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Friday, August 22, 2008

A very naughty message...

My girl slut marie and I were chatting via yahoo IM earlier today and she offered to call me and leave me a voice mail since she had a few thoughts she wanted to share with me. I love hearing her sweet sexy voice talk dirty and tell me all she is thinking. And she does think and desire the most naughty things. Of course I do love encouraging her do the naughtiest things. So perfect really.

Can't you picture her there in the bathroom at work whispering all this lovely, sexy talk? Oh, delicious.

I am posting this transcript of what she left me as I know it will make her blush most becomingly to have others read what a naughty sub she is, she does like others to know what she has been doing, so please leave a comment as I know it will only make my girl blush even more. The going to the store she is talking about is a task she will do this weekend for me... going into a store dressing room, stripping naked, putting her panties in her mouth, putting clothespins on her sensitive nipples, a toy in her ass and playing with her pussy until she cums there for me. Hmmmm, new meaning to a blue light special... probably more of a red light special really.

Here is what she said to me....

Hi Mistress... this is your little cum slut, pain slut, pee slut, nasty exhibitionistic slut… marie. Sneaking in the bathroom at work calling you. I’m so horny today Mistress. While I am at my desk I wish I could be touching myself, but I can’t because I’ll probably get caught if I do.

Last night I wanted to cum again so badly, and when you told me no it just made me that much hornier. Then I got talking about all that stuff we’d done before and it was making it worse, and then this morning it didn’t take long after I woke up before my clit was throbbing hard again. And then when you told me to go in the bathroom and pee on my fingers, I’ve never really done that before, and that pretty hot and I didn’t even think twice about it I just stuck my fingers down there and let my hot pee run over them and then I just sort of wiped them off a little bit and sent you another IM and that was pretty hot too, Mistress.

I am so looking forward to being in the store this weekend. You know I will be scared as hell, but you know I am going to do it. Go in the fitting room and put those clothespins on my nipples, put my panties in my mouth all wet with juice. Cum for you. Put them back on and shove that toy in deeper to go home.

I hope you like this message. I better go before I get caught.

Thank you Mistress.


acker said...

marie, marie, what have you been incredebly naughty for our Mistress at your work... I can only imagine how this must have looked...


Marie said...

Oh Mistress...I was such a nervous wreck being this naughty and nasty at work...telling out outloud everything I knew you would love to hear coming from me....since you know I mean each and every word.

This made my heart race and my clit throb even harder.

The only thing you missed at the very end was me saying "I love you Mistress."


Anonymous said...

What a naughty, nasty slut marie is becomming - quite erotic... Clit throbbing... so needy - just perfect!

Miss D