend...

Wow... I have had a busy few days. And most of them have had something kinky, naughty, fun involved. Life continues to take interesting twists and turns. I have entered into a relationship with the wonderful Sebrina with the support, approval and guidance of her equally wonderful Master. The sense of rightness to this for all four of us, my Hubby, her Master, Sebrina and myself has been evident from our first meeting. Now, negotiating the swirling waters that is such a complicated relationship is immediately shown itself to be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it. I adore them both and they care for both of us.

So... now I have begun to share more and more real life erotic adventures. And so, that gives me more to share with you. Within reason as I don't kiss and tell all my secrets. Yes, image this if you will, you are only getting about 27 1/2% of what I do. Hmmm... the mind does wander considering that. So, I will give you a few things I learned this weekend, and you can read between the lines about the specifics. A little teasing kiss and tell I guess.

  1. Let's start with kissing... kissing a girl is exquisite when she kisses back with soft lips and teasing tongue and gentle sighs.
  2. Watching the movie Nacho Libre is NOT better than binding someone to a St. Andrew's Cross.
  3. I am still allergic to cats and forgetting to take my allergy medicine and sneezing uncontrollably is not sexy or Mistressy.
  4. Ending an online relationship is just as hard as ending a live-life relationship and the tears that fall down my face are real and the ache in my heart is real.
  5. Copper red with golden highlights is the color God meant my hair to be, He just forgot and thus He created the best hair stylist in the world to make up for it.
  6. Hubby is a damn fine cook and looks as cute in nothing but an apron as sebrina does.
  7. Binding with rope is harder than it looks and I need more practice. Hmmm... is practicing your rope and knot work on your dogs bad?
  8. Pedicures offered by a girl who is serving you are much better than those you have to schedule at a salon.
  9. Do not judge how much pain someone can take based on appearances. One sweet girl might just smile at what makes another delightful girl scream. And some boys don't like pain much at all... you have to find the buttons that belong to that person and push them well.
  10. Some people like their guacamole spicy, some like it more mild.
  11. When watching two strangers do some really lovely naughty stuff on a padded sawhorse being told it is time to leave makes a hubby a bit cranky, and saying it is two in the morning is not enough reason to convince him that it really is time to leave.
  12. Despite the fact it is 45-ish miles from my home to Hollywood it might take up to 5 hours to drive there depending on the memories of some to put their wallets in their pockets.
  13. I need more toys with which to tease, please and yes, hurt those willing to endure for me.
  14. Cell popping is harder than I thought to do.
  15. Needles are easier than I thought to do.
  16. Eye bolts are needed on more pieces of furniture, or maybe they are needed on every piece of furniture.
  17. Making a girl scream and moan and scream and sigh and squeal and moan is exciting and satisfying and delightful and I want more.
  18. When making rope having a matched set of drills would make it a lot easier.
  19. When applied just right a hand print on a breast can make a heart.
  20. Steel banjo picks are a fun erotic toy.
  21. On a screw machine threads won't bite into wood and so a two part epoxy is needed to attach a drawer pull knob to the end of a dowel because of this conundrum. They do make a double sided screw that solves the problem better, but metric and standard are not the same and sighhh... back to the two part epoxy.
  22. Braided rope will fray when struck against skin and using a bit of electrical tape at the end solves this problem.
  23. 8 hours sleep in three days is not enough and makes you feel a bit fuzzy headed.
  24. Kaptain Kock is an incredible super hero.
  25. Friends are sometimes found in the most unlikely places, even Sizzler. I am happy to have had some of the most wonderful, giving, loving, creative, unique and special new friends enter my life recently.


perfectlips said...

I was wondering how you would fill your time until the football started again.

Alfie said...

Reading between those lines makes a wonderful story!

aaerorider said...

This made me smile! Cheers to All!!