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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Practice Makes Me Hot

So I left my day job and started my night job today.

But on the way home I thought I would practice a bit. Called Hubby like I do everyday to say I was leaving work and on my way home. But about three minutes into the conversation I switched on Miss Honey.

"So, what is your fantasy?"

He laughed. Like, laughed out loud. And then informed me I knew all his fantasies and was most of them. I don't think he quite understood the direction I expected the conversation to go.

"I need practice. I am going to be talking to men about their desires. Could you go along to get along dearest?"

Then he laughed again. Though it seemed to be more of a nervous laugh.

"Hello what would you like to share with me today?"

Then the bastard threw me a line that made me laugh. In his best pervy voice he asked, "So, what are you wearing?"

Sigghhhh... this wasn't going as planned. But I persevered and answered his question. Then started asking him a few of my own. And he started getting into it rather than just being a silly goof-ball. By the end of the fifteen minute conversation. We had both gotten into the fun and erotic aspect of talking dirty. He said to me at the end, "Wow... you are sexy on the phone."

I think I will take that as a compliment. :)

So if you are interested in being my first call... just click there on that little icon below... I probably won't even hang up if you ask me what I am wearing.


Anonymous said...

Husbands can be SO exasperating! Glad he finally played along.

Good luck with your night job!

Miss Christina said...

Well hell I could have told you that you are sexy as all fucking hell on the phone. Don't you remember how you got shy quiet me to cum hard on the phone, with you, a woman of all people, that first time ever! Yes you are sexy and hot on the phone. I know that for a fact. have confidence, you can do this. and if it works out well let me know, I might need some extra money to spend when sam comes here!

Anonymous said...

I imagine a phone call with you could be very sexy and very on-the-edge too. Unpredictable. A very exciting idea. Best of luck.