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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh, good Lord... another website...

Ok... I may be a bit daft, but I have joined two more websites this weekend dedicated to this lifestyle I so love to explore.

The first is and I am honored to be a part of this new site. I was invited to it, to be a contributor. After reading many of the blogs of the authors there, I am also a bit intimidated. But I can only be me and so, I will write and share my thoughts and hope that I touch some readers in a positive way.

If you click on the KSL Bios, and then click on the link for the Banner Farm you will see at the bottom a pretty banner for Honey's Hive. I am so proud of that little banner. Mystress Lady Evyl (the site owner) in her invite to me asked for a banner. I don't know where banners come from or how to make one. Are there banner fairies that just magically make them for you? Couldn't find the fairy website... so I Googled, "create a web banner", and clicked and clicked and clicked until I finally found a site that allows you to create them for free from your own pictures - That was just what I was looking for. And it took a little bit, but I am pleased how my banner came out, with the same image as on my blog.

The other site that I am now a member of and joined this weekend is An online friend pointed me in the direction of this site. The owners are clearly passionate about all things BDSM related and have made a place where anything and everything sex and naughty can be discussed and shared. I loved too how friendly so many of the members are already. It wasn't but an hour or two and I had many replies to my introduction thread. I love that sense of community and acceptance.

Of course I am still working hard at The Org. I have posted 24 of my tasks there. I had 56 active tasks at the Academy before it closed, but some of them I just didn't feel any more. I may take a look again at my list in a few weeks and see if any that I initially rejected deserve a second look. But for now I think I have a nice variety posted that will be available for those who wish to share with me.

I have been reading a lot at Fetlife. I love seeing all the variety of opinions and interesting discussions there. I enjoy being a part of group discussions about topics that really interest me. And there are many to chose from.

Then I have my vanilla sites... my writers group website is one I created and I maintain, and I have a website for my art, and a page for my photography on another site. A friend asked me to create a site for her and so I did a little site on Tripod (they have a nice site builder template). Which I really wish she would take it over, but she keeps sending me stuff to add and change.

Oh, and then there is this my little blog, that I just love, but honestly.... good lord, I am insane. And if you asked me, I would say I am only moderately computer literate.

So, what is your favorite site you think I should join or check out?


Marie said...

Oh Mistress, you are too funny....just hope you aren't taking on more than you have time you already told me you don't really have time for things.

I will have to check out these new links though.


a caged cock said...

What a beautiful site and I loved the entry of your early morning :)

btw you aren't truly crazy until you start looking at the source code of sites; that's when the men in the white jackets a called!