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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On the Cross

"Please, Miss Honey," she cried out.

I did not know if she was begging for me to stop or pleading for more. My hand stung. I had used it against her back, her ass, her tender thighs. There were ten different paddles in the room but I didn't want to use any of them. I wanted her to feel my skin against her skin. I wanted to feel her tremble under my hand.

All evening I had watched others play. This one was spanked, that one knelt, some shared in the extreme, some just teasing play. I had enjoyed it all, watching, commenting, talking to these my naughtiest of friends. I could have played a bit with the others there. A smack here, a pinch there. But really I wanted her. It had been too long. I wanted intense and real and I wanted it sexual and sensual and as I said, I wanted her.

It was warm in the room, for the moment we were alone, though throughout it all others had come and watched quietly. I pushed up against her body. I could feel her breathing hard, ragged. I knew she had already been through so much this evening. She had taken all 42 of her Master's birthday spankings. She had been cut by him, a beautiful design with a scalpel, not to mention all day preparing for the party. I knew she was tired and sore and yet when she began to cry out, "Please, Miss Honey." I wanted more from her.

I pulled her hair and pulled her mouth to mine. "Kiss me." I nearly growled the words against her lips. I wanted to take this kiss from her lips. I leaned down bit at her, neck and then shoulder. I stepped back. Pushed my hand between her legs. She was aroused, she was wet. She rocked against me there as I pushed against her pussy. The tiny moans she offered then drove me to distraction. I wanted to hurt her and pleasure her at the same time. I pulled hard at her nipples and she screamed. I turned her pretty soft inner thighs hot pink. Again and again she called out my name.

I paused looking at her face. "Let go baby, cry for me." And she did. The tears fell down her face in a most beautiful way. I kissed her again then, tasting those salty tears on her skin. It was exquisite. "I am going to offer you just one more. Are you ready." She just nodded and I drew my hand back, I had hit her only moments ago on her pretty pussy. Her thighs were red, her breasts I knew hurt, and yet I couldn't help myself I wanted her to ache just a little more for me. I let my hand strike against her soft skin and pulled her to me in almost the same moment. I helped her from the cross and held her tight to me. She cried for a while longer and I let her. I adored her for all she gave to me with those tears.

And she offered me one more gift as we both calmed down and hearts that were racing slowed to normal again. A simple, "Thank you" was the gift from her in that moment I will treasure always.

1 comment:

calais said...

I remember the one who cried for me, still gives me little tingles all over. Thank you for sharing Miss Honey, I enjoyed reading your story very much :)