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Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 Questions

Last night I was chatting with marie and a question about my preference for liquid refreshment came up. She was cute because she wanted to know if we were together what she should serve me. White Zinfandel would be my wine of choice, no coffee or tea, or soda, I do generally get water with ice but no lemon please. On hot days I do like wine coolers in bright sparkly tropical flavors.

So, I thought, this might be a fun post and maybe a way to meet some of those who visit here but never comment… come on stop being shy. I really only spank those who beg me to make their bottoms red.

I am offering up 10 Questions. Anything you want to ask me, one question per customer, first come... first served, or first asked... first answered. I will answer completely and honestly any question respectfully asked. Just hit the comment button and ask. Something as mundane as what is my favorite meal, to something naughty like when I lost my preciously prized virginity. Perhaps my personal philosophy about hand vs. paddle spankings, or is that a practicality question? Hmmmm…

Dear Miss Honey,
I wanted to ask you….


Anonymous said...

Miss Honey, if a sub was to take a picture that made you smile wider than you ever have, what would that picture be of ?


Nick X said...

I can't believe that only one person has taken you up on this offer so far! Oh, there are so many things I would like to ask you, especially about your creativity (which I so enjoy)... but I would love to know, since you're such a fun and wonderful person... Miss Honey, what were you like as a child / young adult growing up? I always find that a fun thing to know about a person.


Miss D said...

Okay... yes, I do have a question for you Honey - actually, I have several but I am content with just one.

If you had to describe in a single word what you enjoy most about domming your subbies, what would it be?

Miss D

acker said...

Dear Miss Honey,

I wanted to ask you, as your little boy, what made you discover that the shy little girl you were was such a passionate women inside... how did you grow towards that?

Thank you for this openness, honesty and strenght of sharing this all...

your acker

countrygl said...

What in your childhood was the most important lesson you ever learned while growing up, and what affect if any does it have on you today?

Thanks for letting us ask questions.. This is cool! I'm surprised more people haven't asked!

Marie said...

Can you tell us about your morning routine...what are all the things you do in the morning that take you through your first hour at work?


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey,

You speak and mention your hubby often and the fun you share together. Do you share any type of BDSM relationship with him or is it strictly a vanilla one.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey,
You mentioned being empathic. What I would like to ask is how do you handle all the emotions that you might find yourself dealing with in a day to day situation and in online situations.

(for my own greedy curiosity how did you get so wise)


donriser said...

Will you share with us the elements of your perfect day? If you could have a day that you would call perfectly pleasing, what would it include?

Mistress Nev said...

Honey, what do you enjoy most about being an online Mistress? What do you find the most challenging? Can I have two questions since it's the smae concept? Okay, now it's three, but whose counting? Darn, thats four...