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Friday, May 8, 2009

Snakey Charm

An interesting accessory for today's outfit.


kept by 7 said...

Hi Miss Honey
I have to hide this picture from Lo7
she is deathly afraid of snakes

samantha said...

Wow! I thought for a minute there was really a snake around your neck! :) That looks great Miss Honey! Not that I like snakes myself but this, this looks so very real and totally awesome! :)

Miss Honey said...

The management wishes to inform the general audience all images in this photograph are real... snake and breasts.

calais said...

Shivers..... I know it's real, you had your pet wrapped around your feet before.... hmmmm well it seems most pets can be found at your feet lol.

Alfie said...

Just don't try it with an asp. Remember Cleopatra!