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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New Boy

He was curious. Brought to the party with a friend. You could feel from him desire and trepidation at the same time. I unzipped my toy bag and he was like a moth to a flame as I pulled out a few items.

"What is that?"

"What do you do with that?"

"Which one of those hurts more?"

And I answered all his questions, as they tumbled from him. And I smiled and allowed his curiosity to be sated with just my words. Somehow my sadistic reputation has grown and he seemed genuinely to fear me when the questions first began, but my smile and real answers seem to soothe those fears. And then he mingled, seeing some of the scenes that had begun.

One girl was getting her breasts bound. Lovely rope harness that left her sensitive to every touch. One boy straddled the spanking bench while his Daddy (used in the Dominant sense) took a flogger to his back. One girl stood bound on the cross, leather cuffs clipped to chains as a cane made welts from thigh upward. He watched this, I watched him for a while watching this. There is such a powerful thing watching someone take all this that is new and erotic in. Absorbing it all, understanding that no one at the party is judging anyone for sharing what they desire. Seeing that after the pain, or the pleasure those two people snuggle on the couch or kiss there in the corner making sure both are pleased with what just occurred.

Later after I had shared with the sweet but entirely masochistic girl who I so enjoy. After I had hurt her just the way she and I enjoy I moved into the other room and he stood there offering to me that he liked watching.

"Would you like to do more than watch?"

His head bowed just a bit, his eyes looked up at me and in just a whisper he said, "Yes, please."

I lead him to the spanking bench in the other room. It sat where the dining table usually was. The room was open to the living room and about six or seven people sat on the couch casually watching. He asked for a blindfold as he climbed onto the bench and one was slipped over his eyes. I whispered soft words into his ear, then began.

Forty-five minutes later he moaned so nicely as I again whispered in his ear letting him know we were done. I was honored to be his first.


Anonymous said...

So beautifully, so simply written. Lucky boy!

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of being punished in front of a crowd, i'm not sure if there are any parties that happen like that around here though - very jealous, i'm sure he would have been quite a sight to see when You were finished with him! :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm green (or should i say red :) ) with a bit of envy Miss Honey...sigh..............