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Monday, March 9, 2009

MFM - One Touch at a Time

The wire had been sharpened to a pin prick point. The small wooden piece of dowel made it safe to handle. She stood, trembling. I stood, eager to begin. I lit the burner and held the tip of the wire in the brightest part of the glowing flame. Red hot metal was ready in only a few moments. She stood trembling. I stood, excited. Quickly now, I only had a few moments before metal cooled. She stood, trembling. I stood, and began to create my art on the beautiful canvas that was her, one tiny buring touch at a time.


Written for MicroFantasy Monday at The Sweltering Celt this week's theme flame.

For more information on cell popping - (I have no connection with The Artistic Domme but she had some good answers to most people's FAQ about this body modification art and a nice gallery too).


vanimp said...

OOoo that had me twitching LOL ... short yet very powerful, perfect! x

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I have to agree with vanimp: that made me twitch.
Nicely done.

saintchick said...

Ouch, that was way hotter ( pardon the reference) than I thought..
very good :)

Ang said...

Excellent! Sorry I'm so late in getting to it, but this was an amazing use of the theme. Actually kind of makes me want to try it!