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Thursday, March 19, 2009

HNT - Leather Crafty

Another Fun with Dove evening... that is what the different lessons in toy making have come to be called. Last night it was a set of cuffs he made for sebrina. I watched and asked questions and he has generously loaned me his tools and a couple pieces of leather. This is the cuff I made tonight. OMG, I was so excited to see it come together. So, one down, three to go.

And thank you again Dove. :)

Just a small side note... needed to test it for fit and make take my HNT photo... will not be on me again in the future. No... Miss Honey is not a switch.



Vixen said...

That is very sexy. Love the leather and nails :)

Sexie Sadie~ said...

I want to come craft with you!

Alfie said...

That looks a great piece of craftwork even if you forget the use it will be pur ro.

An Artist Exposed said...

Lovely work... HHNT!

Thursday's Child said...

You made that?! Wow, you are so incredibly talented and with such pretty pink polish!

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

looks like it fits to me!