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Monday, March 2, 2009

MFM - Suspension

The list had grown long. Permission had to be sought for the most common of things. To sit where I said. To eat what I said. To give or receive pleasure. Kneeling was the norm. Naked was the norm. Food on the floor to eat if permission was given. Pleasure only came after pain. A mark upon skin was necessary before any sleep. Sleep meant bound in some creative way. Something was to be inside a hole at all times. The only reading allowed was the most dirty that could be found. The only magazines allowed showed men and women in various stages of abuse or use. A snap of the fingers meant down on knees, ass up and ready. And on and on the list went until even I who created it lost track on occasion.

There were dark circle under eyes. Exhaustion was taking its toll on my darling. I thought for this one day to give back to this one who gave so much to me.

“Come here.” I said sitting casually on the couch. Crawling to me head hung low I smiled. Always gave me everything. I said never look me in my eyes without permission and never did it happen after that. “I have gift for you. Look at me.” Eyes met mine and I was startled as always at the deep blue. I missed how pretty those eyes were. “Today is your birthday and today you are free. Not one rule applies for twenty-four hours. All of the list is suspended for this time, that is my birthday gift to you.”

I was startled by the tears that filled those beautiful blue eyes. They began to fall, those tears, stream down cheeks, fall onto my feet. And then just two words that took me entirely by surprise.


Writen for MicroFantasy Monday at The Sweltering Celt this weeks theme suspension.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm what two words?

Ang said...

Ack! Awesome to leave us suspended like that! But so, so painful!!!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. And two takes on suspension - the rules, and your readers. You Evil thing, you.

vanimp said...

Bah I wanna know the two words :( hehehe how utterly mean and wonderful at the same time. Brilliant! xxx

Kyle said...

This is a fun theme.. so many meanings and shadings in that one word.

well done, beautiful, moving.