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Monday, August 3, 2009

But Where Are the Naked Women?

So we are up at my parent's house in Vanillaville this weekend. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. They live in the mountains and it was cool and pretty and I did a whole lot of not a whole lot.

But there was a funny moment that I thought I might share with you. Not really kinky... but it did involve being naked, sort of. So I am outside reading in the sunshine and I hear from inside the house my dad say, "What the hell. No one is naked." He is clearly unhappy. I set my book down and get up to see what is the problem inside. There is my dad sitting in his easy chair watching TV.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

"There are no naked women at all on this program," he states clearly unhappy. I turn to the TV and start to giggle. It was a special, a live concert recorded somewhere in the world.

My father declared if there weren't actually bare naked ladies in the band they should not be able to call themselves that. I just laughed and agreed, sometimes that is best with a man unhappy that he isn't looking at naked women, but rather a group of canadian singers.


Anonymous said...

thats excellent! and I agree with your dad!

acker said...

that is just soooo funny Miss Honey :)

Slave Debbie said...

LOL so funny sounds like something my uncle would have said