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Monday, September 7, 2009

Grrrrr etc...

Still waiting for NiteFlirt to approve my profile so I can begin this new journey. I wonder if the issue is I am just not naughty enough. Maybe I am too naughty. Maybe I need to use another word other than naughty. Perhaps kinky, dirty, slutty... no, sorry, like naughty.

So I wait, wait to talk dirty, kinky, naughty... more than that I will talk without judgement. It is what I bring to the table. I open myself up to those who feel they may not be understood in their own everyday life and offer acceptance. I can not read a mind, but I can tell when you have something you need to share. That secret that you are scared to expose, perhaps you will offer it to me. I think we all need to be accepted for what we desire. I believe that there is no wrong in wanting something outside the "norm." My only frustration is that NiteFlirt does have a list of things they won't let me discuss. Sighhhhh.

While this statement seems reasonable, "Niteflirt specifically prohibits any listings, mail or conversations that contain content related to bestiality, rape sex, incest, sex with graphic violence or degradation, excretory functions, bodily fluids, fisting and any other content which may be judged as obscene." Well... yes, but... you can't call me Mommy. You can't talk about bodily fluids, that cuts out a bit of fetish. Graphic violence or degradation, that is a bit vague and since I like to hurt not sure what exactly I am allowed there. But that last bit... about other content which may be judged as obscene... well hell, my grandma thinks french kissing is obscene, so grrrrr and etc.

I do look forward to this, just don't care for the waiting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can udnerstand a couple of the things on that list, but saying anything that can be judged as obscene is just harsh and really uncalled for. Hang in there though, i'm sure they will approve your profile soon and you'll do a great job on the phone :-)

Luna Mauvaise said...

What?? No fisting?? No bodily fluids?? That is just insanity.

It is phone *sex* after all. Isn't the point of that to induce some sort of fluids? LOL

Can't wait to read how you bend those silly rules. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Obscene" is SO subjective. /eye roll/ Can't wait to hear how you get around the "bodily" fluid rule!