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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now that is a party...

Had a fantastic time at the Piercing Party.
15 nipples, 1 guiche, 1 belly button, 1 hood, 4 ears and 1 tattoo

The tattoo was mine. Added a little Honey Bee to my ankle tattoo.
Yes, I considered another hole in my ear, but decided on this instead.
And no, didn't consider for a moment putting holes in my nipples... hell no, no way, NO!


Slave Debbie said...

i love the tattoo Miss Honey. i'm not brave enough yet for a piercing(other than ears) part of me wishes i was but i just can't seem to get up the courage.

kept by 7 said...

Lo7 wants me to get a tattoo , I don't think i need to say where!

Miss Christina said...

What I love about this is how comfy everyone is with themselves.