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Monday, August 11, 2008

What my toes did this weekend...

Oh, had a great weekend. Drove down Friday afternoon to San Diego. Stayed at a lovely old hotel in the Gaslamp District. So much fun because you can walk to restaurants and bars and nightclubs. No need to worry about driving.

Had a wonderful dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant then out wandering the streets, popping into a couple bars sampling martinis. Too much fun. Laughed, and flirted and laughed some more.

Saturday we slept in... oh, what a luxury that was. Cool crisp sheets and a ceiling fan, naked bodies draped in easy ways where hands can explore and hips can rise and fall in sleepy sex that is neither hurried or hungry. It just simply is.

Saturday evening we, Hubby and I, took San Diego's wonderful trolley right to Qualcom Stadium for the opening exhibition game of the 2008 Chargers football season. I do love sports, and that works out nicely as Hubby is quite the sports nut. We go to baseball games, basketball games, hockey games, and football games... just about any event that seems within budget and fun we will go to. Which is one nice thing about where we live, because there are many sporting options here in southern California.
Sunday we had a lovely breakfast at a little place called The Cheese Shop. Then wandered here and there. We thought about going to the zoo, or Sea World, but it was hot and decided to head home instead. Traffic was terrible heading back up the 15 freeway as there was a car fire that delayed us about an hour. But eventually made back into our driveway. It is amazing how tired you can get just having a relaxing weekend away. I fell asleep before 8 o'clock last night.

Now, back to work and back to naughtiness. I see marie has done all I asked of her for while I was gone and posted her task report. My boys, acker and boytoy, are both on vacation, but perhaps there will send a naughty email or two from the road, love those kind of fun surprises.


Marie said...

Love your pictures Mistress and the account of your weekend, of course I already knew you had a great time, but it is nice to read it here too. Just love those pretty feet there at the stadium...I bet everyone was looking at them.


Sam said...
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Sam said...

Talking about sports nuts.

First thing that came to my mind even before I had time to think was: hey, those feet are blocking my view. Beautiful feet, but still...


P.S. Deleted comment was full of errors and no editing so...
or was it. I'm tired. Sorry.