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Saturday, May 2, 2009


He is in chastity simply because it pleases me. Well that is not entirely true. It pleases me because it turns him on to offer to me that control and him being turned on is a turn on to me and him giving me control is a turn on and him saying, "Yes Mistress." is a turn on... so it all pleases me and so he is in chastity.

No, it isn't a punishment.

No, there is no time that it magically ends. It will end, when I decide it has been long enough, and not a moment sooner.

He wants to touch, to rub, and squeeze and play with his cock. I want him to want that. I want him frustrated and horny and so desperate that all he can think about is the control he gave to me. Was it a mistake? He could end it right now. But he won't, not without permission. In that I trust him implicitly. And if I give that permission will he be thankful or a bit sad that it is over? You always seem to want most what you can't have. But when you finally do get it, then what?

Oh, don't worry. I have a plan for the... then what. But am always willing to consider suggestions.


bdenied said...

Honey you describe this game so well....being in Chastity is a favorite of mine and I am sure she likes it too...hell what is not to like...the constant ache, the constant desire, the constant reminder of ones genitals aching for touch....youd think chastity takes ones mind off but it has the opposite effect....wonderful, keep him there until you cant stand it any longer

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Miss Honey,
You have a great take on how our men are feeling while in Chastity. I am still trying to figure out how long is enough and what is too long. Seems the longer denial happens Kb7 is like a time bomb ready to explode with one gentle stroke. Lo7

kept by 7 said...

Miss Honey
Wow so hot, now I am scared, this post has really got Ladyof7 thinking!

Giles English said...

"But am always willing to consider suggestions."

Set him up on a date with a pre-briefed vanilla tease.