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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Summer Surrender

This was written in response to a challenge to write a romance novel in one sentence. LOL... I think I pushed the sentence and the alliteration to its breaking point, but still think it is fun. My story has all the (best? worst?) elements of the genre. If you comment, hope you offer me a bit of run-on alliteration in return. :)


Sweet Summer Surrender

The sultry summer sun shone down upon her, causing Skylar Sophia Serena Sherborne, the Viscountess of Verni, to feel a tickling trickle as single bead of misbehaving moisture made its way between her milky-white mounds of pearly perfection and she hoped, despite her maidenly morals, that Redmond Reed O’Rourke, the Duke of Dartmouth, was watching that delicate dew drop, and that he, despite the many months of animosity and anger towards her, wanted to taste and tenderly touch her, because until now he wouldn’t allow himself that supreme surrender, because he had blamed her, in erroneous error, for the devastatingly dreadful death of his highly hailed horse Horatio, although Skylar now knew her jaded and jealous twin sister Tara, to keep Skylar and Redmond eternally apart, had perpetrated the horrendously heinous crime against the unequaled equine, but until this day no matter how Skylar implored and insisted upon her innocence Redmond refused to relent, but Skylar held hope that this divine day, as she stood there watching his earl-gray eyes lock upon her heavenly heaving bosom, that perhaps he had finally, after these many months, come to believe in her insisted innocence, because now he was moving towards her so slowly, step by significant step until he was standing before her and yes, now he was offering a tempting truce, but she knew the perilous price for such an alluring agreement was her precious pride and prudently protected purity, and yet as he stood poised before her presenting the possibility of passion, along with acquittal and absolution of any alleged wrong doing in the tragically terminal trauma of his honored Horatio, she knew the time to give in to her womanly wanton, decidedly decadent desires was here and now, and without a moment’s misgiving she absolutely accepted the offer, and so beneath that sweltering summer sun Skylar Sophia Serena Sherborne graciously gave to Redmond Reed O’Rouke, in exchange for his believing her blamelessness in his horse Horatio’s fatal fate, the greatest gift a girl can give, her preciously prized, virtuous virginity.

1 comment:

Marie said...


This Story was so interesting written this way, I am trying to think of a touch of alliteration but my thick mind is not thinking of too much to tease the Honey with, so this titilating slut will tell you that she enjoyed it. LMAO, that was terrible attempt, I am quite impressed with you Mistress.