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Friday, May 22, 2009


She was the third girl on the table at the party.

A large blue tarp had been laid on the floor of the den. The table from the patio the boys had maneuvered into the house and onto the tarp. The thick red vinyl sheet was put on top of the table. Several of the sub girls were very busy in the kitchen melting candles and paraffin and crayons. It looked a bit like a mad scientists laboratory as they had numerous pots on the stove, double boiler style and the microwave sizzling. Stirring up colored concoctions and giggling a bit maniacally. Let me just say, sub girls who get to torture and tease their fellow sub girls can be more evil and devious than any dominant.

Wax play is an interesting combination of sensual, pain, pleasure, tease, erotic... and about half a dozen other descriptions during the act. The sounds of both pain and pleasure co-mingle in very enticing ways. Three girls stripped down there in the den and climbed up on the table one at a time and allowed just about everyone to have a bit of erotic fun with their eager and willing bodies.

Yes, that is me in the pink polka-dot apron. I had on a pretty white blouse and believe me colored wax was getting everywhere. I rather liked the juxtaposition of the sweet-cute apron and my evil intentions while pouring the wax on the girl. Oh, and we would have loved to torture and tease a boy, but somehow couldn't convince one to jump up on the table.

I think perhaps it was the removing the wax that was nearly more intoxicating than dripping it on. Well, it may be a tie... that moment when she cried out as an entire ladle full was splashed onto bare pussy was quite exquisite. But in stripping the wax from naked bodies there was a connection, a touch, a tug, a pull and that was lovely. Running my nails down a thigh covered in blue and red wax, watching as the wax pulled away and pink flesh was again exposed was intoxicating.

It was a pleasure of a party. There was an energy in the room that was infectious. A sense of naughty fun that got hearts racing, people laughed and moan, people smiled and gasped. That was all so wonderful. I do so adore all my friends, especially each one of those three girls who jumped up on the table.


R said...

"Oh, and we would have loved to torture and tease a boy, but somehow couldn't convince one to jump up on the table"

Hmmm... did you try ordering, in that special voice? Who would be able to resist!

Ladyof7 a veiw from the top said...

Curious if the men declined because of the potential discomfort with hair removal while removing the dried on wax.
What a riot you all must have had, good fun.

calais said...

Wow!! Great picture and I agree, sub girls are evil to each other. There is definitely a certain chemistry added when we're left to our own evil desires. lol It's so hot!

aaerorider said...

I wish I could have been there...

qarlqueue said...

It's easy to say right now, because I'm alone and save and aroused at the thought, but I wish I had been there and been the "boy" to be on the table for you. However, if I was there, would I have been brave enough to let you pour wax on me?