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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

I have been told it is difficult on some of my posts to tell if I am writing fiction or non-fiction. I took that comment as a compliment assuming some of my fiction rings true enough to feel real and some of my factual real life pieces are poetic enough to make you wonder if I am making it up. I rather like the mystery of all of that.

I don't feel a burning need to clear up any confusion about any posts unless specifically asked. If you enjoy reading it, sometimes you don't really need to know where the source came from, my mind or my life (or a combination thereof). I will not lie to you if you want to ask a question about anything. If you want to know if I did something or shared something with someone in real life, just ask.

But there was a recent post that was special to me and I wanted to share with you this photo that should make any question about the fact or fiction of it clear for you. The post was... Opened the Box ... and everytime he puts those cuffs on for me I am pleased.


calais said...

I love this picture :) Did "hubby" offer this to you, Miss Honey?

Miss Honey said...

hubby was happy that I wanted to post this picture. He knows how much it means to me.